Tuesday, May 23, 10:15:24 AM

a religion movie and is not good

Saturday, May 20, 09:28:34 AM

One star

Thursday, May 18, 12:09:33 PM

I read the book some years ago, saw the movie and just re-read the book. It was very motivating and helped me to understand God as a Holy Trinity. The questions we all tend to ask were there. Forgiveness, trust in a all knowing - all loving God and repentance is implied. The beauty of the message is we need to RE-Turn to God as we are, not with a burden checklist of things to do, in order to receive His Mercy & Grace. To know that He is not behind the bad things that happen, but can help us thru them if we trust and have an open/constant relationship with Him. See the movie helped me better understand the Bible and release the great sadness.

Saturday, May 13, 12:00:06 AM

This movie was very powerful and showed the importance and need to have FAITH IN AND TRUST IN GOD ALMIGHTY!

Tuesday, May 9, 12:14:43 PM

Awsome!! It touched my soul!!

Monday, May 8, 11:24:17 AM

Fabulous! Great illustration of how the trinity is separate but still unified in purpose.

Sunday, May 7, 07:52:08 AM

Not a good movie, poor acting and story doesn't mean a thing, Do better.

Friday, May 5, 12:01:27 PM

Very disappointing.

Wednesday, April 26, 02:18:24 PM

It was a good movie about the 5 stages of overcoming grief. The stages were not as clearly defined as in other movies but the message got through. To have the holy trinity take responsibility for the recovery is one way to look at it.

Monday, April 24, 02:36:06 PM

This was a very inspirational movie and yet it is has received harsh criticism from Christian reviewers that seem to miss the point. I am Christian. The point of this movie is about love, forgiveness, and that life can and does go on past the tragedies of our lives. It seems to me that so many Christians have a need to "pigeon hole" who or what God is, who Christ was/is, what the Holy Spirit is and what Wisdom is. These entities have as many dimensions and meanings as there believers. This movie touched me in the deepest and most profound way. I saw it twice and it left me even more breathless the second time. The effect it had upon me was to bring me to a place of forgiveness in an area of my life that I was not able to. If a movie can do that to one person, well, then it is worth every penny it took to make it. But I have talked to countless many who saw this movie and one of the fruits was that of forgiveness. This movie paralleled the book like most do not. It was very well done and I just might see it a third time. I am not one to see a movie even a second time. Kudos for the producer and director.

Sunday, April 23, 09:00:35 PM

I've never been so inspired by a movie as I was by "The Shack". I've held on to grudges and hates for many years and this beautiful movie taught me how to let go of all of those negative feelings. The story line is beautifully crafted, the acting is real to life and I highly recommend this to everyone who needs a relief from holding on to past events that are keeping you from being the happy and spiritually healthy person you want to be. Forget any negative press you may have read....it's just the negative forces trying to prevent you from knowing that our Heavenly Father is always with us and loves us unconditionally. Can't wait for it to come on Blu-ray.

Saturday, April 22, 06:28:30 PM

This is the BEST movie ever....please don't listen to the negative reports, nothing could be farther from the truth!! Beautifully illustrates God's unconditional love, grace and forgiveness for ALL.

Tuesday, April 18, 12:53:58 PM

This is the most spiritual and accurate account of what faith is. An absolute must see. I have seen it 2 times and plan to see again tonight and purchase as soon as available!

Friday, April 14, 01:22:26 PM

Wonderful story. Touched my heart and spirit. Coming to see it again Easter Sunday. I've read the book three times, and this will be the third time I will see the movie again. I will buy the movie when it comes out. I am a Christian as well.

Thursday, April 13, 12:46:01 AM

This movie touched my soul

Monday, April 10, 09:17:04 PM

A thought-provoking and fascinating movie with many levels of meaning to understand. It is not just a story but a personal spiritual journey. I want to see it again. Very meaningful. I loved it so much.

Monday, April 10, 01:05:15 PM

Excellent story...as good as the book

Saturday, April 8, 11:28:57 PM

Wonderful presentation of God's love and forgiveness. The actors were great! Nothing was lost from the book to the movie. I loved it, shed some tears and was encouraged to keep trusting God.

Friday, April 7, 10:15:14 PM

Represents the book well. Beautiful scenery,healing message.

Thursday, April 6, 08:11:18 PM


Thursday, April 6, 09:21:50 AM

Sam Worthington was in WAY over his head. The film drives its points home like the audience is a bunch of 8 year-olds. It's TERRIBLE!!

Tuesday, April 4, 05:41:35 PM

Too melodramatic!

Tuesday, April 4, 02:08:29 PM

Won't see it. I refuse to pay to see a movie that forgives a killer, drives parents insane enough to think they got a letter from God which then explains the horrific truth from a twisted mind that somehow sees his 'work' as beautiful.

Monday, April 3, 08:40:21 PM

You leave the theater with lots of questions answered and lots to think about.

Sunday, April 2, 06:20:26 PM

What a fantastic Movie I was afraid it wouldn't be as good as the book. It was even better than the book and the acting was fantastic.

Sunday, April 2, 02:23:52 PM

This is a movie you should take entire family to see. In fact most of the theater were kids w parents and grandparents. We have seen it twice and may see it a 3rd time. Serious issues like death, the cycle of abuse, loss of faith are addressed. But so well done you will feel refreshed by the end. With so many dooms day and violent movies, this was a wonderful change.

Saturday, April 1, 11:09:57 PM

This movie was great,makes me want to be even closer to Jesus. This was about relationships..it was a movie about forgiveness, no matter how hard..Jesus says we must forgive so he can redeem.....

Saturday, April 1, 08:46:07 PM

The way Christ has to come to us individually in the state of mind that were in. No cussing, sex or massive killing.

Saturday, April 1, 06:55:12 PM

Just a fantasy of a new age person who hopes God is like this. Not based on scripture or revelation from God. Portrays God as Santa Clause. No repentance required, everyone's sins are forgotten.

Friday, March 31, 07:36:47 PM

I liked every thing about this movie. I am now reading the book and I plan on seeing the shack again. God was always important to me but I know Jesus died for me and is always with me. Marilyn

Friday, March 31, 05:01:09 PM

The movie was a stunning non religous picture of Daddy, (Poppa) Jesus and Holy Spirit. For anyone who is looking for a relationship with God, go and see this movie. I read the book a few times and got a lot out of the movie. The visual depiction was delightful. A stunning portrayal of the truth of Who our God really is. Don't go looking for a theological review but go with an open heart and be amazed. It doesn't hurt that the atmosphere is extremely comfortable.

Thursday, March 30, 07:50:24 PM

I read the book four times it was so good. This movie is so amazing, everyone should see it. I plan on seeing it again. The messages were very powerful and uplifting.

Thursday, March 30, 07:44:18 PM

Had really no idea what to expect with this movie , went with a friend she cried through almost the whole movie . Personally I could not wait for it to be over , not my cup of tea at all .The walking on water thing over the top .

Thursday, March 30, 07:22:32 PM

Slow, boring

Thursday, March 30, 01:51:01 AM

5-star!!!! Take your Kleenex! I've seen this movie twice now and taking another friend tomorrow. They do an excellent job showing the love of God and the perfect picture of the Trinity.

Thursday, March 30, 12:22:03 AM

Loved it !! A lovely fantasy portraying GOD's LOVE in a very unique way. Great movie for everyone. Thanks

Wednesday, March 29, 06:26:30 PM

My daughter was murdered also. This movie was like watching my emotions on the movie screen. So similar. I loved this movie. Gave me confirmation of what I already believed Brought me even closer to the Lord!

Wednesday, March 29, 05:52:18 PM

An amazing understandings of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. What's there not to like, fellow Christians? Hummm? Is it because Papa is portrayed as non white??? We all know that God is a spirit however for the purpose of book &. movie production he looks human to us.

Tuesday, March 28, 03:47:59 PM

Just amazing!!! Changed my daughter's life for the good..

Tuesday, March 28, 10:24:35 AM

The book was amazing. Some feel the story is far fetched or formed in a blasphemous way. Everyone gets a different message when they read the Bible. Even preachers/pastors etc. we are human and we were made to have our own thoughts. This FICTIONAL story is a thoughtful view on the relationship between a man and God. It just gives you a different way of thinking outside of the ways that are pushed on you by others.