Tuesday, January 23, 09:36:09 PM

Such an original, beautifully acted and scripted film. The entire thing is just so well done! It's a fantasy of sorts so you have to suspend reality/belief, but it is unlike anything you have ever seen and the world needs more love and kindness these days. Lovely, lovely film.

Tuesday, January 23, 10:40:42 AM

Loved it, highly recommend!

Monday, January 22, 03:28:18 PM

What? Is Hollywood now pushing a cross species love agenda? What’s next animal porn?

Saturday, January 20, 10:09:21 AM


Saturday, January 20, 07:52:13 AM

Lovely and strange, The Shape of Water is a thoroughly unique and entrancing film, if one that could have used a little more subtlety and a little less violence. Sally Hawkins is captivating as a mute woman who befriends a fish man, and their relationship is the film's highlight. The film becomes a water ballet of romance, but the relationship goes from 0 to 100 really fast, not allowing for much growth before pure love takes over. But the film is gorgeous to behold and the plot, while rather predictable, is engaging and magical, making room for some charming musical detours. Supporting actors Octavia Spencer and Richard Jenkins turn in solid work and Michael Shannon is demented as the villain of the piece, however, del Toro occasionally lets his campy and over-the-top tendencies get in the way. The film is needlessly violent in a few scenes and a sense of quiet intimacy would have put the film on another level. As such, the film never reaches the emotional heights it intends to. Still, there isn't anything quite like The Shape of Water in cinemas currently and the actors and lovely score deserve recognition here.

Saturday, January 20, 07:46:52 AM

This is a very "out there" movie. In many ways, it defies explanation. But there's something so remarkable and beautiful about it that it doesn't really matter. It's a very simple story, and one that you have seen a hundred million times, but the way Del Toro's use of film language, the clever script and Sally Hawkins' magnificent performance keep things from being stale. The fish man is also very well done, employing the combination of practical and digital effects to make him seem just human enough to sympathize with him, and alien enough to make him seem otherworldly and unique. If I had to nitpick, there are a couple scenes in the beginning of the film that don't really lead to anything, but they're only about a minute long each, so it doesn't detract much from the film as a whole. Overall, it's a very strong film and really deserves recognition and admiration.

Friday, January 19, 06:52:14 PM

Finally I got to see this today and it was way better than I thought it would be. Super cool!!! I'd see this again.

Friday, January 19, 08:58:43 AM

This will definitely not appeal to everyone as it's very off the wall but it really is a great movie. It's completely different than anything out there right now for sure. So strange is the story but beautiful to watch. The actors are really good too. And the music.

Friday, January 19, 08:26:02 AM

Film was so weird and so wonderful at the same time. Cool.

Friday, January 19, 07:53:42 AM

Worth seeing again, it's that good.

Friday, January 19, 07:35:09 AM

Exactly what I thought going in, AWESOME!! Great and weird story, and the visuals are unbelievable. It's meant to be seen on a big screen for sure. Still thinking about it, lol!!

Monday, January 15, 11:25:09 PM

It's a work of art with a camera. The mood, the set, the actors. Probably as good as it gets... period

Monday, January 15, 11:21:16 PM

This water's got Montezuma's Revenge written all over it, 'cause it's pure cinematic diarrhea.

Monday, January 15, 07:34:29 PM

Loved it! A beautiful movie...

Monday, January 15, 04:06:01 PM

Brilliant break from the predictable action/tear-jerker/holly-wood-formula. Del Toro is awesome. Saw it twice. I love movies, and have seen almost all of them. I get that it won't appeal to everyone. It's too original. It's a love story, a spy story, science fiction, monster movie, but not a horror movie. West Side Story meets The Creature From The Black Lagoon

Monday, January 15, 02:14:15 PM

A 'grown-ups' movie that is beautiful to watch, and to listen to. I saw this in the Cap 6 Big Chair theatre, and was very pleased with the movie. Definitely a couples date night movie. 90% of the audience were of this type. People who brought kids.... ??? Please do not bring children to this, it has sexual scenes and nudity, and it's a love story. The set design is amazing, if you are into "Fallout" style atom-punk. The performances are top notch by all. The creature from the Peruvian salt water marsh could have been better.... he is not quite threatening enough, and his lips are too big... Too close to 'Sapien' from Hellboy, not enough of the original Creature from The Black Lagoon in him... but otherwise fine. The secret government lab is done to perfection. The Cadillac showroom... is a joy to stare at...

Monday, January 15, 01:34:49 PM

It’s beautiful visually and stands alone for the quality of its story & character development. Best of 2017!

Monday, January 15, 09:22:30 AM

This water is stale.

Sunday, January 14, 05:25:38 PM

I loved this movie! People who give it a bad rating are obviously not remembering that is it a Fantasy film. There was one part I could have lived without but it does play into her world and it's okay. If you like Fantasy and SciFi movies that's what this is. I loved it!

Friday, January 12, 05:41:57 PM

How could anyone not like this movie? There will always be those who give bad ratings to great movies. Don't be fooled. There are moments I might have edited out. (You will know these spots when you see them!) But when all is said and done... Great work from the great Fantasy Writer/Director Guillermo Del Toro! See it on the Big Screen while you can.

Friday, January 12, 06:49:21 AM

Has Del Toro ever made a good movie? The man is twisted and it shows on the screen. Whatever happened to feelgood movies about normal people? Can't have that. It must include alien love, or a psychotic relationship, or some perversion of nature. I go to movies to enjoy an evening, not try and figure out what the point the director was trying to make.

Friday, January 12, 06:45:38 AM

WTF moments were many at this movie. Left after an hour. The stupid, it burns.

Thursday, January 11, 11:54:21 PM

This film is remarkable, complex and beautifully realized. Days later I'm still thinking about it. Shot in Toronto, thumbs up to the many Canadians who collaborated on this masterpiece.

Wednesday, January 10, 08:09:05 PM

People can have a good marriage if they put down their snap chat filters and cared about somebody more than themselves. Less validate me selfies and more spending time with your family

Wednesday, January 10, 04:55:09 PM

"It takes a lot of lying to have a good marriage" was the first true quote in this great movie. There's nudity, Russian infiltration, domestic violence, animal cruelty (if you count cat eating), gayness, handicaps, minorities, racism, workplace sexual harassment, not wanting to help someone alone and different, and leaving a child on a riverbank because she's not quite what you expected. Everything in everyday America and the world we live in. There's even a MAN who collects cats. Friendship and acceptance are the main themes. Great ending and actors.

Tuesday, January 9, 10:47:07 PM

Great movie!

Tuesday, January 9, 08:18:55 PM

This is obviously a script that either appeals to a person, or it doesn't. I love the concept, but really didn't feel the development of characters and their relationships, was enough for me. I usually like quirky, off beat movies. I'm obviously in the minority, and respect other people's love of the movie - it just wasn't for me.

Tuesday, January 9, 04:50:08 PM

plain disgusting

Monday, January 8, 05:49:49 PM

trash....insults one's intelligence. I cannot believe it was nominated for anything, The sex scenes were insulting and not necessary. Is this ready entertainment? Have People fallen to this level that they think this movie is praiseworthy? absolutely terrible!!!! do not waste you time or money.

Sunday, January 7, 11:14:43 PM

Worst movie of 2017

Sunday, January 7, 01:04:38 AM

Just too bizarre and perverse

Saturday, January 6, 09:36:54 AM

A diamond of a movie...

Saturday, January 6, 09:34:51 AM

Totally original story, very unusual and delightful. All of the actors were really good.

Saturday, January 6, 09:33:09 AM

BEST MOVIE OF 2017 BY FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 6, 05:42:23 AM

Another lousy parasitic rip-off movie from the wildly overpraised Del Toro. Polished trash.

Friday, January 5, 09:56:18 PM

Terrible story

Friday, January 5, 11:31:34 AM

Beautiful love story superimposed on a fascistic political backdrop. Visionary...what great films should be. Don't miss seeing this film in a movie theater; it deserves a BIG SCREEN viewing.

Friday, January 5, 08:36:37 AM

I could not figure out while watching this movie why it felt so familiar. I believe it was the feelings of wonder and anticipation, joy and fear, delight and premonition evoked throughout the movie. Stunning visuals, subtle humour, sympathetic main characters and properly sinister bad guys. Great movie!

Friday, January 5, 08:35:43 AM

The most welcome and notable thing about The Shape of Water is its generosity of spirit, which extends beyond the central couple. See it.

Thursday, January 4, 09:01:58 PM