Friday, February 16, 07:31:27 PM

A modern fairytale set in a classic time with superb special effects and nostalgic setting. Great acting and story which, although plays out pretty much as expected, was still a treat to watch. Emotional and heartwarming with a sprinkle of dark, funny and "magic" moments, the film is entertaining and good throughout.

Friday, February 16, 06:06:55 PM

I give this one 0 - that's ZERO. Yuck. I am surprised that Octavia Spencer would stoop to this.

Friday, February 16, 06:04:47 PM

Sick movie and sick people who rave about it. Should be rated R for the nudity. Sex with an amphibian? Give me a break.

Thursday, February 15, 02:53:11 PM

Guillermo del Toro's crowning achievement. A lush, thoughtful tribute to the films of yesterday.

Thursday, February 15, 02:34:50 PM

While a love story between a sea creature and a woman may be a little far fetched, ultimately this is a story about loneliness, our need for human connection, and the lengths we will go to find it.

Thursday, February 15, 11:07:20 AM

I love how this movie just goes all in, no half-measures.

Thursday, February 15, 10:55:54 AM

I would call it an impeccable reconstruction of The Beauty and the Beast, perfect soundtrack, I loved the photography, excellent performance by Sally Hawkins and Michael Shannon.

Thursday, February 15, 09:20:55 AM

Best film I've seen for ages, interesting, silly and just fun to watch, some critics are so full of their own importance they seem to forget about entertainment!

Thursday, February 15, 09:02:48 AM

I loved it, I simply did. Guillermo del Toro's latest feature has so much soul and heart that elevate this story to other levels. "The Shape Of Water" is an otherwordly experience and the movie that made me finally fall for del Toro's style. A very unique story,a very poetic story, a beautiul fairytale. So many themes hidden in this movie,so many subtle points were made. Sally Hawkins dazzled me with her performance, she was magnificent! All performances were exceptional but hers and Jenkins' brought so much soul to their characters. A really great movie!

Wednesday, February 14, 09:02:11 PM

So when Troy McClure does it, it's sick; but when Sally Hawkins does it, it's beautiful and romantic?!? WTF?!!?

Wednesday, February 14, 09:32:51 AM

The most romantic film of the year.

Wednesday, February 14, 08:48:15 AM

Del Toro bounces back after what others would call a weak film, Crimson Peak, I enjoyed that film. This film plays out like The Creature from the Black Lagoon but is much more beautiful and a labour of love by the director. The film balances a horror film but also a mystery and love that is not commonly shared in this day and age. I'm shocked Del Toro has never made a film at Universal as he has the scope and ambition to remake the Wolfman or Frankenstein something unique. I hope this wins big as it deserves all the focus it is receiving by audiences and critics.

Wednesday, February 14, 08:33:58 AM

This is a gorgeous movie. A luscious cinematic confection, with a thoroughly engaging and original story made even better by the beautiful performances it hosts. Richard Jenkins was a standout for me, giving a deep humanity and humor to what could have been a mere supporting role. The actors all gave tremendous credibility to this fantastic story, and worked so very well together as an ensemble. Beautifully directed and shot, it has to be seen to be believed. So glad I saw it on the big screen.

Tuesday, February 13, 09:53:26 PM

Sally Hawkins shines beginning to end. If you require characters to care about, you will find them in this film including the water bound male lead. Despite its watery environment, SofW sizzles hotter than some of its dryer counterparts. Yes, it is primarily a watery romance but friendship takes a strong second seat. This film gives you people to love as it portrays villians to hate, I will watch this again on DVD.

Tuesday, February 13, 04:22:36 PM

My favorite movie of 2017 and maybe the only I've seen multiple times in the theatre. Del Toro's visuals, the fantastic score and a fantastic performance delivered from Sally Hawkins without having her even utter a word all tie together into the strangest and most delightful cold war love story to ever exist.

Tuesday, February 13, 04:20:52 PM

Awesome film!! Love everything about it, and more!!

Tuesday, February 13, 07:11:56 AM

Bizarro film takes HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP and turns it into a romance. Much too tasteful to succeed.

Monday, February 12, 02:48:33 PM

Beautiful transforming love story Justice and love triumph!

Sunday, February 11, 06:36:32 PM

Excellent human-humanoid love story with extra credit to Sally Hawkins and Octavia Spencer.

Sunday, February 11, 06:21:04 PM

Gorgeous to look at. Amazing storyline. Great film about a girl who falls in love with a fish and you actually believe it! Guillermo is breaking barriers for all the horror and monster genres!

Sunday, February 11, 06:14:33 PM

Phenomenal movie-wasn't even interested in seeing it. So glad I did!

Sunday, February 11, 05:06:45 PM

A beautiful movie.

Sunday, February 11, 02:46:00 PM

I went to this movie expecting to really dislike it. The story just seemed too bizarre. So glad I went. Yes...the plot is bizarre, there are so many things that I thought were great. I've now seen all but one of the best picture nominees for this year....and without a doubt, this would be the one I would vote for.

Sunday, February 11, 02:40:36 PM

Wonderful. Engrossing. Clever and Satisfying.

Sunday, February 11, 02:23:19 PM

Guillermo will win the oscar this year! And he deserves it. About time monsters got a little respect out there.

Sunday, February 11, 02:06:10 PM

A tremendous, beautifully well-acted drama, with magic and mystery. Sally Hawkins is stunning, in particular, but the entire cast is awe-inspiring. The story has some challenges, and could have been stronger, but this is still one of Guillermo del Toro's best works to date.

Sunday, February 11, 02:01:54 PM

In an age of Marvel and Fast and the Furious it's just oh so refreshing to come across a piece of film that is actually art as well. The Shape of Water is by no means a perfect film, regardless of it's Oscar nominations. In fact, at it's core it's a very excellent retelling of Beauty & The Beast. In film, and life, it's never about the destination. The journey is the story. This story has a journey. One that will keep you interested and wondering and maybe even spark some inspiration deep inside you that you never knew you had. This is a story of humanity and love and maybe moreover, who exactly gets to define what either of those things are. I haven't seen all of the Best Picture noms, but I have changed my mind from Three Billboards to Shape. Three is more than deserving. The story and performances are stellar and deserved of recognition. Sally Hawkins however, steals the show. He performance as a meek, caring, loving mute is simply masterful. The emotion expressed in her face and through every sign (sign language) can be felt by the audience. She seems to transcend what it means to connect with a character when all you can do is feel what they feel instead of simply agreeing or disagreeing. If Shape ends up taking Best Picture, I will not be disappointed. If any of you out there are on the fence about seeing this film, remember that it is a beautiful love story and not an action movie about a fishman. Don't watch trailers and immerse yourself in the world Del Toro creates. You will not be disappointed.

Sunday, February 11, 02:00:07 PM

Loved it although it was slow to start.

Sunday, February 11, 01:59:52 PM

Weird fetish movie.

Sunday, February 11, 11:10:10 AM

One word: beautiful.

Sunday, February 11, 11:04:20 AM

The Shape Of Water is truly what it means to create a perfect film. It's a story that would work in no other medium. No other director could make this material seem plausible, let alone phenomenal. Every actor could not have been better cast, there isn't a frame of the film that could be removed or added that would make it better. This is what it means to be a great film, this is the kind of art we so rarely get to see but when we do it's truly magical and will never be forgotten.

Sunday, February 11, 10:57:30 AM

A love story that actually makes perfect sense. Never sloppy, though a little predictable, but the music line-up, the vintage air, and the screenplay is monumental. It draws us all back to how perplexed and entangled love is, yet it is still our refuge. I didn't like the feel of relief in the end, but it was still heart-warming and the best romantic stories in decades.

Sunday, February 11, 10:50:11 AM

Yeh, it is qwerky, but it is beautifully done. Definitely worth consideration for Best Picture.

Sunday, February 11, 10:48:14 AM

Del Toro revisits his Pans Labyrinth days and creates one of the most beautiful love stories ever told in cinematic history.

Sunday, February 11, 10:34:05 AM

Are you kidding me, oversexed wacky story about horny monsters, what's next.

Saturday, February 10, 04:44:55 PM

Never listen to national critics. This is a about infatuation, love and sex between a woman and creature from the black lagoon creature.

Saturday, February 10, 03:46:56 PM

Del Torro got to produce it, write it, direct it etc. Must be nice to have the power to make a movie exactly as you feel like making it. So many movies are made by committee these days and go off track. Has a 1930's vibe set in 1960. Old school background music which I loved and sort of an Indiana Jones flavor thrown in. Excellent aqua man type character. Well acted and high production values. A little over the top at times. Also could have used a bit more bite and drama but worth seeing.

Saturday, February 10, 03:20:16 PM

There is much that is right about The Shape of Water. The cinematography is magical. The opening scene alone is worth the price of admission for its dreamy, surrealistic rendering. The entire film has a bluish tint that is in keeping with the movie’s aqua theme. The setting is the 1950s, replete with 1957 Chevrolets, popular music, and references to Bonanza and Gilligan’s Island.—fun for those of us old enough to remember the 50s. The love story is strangely endearing—not nearly as slimy and horrific as I imagined. It’s a solid film. I give it four out of five stars; and I would not squabble with others who would give is a solid five-star rating. What disturbs me about the movie is what has troubled me about our culture as a whole: the ubiquity of fantasy. All the top-billed films these days are fantasy. So are the bestselling books. Even the political news is referred to as fake or fanciful. The problem with so much fantasy is that we risk accepting the fantastic as a substitute for reality. It is not. When a teen goes on a shooting spree, it is not because he is a fantasy superhero; it is because he is delusional—and that is the reality of it. Because The Shape of Water is fantasy—very much like all the hugely popular Marvel movies of the day—the characters tend to perfectly good or perfectly evil. Consequently, we all know how the movie will end before it gets started. There are also a few nuances that less sophisticated audiences may miss but are important to point out. The film is really about the value of all beings: the socially awkward, the mute, even the monstrous. That is a nod to all the maladroit people in the world (especially teens) who don’t quite fit in and, yet, would like to be valued in a society where beauty, talent, and power trump eccentricity. The problem is that some may internalize the message as being something nefarious—like an endorsement to be racist, anti-social, xenophobic, misanthropic, or, worse, sociopathic.

Friday, February 9, 01:13:33 PM

The story, acting, music and cinematography are excellent. It is my favorite movie of the year. It deserves to win an Oscar for best picture, direction, and best actress.

Friday, February 9, 10:50:13 AM

This film lives up to its hype. It fits well with the popular theme of what it means to be human, but does this in a unique way as compared to others, like the resurgence of Blade Runner. Not only is this film aesthetically beautiful, the writing is incredible and Sally Hawkins' performance is compelling. A must see.