Sunday, February 11, 10:57:30 AM

A love story that actually makes perfect sense. Never sloppy, though a little predictable, but the music line-up, the vintage air, and the screenplay is monumental. It draws us all back to how perplexed and entangled love is, yet it is still our refuge. I didn't like the feel of relief in the end, but it was still heart-warming and the best romantic stories in decades.

Sunday, February 11, 10:50:11 AM

Yeh, it is qwerky, but it is beautifully done. Definitely worth consideration for Best Picture.

Sunday, February 11, 10:48:14 AM

Del Toro revisits his Pans Labyrinth days and creates one of the most beautiful love stories ever told in cinematic history.

Sunday, February 11, 10:34:05 AM

Are you kidding me, oversexed wacky story about horny monsters, what's next.

Saturday, February 10, 04:44:55 PM

Never listen to national critics. This is a about infatuation, love and sex between a woman and creature from the black lagoon creature.

Saturday, February 10, 03:46:56 PM

Del Torro got to produce it, write it, direct it etc. Must be nice to have the power to make a movie exactly as you feel like making it. So many movies are made by committee these days and go off track. Has a 1930's vibe set in 1960. Old school background music which I loved and sort of an Indiana Jones flavor thrown in. Excellent aqua man type character. Well acted and high production values. A little over the top at times. Also could have used a bit more bite and drama but worth seeing.

Saturday, February 10, 03:20:16 PM

There is much that is right about The Shape of Water. The cinematography is magical. The opening scene alone is worth the price of admission for its dreamy, surrealistic rendering. The entire film has a bluish tint that is in keeping with the movie’s aqua theme. The setting is the 1950s, replete with 1957 Chevrolets, popular music, and references to Bonanza and Gilligan’s Island.—fun for those of us old enough to remember the 50s. The love story is strangely endearing—not nearly as slimy and horrific as I imagined. It’s a solid film. I give it four out of five stars; and I would not squabble with others who would give is a solid five-star rating. What disturbs me about the movie is what has troubled me about our culture as a whole: the ubiquity of fantasy. All the top-billed films these days are fantasy. So are the bestselling books. Even the political news is referred to as fake or fanciful. The problem with so much fantasy is that we risk accepting the fantastic as a substitute for reality. It is not. When a teen goes on a shooting spree, it is not because he is a fantasy superhero; it is because he is delusional—and that is the reality of it. Because The Shape of Water is fantasy—very much like all the hugely popular Marvel movies of the day—the characters tend to perfectly good or perfectly evil. Consequently, we all know how the movie will end before it gets started. There are also a few nuances that less sophisticated audiences may miss but are important to point out. The film is really about the value of all beings: the socially awkward, the mute, even the monstrous. That is a nod to all the maladroit people in the world (especially teens) who don’t quite fit in and, yet, would like to be valued in a society where beauty, talent, and power trump eccentricity. The problem is that some may internalize the message as being something nefarious—like an endorsement to be racist, anti-social, xenophobic, misanthropic, or, worse, sociopathic.

Friday, February 9, 01:13:33 PM

The story, acting, music and cinematography are excellent. It is my favorite movie of the year. It deserves to win an Oscar for best picture, direction, and best actress.

Friday, February 9, 10:50:13 AM

This film lives up to its hype. It fits well with the popular theme of what it means to be human, but does this in a unique way as compared to others, like the resurgence of Blade Runner. Not only is this film aesthetically beautiful, the writing is incredible and Sally Hawkins' performance is compelling. A must see.

Friday, February 9, 10:44:43 AM

Brilliant, smart, visually impeccable, touching, sensible, emotional and amazing. The Shape of Water deserves all the praises and more, once again Guillermo Del Toro create a marvelous narrative so sensible, dark and fantastic that make the audiences feel everything in it, the cast also delivers a impeccable work (Sally Hawkins deliver one of the best performances of the decade). A masterpiece. (5/5)

Friday, February 9, 10:37:48 AM

An absolutely brilliant take on the 'what makes a monster, what makes a man' narrative.

Friday, February 9, 10:15:51 AM

Beautifully done. Artistic with lots of symbolism. Bring your imagination.

Thursday, February 8, 05:35:45 PM

Yes is a fiction movie. Lol.

Thursday, February 8, 03:05:17 PM


Thursday, February 8, 10:30:49 AM

It had the perfect ending.

Tuesday, February 6, 09:54:22 AM

Absolutely loved every aspect about this movie. Magical ...

Tuesday, February 6, 03:37:57 AM

We loved the movie.

Monday, February 5, 03:01:42 PM

BIZARRE!!! Was it artistic or is that what some want you to believe? Violence, bestiality, you get it all here folks. Do not waste your time - SERIOUSLY! Academy award nominations - what a joke and insult to good movies. Can't rate with a number as choice doesn't go sub-zero.

Sunday, February 4, 08:59:36 PM

Movie was very artistic. Weird but interesting.

Sunday, February 4, 07:35:50 PM

This movie is completely ridiculous from start to finish. I think the people who rated it favorably were either movie critics or on something. Do not waste your time or your money.

Sunday, February 4, 07:00:26 PM

A strange and offbeat fantasy tale with a nice European flavour. It's Amelie meets E.T. - definitely worth a watch, but conservative viewers are advised to be broad-minded. :)

Sunday, February 4, 06:12:14 PM

I liked it all. sensitive, beautiful, and love overcomes hate.

Sunday, February 4, 02:09:48 PM

Beautifully crafted, acted and narrated movie. It depicts all the worst and best of human soul in a very well told cinematographic tale.

Sunday, February 4, 02:02:05 PM

I thought I wasn't really going to like this film, but because it got 13 Oscar nominations how could I skip it? (Even if I was worried about a sex scene with the amphibian.) Well, I am so GLAD I went. This was a multi-layered story with excellent performances . Michael Shannon was amazing as the bad guy, as he usually is; Richard Jenkins as the gay friend (an unexpected treat--earning him an oscar nom!); Octavia Spencer playing a character you've seen her play a few times, but she won the Oscar for it so you know she nails it this time too (and got an another oscar nom). And then, Sally Hawkins, as a mute, who carries the film without saying a word, deserving of her oscar nom. The cast is brilliant. Naturally, you have to suspend your disbelief from beginning to end for a movie like this, although they try to make it as true to life as possible. Some scenes really test your ability though. That's OK---this was a great film---it checks all the boxes why we go to the movies (which is what I also said about Slumdog Millionaire.)

Sunday, February 4, 01:57:51 PM

Great movie if a little vulgar and risque at times. Great work in the costume and props department, makes me want to make my own amphibious man costume. Most of the vulgarity helps drive the story, but some is just completely unnecessary. The story manages to go into some details, without overly dragging the movie along.

Sunday, February 4, 01:55:21 PM

After being released in December 2017, this film FINALLY made it around to the desolate corner of the world I inhabit, and I couldn't be more thrilled! While the trailers do glimpse the premise of the film, they also fall far short of revealing the true humanity (both heartfelt and horrifying) on display by the time the credits roll. Sally Hawkins and Richard Jenkins embody the fragility and insecurity and aloneness we all feel (or have at times felt), and their redemption in the arms of an unlikely (soul) remind us that life is about our relationships with (and treatment of) each other.

Sunday, February 4, 01:53:18 PM

Storytelling at it's very best. Simply magical, dazzling with wonderful characters, acting, story and a super fantastic soundtrack. Doesn't fail on any level.

Saturday, February 3, 09:22:33 PM

The most worst and ugly movie I have ever watched!

Saturday, February 3, 07:59:39 PM

This movie is crap

Saturday, February 3, 04:02:41 PM

Beautiful, poetic, and romantic. Plus a fantastic and scary monster! The set design, lighting and colors are beautiful as well. Great acting all around. If you are a fan of sci-fi and fantasy, even suspense you get this here. A movie well worth seeing.

Saturday, February 3, 01:20:33 PM

It was interesting and kept my attention. Loved the creature and the feelings with the lady. WAs also had funny parts. Great ending !

Saturday, February 3, 12:23:40 PM

"The Creature from the Black Lagoon" as only Del Toro could imagine it, where the real monster is man. Sally Hawkins and Michael Shannon are fantastic, as always. A modern fairy tale that is just the right degree of darkness. Not a boring moment. Fabulous!

Saturday, February 3, 11:58:46 AM

Imaginative, extremely well acted, excellent dialog and great on the eyes.

Saturday, February 3, 10:43:16 AM

Excellent human-humanoid love story with extra credit to Sally Hawkins and Octavia Spencer.

Friday, February 2, 06:12:08 PM

A great fantasy. Sally Hawkins kept drawing us in. Her boyfriend, well... A god from the Amazon, Aquaman. Breathe.

Friday, February 2, 06:03:58 PM

Imaginative, absorbing, visual and oddly romantic, this film was a surprise and a good surprise at that. Who would have thought you could feel for two mute main characters, one a cleaner, the other a fish? Hats off to the film makers for pulling this off with humour and excitement thrown in for good measure

Friday, February 2, 12:46:43 PM

Darkest Hour and TSOW - my favourite 2 films of 2017.

Friday, February 2, 10:07:26 AM

This movie may be better on second viewing, but as it played out exactly as I expected, an underwhelming feeling lingers. On too many accounts del Toro restrains himself which leaves the film feeling restless as it falls short in succeeding the same emotional hits that his previous films have. But even a weaker del Toro film is still a thousand times better than most blockbusters.

Friday, February 2, 10:03:27 AM

Amazing movie! The normals are dysfunctional and the outcasts are pure love. Like no movie Ive ever seen.Must see!

Friday, February 2, 09:59:05 AM

Gorgeous filmmaking. Loved the originality in all. Imperfections are subtle. Too on the nose with thematic threads in B and C stories. Might have done better to explore fewer subplots and backstories. Overall impressive and I would watch again because it's just glorious visually. Cannot conceive of anyone else but Sally Hawkins in that role!