Wednesday, January 3, 09:18:39 PM

"Please waste your money" - loser reviewer/overposter. The movie is not one star, it's actually excellent.

Wednesday, January 3, 09:17:17 PM

You have no wife. You're the same loser that keeps posting the one star reviews, for your own twisted reason. Too much time on your hands.

Wednesday, January 3, 04:38:23 PM

I enjoyed this movie!! Intriguing, suspenseful and until you "get" the ending of the movie do you understand the Psychological and sensual attraction between "beauty and the beast"....

Wednesday, January 3, 11:35:23 AM

Just so tasteless and predictable. Trip to the bathroom during movie was best part.

Wednesday, January 3, 11:30:58 AM

Was such a snoozer, and so silly and predictable. Can't figure out the hype. Don't waste your money.

Tuesday, January 2, 10:01:11 PM

Guillermo del Toro’s lyrical new movie draws upon classic horror-film imagery but utterly subverts the themes and tones of the old movies, focusing on different elements within the frame and letting us consider the humanity of the monster. It’s a fable, but like Pan’s Labyrinth, it’s a fable with teeth.

Tuesday, January 2, 09:56:27 PM


Tuesday, January 2, 05:43:25 PM

Another cool "monster" under Doug Jones' belt! This guy is fantastic, he should be more recognized.

Tuesday, January 2, 02:11:13 PM

Delightful in every aspect.

Tuesday, January 2, 01:25:20 PM

Guillermo del Toro's style of storytelling is so nice. Pan's Labyrinth may still be my favourite by him but this story/movie is also really good. All of the actors were good as well. It's an interesting movie that takes you away for a little while, very fantastical and super visual. Can be a little violent at times, all of his films are, but this just adds to the fun, in my opinion.

Tuesday, January 2, 01:04:51 PM

I loved this movie!!! One of the best of 2017 by far. Almost old style movie making its approach and a nifty little story made magical by the special effects and topic.

Tuesday, January 2, 12:14:28 PM

Visually interesting movie! Storyline not very imaginative. Dark, violent undertones! Moves along slowly. There are far more enjoyable movies out there!

Monday, January 1, 04:37:18 AM

GDT at his best!

Sunday, December 31, 06:14:45 PM

All sugar water here. A placebo movie. Miss it!

Sunday, December 31, 06:03:17 PM

A very imaginative and suspenseful film. Great artistic work. It appears that one very young and uneducated viewer has chosen to "pan" this film by entering dozens of negative reviews. Notice his/her grammar, word choice and use of expletives etc. There should be a way to prevent people from entering more than one or two reviews. What a hateful person! Ignore these reviews. Go see this movie. You will be enchanted. Instead of an R rating, this movie should have been rated IQ 100 or more to keep insensitive dummies out of the theater.

Sunday, December 31, 11:54:07 AM

Waterlogged and overbaked. It sucks.

Saturday, December 30, 09:14:33 PM


Saturday, December 30, 04:27:03 PM

Creature from the black lagoon meets Linda Lovelace. Wish I would have gone to a different show.

Saturday, December 30, 12:05:17 AM

Loved it as much as Pan's Labyrinth. .

Friday, December 29, 11:28:13 AM

I liked this movie a lot but as much as Pan's Labyrinth. That's still better.

Friday, December 29, 11:15:37 AM

Hollywood pandering to the masses in such a wonderful way!! Great job here!

Friday, December 29, 11:12:54 AM

PERFECT!!!!!!!!! LOVED IT!!!!!!!

Friday, December 29, 11:10:37 AM

Out of this world excellent! Literally!

Thursday, December 28, 11:34:47 PM

Alexandre Desplat's score knocks it out of the park here. Though all the elements are good, acting, make-up, story - the score is a real standout. A very unusual film to say the least. We didn't know what to expect going in and were pleasantly surprised. Not a film I would normally venture out to see. Octavia Spencer was also really funny. Sally Hawkins was good too, have only seen her maybe once before.

Thursday, December 28, 10:17:12 AM

Why do all of the one star reviews here sound like the same person submitting the review? Are there points being rewarded or something? I watched it yesterday, and though it's not a perfect film (not many are), I really enjoyed it. I like Del Toro's style and visuals. It's not for everyone, clearly, but it's not a bad movie by any means.

Thursday, December 28, 09:59:44 AM

7 GG noms is a good indicator, poor dear. No one is saying it's the only indicator. A movie should be made out of your bitterness. A dark comedy, no doubt.

Thursday, December 28, 09:43:36 AM

7 Golden Globe nominations, yeah that's a reason to say a movie is good. Signed LA LA LA land oh wait the winner was MOONLIGHT. This is one of those movies people watch and then they think they are pedantic, transcending, and gregarious.

Wednesday, December 27, 09:45:23 AM

"OMG who likes this crap" - apparently a lot of people do, hence the 7 Golden Globe nominations it received along with the 2 SAG nominations among the many. I think I'll take their comments a bit more seriously than yours. The film was fantastic.

Wednesday, December 27, 09:31:07 AM

A Del Toro masterpiece! So glad to see him do another picture of this quality again. The group I went with loved it. We all want to see it again, and couldn't stop talking about it afterwards. Visually it's just so fantastic, and what an original story. Totally refreshing after the many clunkers that have been out this year.

Wednesday, December 27, 02:07:15 AM

A gem. Possibly a masterpiece.

Monday, December 25, 06:35:28 PM

The best movie in 2017 !!!! ??????

Monday, December 25, 03:37:58 PM

both imaginative and meaningful

Monday, December 25, 12:36:12 PM

Very good movie with terrific ending. Also to those reviewers who seem to trash every movie they watch, I want you to know I forgive you but I wish you would try and be more fair.

Sunday, December 24, 10:54:34 AM

I liked this movie even more the second time I saw it. Wonderfully intricate love story with out of this world visuals. Wasn't at all what I had expected but came away very pleasantly surprised. Well done!

Sunday, December 24, 10:29:14 AM

Perfect movie in every way!! Simply fantastic!!

Saturday, December 23, 06:24:42 PM

OMG Perfect!!

Saturday, December 23, 09:53:30 AM

Magical and beautiful. I loved the story, totally unique, and top notch Del Toro visuals. Different but still hints of Pan's Labyrinth. Can't wait to see it again.

Friday, December 22, 02:22:16 PM

I could not figure out while watching this movie why it felt so familiar. I believe it was the feelings of wonder and anticipation, joy and fear, delight and premonition evoked throughout the movie. Stunning visuals, subtle humour, sympathetic main characters and properly sinister bad guys. Great movie!

Friday, December 22, 02:11:43 PM

Beautiful film with drama, action, and romance. Touching narrative about a woman's struggle to be seen as "complete" by other people. Great soundtrack.

Friday, December 22, 09:58:09 AM

Visually beautiful. Music is great. A very enjoyable film. I highly recommend it.