Monday, May 21, 01:48:58 PM

great movie and love jo nesbo books re: Harry Hole

Monday, January 22, 11:06:20 AM

Great scenes of Norway. Not so good story line. One guy looks familiar (Val Kilmer). Maybe, this whole movie was made for the final phrase "I'll take it".

Saturday, December 16, 01:25:49 PM

This is a great example of a movie gone horribly wrong. Nonsensical and disjointed story line, poor acting, and stupidly long made this nightmare unbearable. I think as punishment for all those involved - it would be good to have them see the film for a week straight. There would be no better justice! Save yourselves - avoid at all costs.

Thursday, November 2, 08:22:41 PM

I'd give it a C-minus..Beautiful scenery but that's about all..Totally confusing concerning the plot, hard to follow...I'd say its a waste of money.

Sunday, October 29, 08:04:10 PM

I can't believe this got fair reviews and It got great reviews. This is by far the better movie, beautiful winter scenes, and a better more involved plot!!

Tuesday, October 24, 09:24:09 PM

Watched the trailer and it looked exciting but disappointed as it wasn't what it seemed. The movie was boring, had no clue what was going on. So much talking and not a lot of actions or thrills as thrillers supposed to be. I regret watching this, what a waste of 2 hours.

Tuesday, October 24, 09:23:06 PM

Stupid movie. Did not enjoy it.

Tuesday, October 24, 04:13:58 PM

Good Norway scenes, decent plot

Tuesday, October 24, 10:41:18 AM

Scattered !!

Tuesday, October 24, 03:55:34 AM

It was good to see a whodunnit without tons of foul language and gratuitous sex. It was interesting to see Norway in all its frigid spectacle.

Monday, October 23, 05:06:51 PM


Monday, October 23, 12:00:43 PM

Very enjoyable movie. Scenery was great. I haven't read the book so wasn't sure what to expect but I thought it was well done. Some scenes were hard to understand but as long as you pay attention you shouldn't have a problem following the story.

Monday, October 23, 09:13:44 AM

Convoluted with no direction.It was very difficult to follow what story line there was so I simply stopped trying and accepted that it was simply a poor movie.Believe me, don't waste your time. Maybe the "artsy"crowd will see something positive in it.

Sunday, October 22, 08:28:28 PM

Jo Nesbo books are thinkers...Jo Nesbo movies are stinkers

Sunday, October 22, 05:35:23 PM

Don't understand why people are saying it's a bad movie. My friend and I both thought is was good. There is lots of suspense and leaves you guessing until the end. Definitely worth seeing.

Sunday, October 22, 01:24:55 AM

Wait for it to be on Netflix so you can fall asleep on the couch instead of the theater.

Saturday, October 21, 11:12:42 AM

Reference review Oct. 19th,2017 (below). The book is just like the movie! Movie goers don't waste you time or money. It really warrants a zero!!

Saturday, October 21, 09:11:03 AM

Slow pace takes place in England. Seen better Thrillers. Skip this movie when i went to see it 20 people where in the cinema on a Friday evening.

Saturday, October 21, 02:24:23 AM

What the hell did I just try to watch? Confusing and extremely boring. I had to use the bathroom with maybe 25 minutes of film to go. After using the bathroom I left the theatre. I have no idea who the murderer is, nor do I care. Wait for it to appear on Netflix and watch it when there’s nothing else to watch.

Thursday, October 19, 10:49:43 PM

“The Snowman” is a murder mystery, based on the novel by Norwegian author Jo Nesbø. Something was definitely lost in translation, not between Norwegian and English but between the original novel, the script, the filming and the cutting room floor. The story was so convoluted it was mindboggling. One had the feeling that many of the subplots were partially dropped along the way leading to pointless story lines, with too many characters. Perhaps readers of the novel would have more of an appreciation. I had no idea what was going on. I had trouble differentiating between the similar characters and their relationships to one another, up until the end of the film. Spoiler: This film was not thought provoking, deep or interesting. The cinematography of the snowy stark landscapes of Norway was a plus. I can’t comment on the acting since the script was so bad, most of the actors didn’t had a chance to shine.