Friday, July 21, 10:10:32 AM

What true love feels like. Distance doesn't matter. And they're really, really far apart from each other.

Monday, May 22, 12:24:11 PM

This movie is a cross between Crocodile Dundee and The Martian. The whole idea of the movie was great but the execution was poor. Entertaining enough to watch on DVD but not worth a trip to the theatre.

Saturday, March 25, 01:07:22 PM

The movie is very good, I loved it, its very moving and also made me cry. The graphics and space looks very good and believable when he's on Mars.

Thursday, March 9, 11:02:55 PM

Don't waste your time and money.

Monday, February 13, 08:18:34 PM

I liked trailer and the story. I am going tonight to go to watch this movie.

Monday, February 13, 07:17:14 PM

Loved It????

Monday, February 13, 12:58:14 AM

This movie was fantastic. :)

Sunday, February 12, 08:17:15 PM

A fantastic story. Can you imaging born away from Earth and trying to live on Earth?

Sunday, February 12, 08:14:42 PM

The after effects were amazing. Nice screen shots. Romantic story. A movie for dreamers.

Sunday, February 12, 08:11:17 PM

Mars is a romantic way to start an adventure. I bought the sound track after I watched the movie.

Sunday, February 12, 08:09:38 PM

I don't care about the lower rates from this movie. The critics are not paying for my education. My opinion does not depend from others opinions. I had a good time watching this movie. Is all.

Sunday, February 12, 08:06:26 PM

Sweet love story. :) Nothing twisted about sex or drugs.

Sunday, February 12, 04:44:05 AM

Loved the movie. Hoping I can watch the movie again before is taking down.

Thursday, February 9, 09:41:03 PM

This is a very good movie. The downside of living on Mars, but the movie is not downbeat. A few characters were superfluous. But the movie is really about the effects of space and greed. At least they tried to grow greens rich in vitamin A for shiny eyes. Gives us pause for thought.

Thursday, February 9, 08:40:02 PM

Nice little movie that exceeded my expectations.

Wednesday, February 8, 09:19:38 PM

Something new. I like the movie and the possibilities of a human trying to live the two worlds.

Tuesday, February 7, 04:43:47 PM

Charming movie with good acting

Friday, February 3, 05:21:43 PM

The movie was fine. We had a good time watching the story.

Friday, February 3, 11:16:08 AM

Great movie! Loved the two leads. It's a romance, with sci-fi and action, just perfect in every way.

Friday, February 3, 04:03:18 AM

Interesting premise, but this movie is SOOOO bad!!! One giant cliché, and the acting is terrible. Total cornball schlock.