Friday, March 23, 12:25:22 AM

I went with a Best friend of Mine . I thought it was Creepy & a Good Horror Movie . I loved The Part Where Both the Teens Go TO Revenge their Innocent Parents deaths . Especially When The Girl Blew the psycho Bitch away with the Rifle . Self Defense never Felt so Good. Of Course they Leave some Unknowns , So There Just Might be another Sequel Or Prequel :) :P

Saturday, March 17, 06:30:00 PM

Kept me on the edge of my seat. I loved it!! So many twists and turns

Thursday, March 15, 04:27:20 AM

An eighth grader with D’s in English would have written a better script. If you are into mindless slasher films with no coherent plot or story line this is the film for you to watch before you head home to torture small animals. Just when you think the story couldn’t get more improbable the writer threw more garbage on the screen in hope of getting some reaction from a bored audience. I ended up cheering for the killers in hope they would hasten the end of this stinker.

Tuesday, March 13, 05:04:38 PM

Just okay.

Monday, March 12, 03:54:06 PM

All the negative comments on here I strongly disagree with. Most horror movies in todays world use way too much animation and not whatsoever believable. This one however is something that wasn't over done. I will admit that the casting isn't necessarily my favorite, in particular the little girl is not who I would have loved to see in the movie. But with that being said her acting was superb and this movie will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time. It starts slow then quickly gets into the plot. So sit in the seat you have now paid $10 for and on top of that eat the snacks that cost you at least another $20, its worth the wait.

Sunday, March 11, 07:29:16 PM

I watched 30 minutes of this one after leaving the other one. Pathetic. A low budget slasher move. really based on true events. Here is some advice for the public if this is based on true events as it says it is. Never ever ever open the door to a stranger ever! Don't feel sorry for the women with a baby in her arm. Ask yourself why isn't she at the police station if she is innocent? close your door behind you and lock it. Always have a locking screen door. Have 1/4 to 1/2 in plexi glass on front doors. Then immediately call the police 911 and on a cell phone all you have to do is press emergency. Second have a gun handy in your house or a base ball bat and know how to use it. With movies like this being shown as true events, teach your family how to defend themselves in a home invasion. If your house is under attack get in your car and go directly to the police or sheriff department while you are calling them on your phone. police and sheriff are open 24/7. Wake up all the neighbors. Here is a real clue if your dog doesn't bark when a stranger comes to your door, get a new dog. A dog normally will bark with a walker 1 1/2 blocks away at least, maybe more if it is a serious crime. everybody should have an alarm system today. They are loud and will wake up and alert a 3-4 block radius. That is what they are for. I hate movies like this!!!!!!!!!!! Remember don't hesitate to defend your yourself, home and property. Movies depicting unsuspecting helpless victims are not realistic!!

Sunday, March 11, 05:52:56 PM

Was Suprised, Didn't Think I Was Going To Like It, But I Enjoyed It.

Sunday, March 11, 05:07:21 PM

Disappointing! Was looking forward this movie but it wasn't scary and creepy like the first one. Bad acting, bad writing,stupidity all over the movie,especially in the end. Completely unbelievable! First Strangers movie had two stupid people,this one four of them.

Sunday, March 11, 11:16:42 AM

It Was Awesome, Kept Me At The Edge Of My Seat The Entire Time. I Loved That It Was Not That Predictable Kept You Guessing.

Sunday, March 11, 02:00:53 AM

Terrible. Big fan of the first one and this was just a mess. This film tried so hard to take inspiration from the 80's horror style, but completely failed to deliver. Sloppy storyline and poor performances.

Saturday, March 10, 03:26:40 PM

The film is mostly an 80s slasher, beginning to end and, if you enjoyed The Strangers 1 or love 80s slashers, this film will be amazing as it was for me. The Strangers 2 is better than the first, bloodier than the first and more, let's just say this: surprising with how they deal with survivors and Killers

Saturday, March 10, 04:31:17 AM

I enjoyed it.