Tuesday, January 11, 08:59:32 AM

The acting in this movie was very good but I expected more out of it than it played out. But if you didn't know or remember too much of what MacBeth was all about then it was hard to follow the plot.

Wednesday, January 5, 06:29:49 PM

Macbeth is an exciting, bloody, hallucinatory, terrifying play. But Coen overly strips it down. Too minimalist for its own good. Example: The dinner where Banquo's ghost appears is cut short, while Macbeth chases him into the hallway. Why?

Saturday, January 1, 11:07:37 AM

The ensemble acting in the past decade - since Shakespeare in Love. It will be somewhat violent for tender hearts, but so is the play.

Monday, December 27, 04:21:41 PM

A very pleasant surprise. Denzel Washington was very good as MacBeth. And this American version of the 'Scottish Play' has some interesting visuals. Filming in black & white gave it the necessary gravitas to keep the audience's attention. Yet as good as it was, it simply isn't the 'Scottish Play' without three witches around a bubbling cauldron. The actress who played the weird sister was outstanding.