Sunday, August 16, 12:21:49 AM

Such a good show. The cast works so well together.

Sunday, November 24, 10:32:58 PM

Can’t wait for next season. It was a refreshing , unexpected kind of series to watch. I have my older children watching it as well. Many great shows [Travelers and Timeless) get cancelled. I am at the point of not watching anything.

Monday, February 18, 06:42:56 PM

The Umbrella Academy is a sharply told, intensely drawn wild ride of a story. With each turn I kept going oh wow. Towards the end of the season I wondered how they would wrap up the current storyline. Just when I thought it would end it does a sharp right turn and heads off into another direction and after reading the interview of Showrunner Steve Blackman more than miffed to learn that it would be at least 18 months for season two. read: I want it now. Yes. It is that good.

Sunday, February 17, 10:36:27 AM

It's nice to see a quality show , with a great soundtrack on the idiot box again . Great cast , original story line and it was filmed in Toronto ! With a viewing age from 13 - 100 ( I'm 60 ) it has some violence but nothing more than regular TV shows .

Thursday, February 14, 05:27:38 PM

Best show ever!!!!