Wednesday, July 28, 11:13:48 PM

Lame remake of foreign gem. They handicapped themselves from the outset. Any hope of genuine emotion is crippled by maudlin sentimentality. Paralyzed plot, entropied characterizations. Run don't walk away from this. Wheel away if you have to; just don't stand there. What, do your legs not work or something?

Wednesday, May 22, 12:16:39 AM

I enjoyed the movie but it is still miles from the Original

Friday, May 17, 01:28:25 PM

Oh puke! Hollywood remakes a foreign gem and this is the best they can do. What a waste of time.

Saturday, May 11, 06:28:57 PM

This is the most entertaining with great acting that I have seen in a long time Excellent movie!

Friday, March 29, 07:23:20 AM

I loved the friendship bond that Kevin Hart and the other main character had. I was extremely pleased with how the character Kevin Hart took care of his son and the son's mom after receiving income. The story line of the movie was outstanding. I enjoyed the entire movie.

Thursday, March 28, 02:23:53 PM

One of the best movie that I saw!!!

Thursday, March 21, 02:49:00 PM

Initially thought this would be a bit depressing... Not at all! Uplifting, funny, yes we laughed out loud and a joy! Pleasantly surprising.

Tuesday, March 19, 12:03:17 PM

Enjoyed it and love Kevin Heart

Tuesday, March 19, 08:51:18 AM

This film was terrific and a very funny situationally funny. Well casted. I have seen it twice. Attending a film a second time is my measure of a good movie!

Friday, March 15, 02:31:31 PM

I was literally laughing out loud, which I never do. The chemistry between the characters is perfection.

Friday, March 15, 01:04:36 PM

Great movie, very funny and sad too ! Great story. We need to have more movies like this !

Tuesday, March 12, 04:10:59 PM

I liked the fact that the wide differences between the two men gave them such a bond in the end. The humor was very good. I would see it again.

Thursday, March 7, 11:06:28 AM

Enjoyed the humor

Tuesday, March 5, 05:33:38 PM will either love it or not, Enough said.

Friday, March 1, 11:08:19 AM

A very good movie classic would watch it again Kevin Hart best

Wednesday, February 27, 09:16:59 AM

Wonderful Love Story with Heartfelt Lessons.

Tuesday, February 26, 05:23:26 PM

One of the best movies I have seen in years. You will not be disappointed. Kevin Hart's best performance! He should win an Oscar.

Sunday, February 24, 05:35:21 PM

Excellent story. Awesome acting. Hilarious! I wasn't expecting that.

Sunday, February 24, 12:03:54 PM

This film takes a little bit different turn than French version, which is better than this one, by the way, but this version still could be watched if no better options are available. All in all, a bit on the dull side.

Sunday, February 24, 12:00:50 PM

It was okay, I liked Cranston but the movie didn't grab you and I thought Kevin Hart overplayed his role...kind of boring really.

Sunday, February 24, 11:55:03 AM

Oh yuck!!! See the original - American remakes generally stink, and this one stunk.

Saturday, February 23, 04:42:56 PM

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this movie! It simply had it all, funny and touching, I laughed out loud through much of it and some parts brought tears to my eyes. You know it's a great movie when it makes you feel many emotions throughout.......

Saturday, February 23, 11:58:13 AM

5 stars

Friday, February 22, 10:23:12 PM

Funny, stomp your feet on the floor funny! Laughed so hard at times my face hurt!

Friday, February 22, 10:18:11 AM

LOVED this movie!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 12:48:01 PM

great movie, great acting.

Monday, February 18, 10:00:16 PM

My husband and I have just come home from seeing The Upside... It was very well done. I had seen the original story and found this movie to be very true to the original story.... This story is based on a real event and is very well done. Both Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston were outstanding. I was surprised at how well Nicole Kidman played her role.... Usually I find her a little hard to believe in her characters, but she is outstanding in this movie.

Sunday, February 17, 11:29:12 AM

We both loved the movie, funny & enjoyable.

Saturday, February 16, 11:56:52 PM

treally funny!!!

Saturday, February 16, 10:28:56 PM

A very uplifting story. I would highly recommend this movie.

Saturday, February 16, 09:18:58 PM

Being it was a true story, actors played their part very well. I would recommend this movie, would even buy the DVD when it comes out

Saturday, February 16, 05:39:14 PM

Great movie and story. All of the actors did a great job! Good humor and drama.

Saturday, February 16, 03:24:40 PM

This was a very well put together funny, fun movie I would definitely recommend it

Friday, February 15, 05:47:34 PM

In a group of movie goers....I generally choose the movie, as it is a ladies outting, we all enjoyed it! Great entertainment. Funny, sweet.

Friday, February 15, 05:46:25 PM

I am the movie chooser....took two of my friends, various ages of seniors, and they both enjoyed it, as did I, they enjoyed it thoroughly!

Friday, February 15, 05:44:45 PM

Very enjoyable, I didn't know much about the movie, so I didn't have many expectations. It is a beautiful story, touching, funny, and a subect that could have been depressing, and yet, it was truly entertaining. A hit!

Thursday, February 14, 02:31:39 PM

So disappointed!! Loved the original and had hopes for this remake but it was so flat. What a wasted opportunity. Kevin Hart is no good.

Thursday, February 14, 12:31:21 PM

It was a very good movie I really enjoyed it I would tell my friends to see the movies Good story good job

Wednesday, February 13, 10:50:44 AM


Tuesday, February 12, 05:37:27 PM

Liked it all!