Tuesday, January 19, 08:34:23 PM

Great cast, funny, moral lesson about war right on.

Friday, January 1, 01:11:56 PM

This was so funny. I laughed a lot in this movie. I would definitely recommend it.

Sunday, December 6, 02:42:24 PM

I really wanted to watch this movie but know I can not I should have told my parents sooner oops!!!

Friday, November 27, 06:28:12 PM

Very entertaining and funny. All around family movie, clean with a message for all. Story talks about WAR and how we don't need it.

Wednesday, November 25, 12:31:13 AM

Light-hearted and fun. Just what the doctor ordered. No blood, gore or nastiness. Good family viewing.

Monday, November 23, 07:14:55 PM

You can jus see the liberalism wokyness drooling from DeNiros sick mouth with every sentence.

Monday, November 16, 09:32:19 AM

This movie was in the Hilarious movie I have ever seen

Thursday, November 12, 05:32:35 AM

Robert DeNiro was great but the plot was horrible. The grandson was selfish and twisted. (Like psychiatric issues). This wasn't funny.

Sunday, November 8, 06:47:31 PM

Good clean family entertainment. Funny and message about war being of no value. About entire family issues and love keeps all together. Classic Robert De Niro can play comedy as well as the tough guy.

Monday, November 2, 03:24:34 PM

Reminded me of a old school movie grumpy old men but old man vs kid

Monday, November 2, 08:41:28 AM

Good family movie with lots of laughs and some good lessons too. The child actors were really great.

Saturday, October 31, 08:28:55 PM

I love that this movie relates to the older generation without being crass. it was a great movie, i will add to my home collection.

Friday, October 30, 07:54:15 PM

This is really a must see movie. You will laugh, go see this movie.

Friday, October 30, 10:07:47 AM

Good funny things and good lesson on war for younger kids. A little corny at times but that is what makes it good for all ages.

Thursday, October 29, 03:44:40 PM

Horrible piece of garbage crap filled with horrible acting and basic pranks idk man its just old people tryna make some fast cash at least you all got covid while laughing out loud in the movie theatre.

Wednesday, October 28, 08:33:22 AM

Great family movie! Sooooo funny! 😂

Sunday, October 18, 05:17:44 PM

Good family movie, clean and laugh out loud funny. Acting was very good for young man playing opposite Robert De Niro

Wednesday, October 14, 10:35:55 AM

Great funny movie for the family.