Saturday, May 2, 11:10:03 PM

A great movie a very good redemption movie for Ben Affleck did one hell of a job

Friday, March 13, 12:04:52 PM

Realistic movie about the bumpy road to recovery.

Thursday, March 12, 05:42:59 PM

I didnt like them using the F word all the time but loved the story forum. Very true to form.

Wednesday, March 11, 11:24:21 PM

Well done movie, a must see:

Tuesday, March 10, 04:10:32 PM

great movie

Monday, March 9, 03:13:30 PM

Five stars...closer to a 10! Genuine, heartfelt, you can feel all the emotions...superb acting on Ben Afflecks part. Hats off to the supporting casts, players, asst coach, friends. Great to see you back, look forward to your next movie. Best wishes to Ben in his real life journey. You are an inspiration to more than you know. This movie was a great portrayal of life's everyday struggles. One of the best movies, realistic, honest, deeply moving. Great cast!

Monday, March 9, 02:33:58 PM

Great to see Ben Affleck back on the big screen.

Sunday, March 8, 07:26:13 PM

I really enjoyed this film . It had a really deep story line, and some pretty good acting by Ben Affleck . No doubt there was some real life experience for BA to draw on .

Sunday, March 8, 01:32:17 PM

Was a really good movie. Ben Affleck needed this and the story was awesome!!

Sunday, March 8, 12:35:01 PM


Saturday, March 7, 07:41:59 PM

Seeing Afleck as a grown man cry was disturbing he should have stuck with comedy-hated it.

Saturday, March 7, 12:49:00 PM

It’s a mix of the Coach and leaving Las Vegas. It’s not really a sports movie. It’s about hitting absolute rock bottom before you try to face your demons. Affleck draws on his own personal alcoholism to provide a real performance. He is a dumpster fire train wreck after suffering personal family losses. It’s ugly but realistic.

Saturday, March 7, 10:35:09 AM

Loved this movie as an Oscar contender for Best Picture.

Saturday, March 7, 01:18:47 AM

Fairly typical storyline but Ben Affleck played his role well!

Friday, March 6, 09:32:48 PM

T.K. Carter is one of my favorite actor and 10 STARS

Friday, March 6, 08:52:36 PM

T. K. Carter did a great job as Russ and TWO THUMBS UP ! ! ! ! !

Friday, March 6, 05:32:01 PM

Pitiful, full of cusring and just ends...I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Friday, March 6, 05:00:49 PM

A good story, not Oscar worthy but worth the cost of a ticket. He's had a sad life and getting back in the game gave him purpose and time for reflection.

Friday, March 6, 02:34:37 PM

People act differently to great pain . He tried to hide his pain in the bottle. It didn't help anyone . He needed to forgive himself before he could live a better life.

Wednesday, March 4, 01:45:34 PM

Big Ben is back!