Thursday, May 18, 11:12:31 AM

Limited amount of reviews, took a chance anyway. Well, British it may be, good it is not. Nothing could save this movie. "Boring" is the word that comes to mind. This movie is all over the place - neither comedy, drama or romance. The theme of this movie had the potential to be a little gem that the British are known for. Sadly, it has failed in all aspects.

Thursday, May 4, 04:49:05 PM

Nice world war II period piece that the English seem to do so well. Gemma Arterton is the female lead and steals the show with Bill Nighy doing nicely as always. Very enjoyable with the basic plot being how to make a propaganda movie that will get America into the war.

Monday, April 24, 04:55:36 PM

good movie

Saturday, April 22, 01:02:26 AM

Harmless London WWE II period piece. Thought would have been more interesting. It got slightly better as I adjusted my expectations. In 2 days I will forget I saw this, that's how little of an impact this had on me.

Wednesday, April 12, 11:35:18 AM

This movie is about England making a war propaganda movie and the interpersonal relationships that come about. This is the typical English movie; but it does give an interesting perspective, that of the strong woman's point of view. The acting is somewhat weak. If it wasn't for Bill Nighy there'd be no comedy either.