Sunday, December 30, 10:49:08 PM

This film was the best film I have ever seen and I cannot wait to see it again. It was visceral, engaging, and honest.

Friday, December 28, 12:30:48 AM

Very impressive film . The colorization process really brings the footage to life in very graphic detail . It's uncomfortable to watch some of the footage but , the veterans of ww1 lived through those terrible times of war .The least we can do is witness it and honor them .

Thursday, December 27, 08:05:26 PM

Very graphic. A great compilation. As a boy I know an oldtimer veteran of WWI ..and he told me how very horrible it was. This film used awesome colorising and all narration was of original voices recorded and some actually on the front lines in Flanders fields " where the poppies grow".

Thursday, December 27, 06:34:09 PM

Great film. Historically reverent, respectful and authentic. A Herculean effort to put together.

Thursday, December 27, 05:56:51 PM

I am blown away at this incredible movie! This is what the world has been waiting for...a comprehensive historical review of the war that was suppose to “end all wars”!! I saw it in Charleston two weeks ago and even my daughter in law loved is in color and it’s amazing!!!

Thursday, December 27, 04:31:20 PM

It was incredibly well done and while they didn't have sound back then had you not realized it when you watched the movie you wouldn't have known that it wasn't authentic. I find it interesting that someone would "rate" a movie that they haven't seen. It is being shown at different times in different areas. If you see it, do yourself a favor and stay till the bitter end. It's too late now for Island 16, but hopefully this movie shall be shown elsewhere. It was truly remarkable.

Thursday, December 27, 09:43:31 AM

A simple google search reveals they used forensic lip readers to determine what the soldiers were saying and then hired voice actors from the particular regiment's region to voice the words over the authentic footage. It further adds to the life that is given to the film by the frame rate adjustments and colorization.

Friday, December 21, 11:19:52 PM

They didn't have sound in the films back then, so I tend to doubt the authenticity of the movie.