Thursday, November 16, 02:01:38 PM

Great movie probably the best of the trilogy.It has great humor and friendships.

Thursday, November 16, 10:45:57 AM

It was OK. I thought previous ones were better. Too many "snarky" joke moments throughout which I thought kind of distracted from me getting more "involved" with the movie plot.

Wednesday, November 15, 11:10:26 PM


Wednesday, November 15, 11:40:32 AM

Well that was disappointing.

Wednesday, November 15, 11:40:03 AM

Boring, coudn't wait for it to end.

Wednesday, November 15, 01:40:00 AM

Great job. It kept me entertained ...funny...A little busy near the end ...but still ...I didn't think about work or bills or my exwife once....mission accomplished.

Tuesday, November 14, 08:19:52 PM

Really disappointed with this movie. Was not what I thought it would be. I actually thought it was pretty boring.

Tuesday, November 14, 07:36:01 PM

The Mighty Thor has been reduced to a moronic sissy. Why do all characters have to be sarcastic and crack jokes? This is the worst Marvel movie to date. I thought Deadpool was lame, but at least it did not destroy years of noble and heroic comic book adventures. Spider-Man is a wise-ass and Tony Stark is sarcastic. All superheroes do not have to be the same. Comedy should not be the goal of all dialogue.

Tuesday, November 14, 04:40:20 PM

Soooo much fun! Loved it! :-)

Tuesday, November 14, 01:36:35 AM

I liked the story, the action and the comedy. Kate Blanchett was an awesome villian. Definitely worth the admission.

Sunday, November 12, 04:30:31 PM

Love this movie it's awesome and hilarious

Saturday, November 11, 11:33:04 PM

Love the bits of humour throughout the movie . The eye candy is not bad either. Glad there were not sex scenes (Y)

Saturday, November 11, 10:56:51 PM

Very entertaining. Lots of humour. Not at all tired of this marvel comics stuff because of the quality writing.

Friday, November 10, 09:18:31 AM

This is a Great movie to watch and be entertained. Does have some ideas from the animation movie Planet Hulk. If you watch the the gladiator fight in the movies some of those ideas came from the animation movie. Sure was fun to watch and see the gladiators come to life.

Thursday, November 9, 06:31:43 PM


Thursday, November 9, 12:21:22 AM

I was a kid in the Golden age of (baby boomer comics) Loved Marvel Comics. Bringing these characters to the big screen has been a huge undertaking, bravo ever since Ironman they have been getting better and better. I'm not going to these to compare them to the comics they originated from I'm going to be entertained, staying true to the characters is what is the bonus, all the elements are there. I love that Loki & Thor cast the way they are Chris and Tom are brothers off the pages and onto the big screen. Build a Statue of Stan Lee and give it a large MARVEL-OUS

Wednesday, November 8, 09:38:03 PM

Not usually a fan of super hero movies, but I enjoyed this one . Lots of action and comedy as well . Special FX were pretty good . Give it a watch, you wont be sorry .

Wednesday, November 8, 02:30:46 PM

what is up with the 40 mins of previews. If you are gonna charge me to watch a movie then you had better give me a cheaper price. It was a good movie but honestly I almost walked out before it started.

Tuesday, November 7, 11:15:18 PM

They just keep making the movies better and better, Thor: Regnarok was far better than I imagined it would be and I was already expecting greatness. The humour lifted this way above anything DC have ever made or yet to release.

Tuesday, November 7, 10:31:04 PM

Great fun, entertaining , action, and special effects comic converted to live action movie.

Tuesday, November 7, 03:43:36 PM

Walked in hoping for the best and walked out having seen the worst Thor movie so far. Big fan of the hero from the comics not this wise-cracking beach bum character.

Tuesday, November 7, 03:40:58 PM

Incredibly bad movie. Where was Thor? Was this supposed to be based on the comics? Did anyone bother to read them?

Tuesday, November 7, 08:17:28 AM

I enjoyed the movie. It seems I was the only one laughing in the movie theatre to all the humorous parts. A lot of dead beats out there and I am glad I’m not one of them.

Tuesday, November 7, 06:46:34 AM

This movie kicks ass !!!

Monday, November 6, 02:54:42 PM

Awesome!! So funny!

Monday, November 6, 12:05:28 PM

Not since The Dark Knight have I given 5 starts to a superhero movie. I liked this a lot more than the Guardians flicks. Great from start to finish. AND the best part was the trailers were funny but the movie was wayyyy funnier and action packed.

Monday, November 6, 10:50:36 AM

It was such a fun movie, incredibly entertaining, it kept me laughing the entire time. So much humour at the right times without overdoing it. One of the best MCU movies yet.

Monday, November 6, 09:56:07 AM

Really awesome movie , action packed packed and fun fan service. Good Job Marvel. Right casting too.

Sunday, November 5, 10:54:10 PM

Very disappointed. There was too much humor for a movie that should be taken serious. The only thing I liked about this movie is that it makes me more excited to see DC films because it seems like Marvel is going downhill.

Sunday, November 5, 09:15:25 PM

I really liked this movie..lots of action..lots of fun..come on people its fantasy..sit back and enjoy!!!! Looking forward to what comes next!

Sunday, November 5, 06:52:24 PM

Full of action and great special effects

Sunday, November 5, 10:32:17 AM

It's was entertaining and great special effects but over the top comedy every minute their was a joke. Kinda kills the effect of serious stuff happening

Sunday, November 5, 01:45:59 AM

This series is going downhill fast. The first is the best. This one is plainly juvenile. It was so silly, I kept yawning.

Saturday, November 4, 11:00:58 PM

Three thumbs up!

Saturday, November 4, 09:54:02 PM

The poster looked like from Flash the movie. Very entertaining movie.

Saturday, November 4, 09:19:59 PM

The movie was good, not as great as guardians movie but has its moments, was really disappointed that doctor strange was not really apart of the movie... .

Saturday, November 4, 08:03:09 PM

Thor Ragnarok is by no means a good film. But It is damn sure a fun and enteraining movie!

Saturday, November 4, 08:01:34 PM

Thor Ragnarok is by no means a good movie. But It is damn sure a fun and enteraining movie.

Saturday, November 4, 07:57:13 PM

Very entertaining loved it can't wait for the next one

Saturday, November 4, 07:45:31 PM

A fun movie to watch. Science fiction comedy. Thor looked silly. Movies are for to have some fun.