Sunday, June 24, 07:31:01 AM

I loved it. Well done movie I didn't find boring at all. Also had excellent tense music throughout.

Sunday, April 8, 05:43:25 PM

Oh dear, so boring I actually found myself nodding off. Unsurprisingly, the screen was almost empty at peak time screening.

Friday, March 16, 07:03:09 PM

Very dark.

Wednesday, March 14, 12:23:32 PM

Clearly divisive and negatively rated without merit - as seen by the reasonings for a 1 star rating. Brilliant pitch black comedy that teeters more on the dark than comedy nearing the third act.

Saturday, March 10, 07:10:32 AM

Disgusting. How is the audience supposed care about a sociopath who kills her own horse? I kept hoping the hit man would kill her. People Who Kill innocent Animals should be locked up.

Friday, March 9, 09:23:23 AM

Disgusting premise for a movie.