Tuesday, January 23, 08:20:16 AM

Best movie of 2017

Monday, January 22, 01:22:17 PM

This movie is spellbinding and has some of the best acting I have seen in a very long while. Frances MacDormand is outstanding and worthy of the awards she has won.. Hopefully, this will include an Oscar in the future. I wish this movie were showing for an extended period of time at AMC Lennox.

Friday, January 19, 11:33:32 PM

Brilliant movie - my favorite of 2017. 2nd is Darkest Hour. Frances and Gary for Oscars.

Friday, January 19, 08:44:07 PM

It was okay, but not as great as the hype would lead one to believe. It is not as artful as it thinks it is, and McDormand is good but pretty one-note throughout. I thought Margot Robbie in "I, Tonya" had better range, personally. Not sure what the Dinklage plot was doing in there, and the turnaround of the Rockwell character isn't believable. Harrelson is good, but overall this was not all that memorable. And I thought the ending made the entire moral of the story ridiculous. Not a must on the big screen -- wait for Netflix.

Friday, January 19, 03:47:37 PM

This was an excellent movie! The acting was superb all around. You really felt for the characters, especially the woman that Frances McDormand portrayed.

Friday, January 19, 09:43:03 AM

I really wanted to like it. Lord knows you can't away from all of the critical praise that has been heaped on it. I just thought it was GARBAGE. End of.

Friday, January 19, 09:40:15 AM


Monday, January 15, 01:48:57 PM

Frances McDormand is amazing. An angry, powerful, emotional darkly comic story. Awesome!

Monday, January 15, 10:42:43 AM

The movie captures you from the start and doesn't let you go.

Sunday, January 14, 04:54:30 PM

This movie could have easily received five stars.... but what could have been a masterpiece had one real flaw in the addition of a plotless character. The over clever writing of the conclusion was a real flaw that gave no validation or vindication for any of the masterfully crafted characters. The performance given by the cast was stellar and it was a real disappointment that the story told, fell short in the end. I did not expect a cheesy, feel good ending, just something as thoughtfully written as the rest of the script.

Sunday, January 14, 11:00:11 AM

Best movie I've seen in a long time!! It drew you into the lives of three main characters, very personal, intimate. I loved the pace of the movie, not rushed. I found it to be quite unique and therefore not a movie for everyone. I was very pleased it won Golden Globe for Best Picture!

Friday, January 12, 06:44:23 PM

Great acting! Saw this movie twice, and it only gets better.

Sunday, January 7, 11:42:37 PM

To all the haters here and writing negative reviews....uhmmm, guess which movie won golden globe for best film?! 3 BILLBOARDS!!! Wooohooo, said it from the beginning that this movie was gonna win tons. Anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, ignore all these negative reviews and give it a chance. :)

Sunday, December 31, 09:08:57 AM

Hardly a "diamond" of a movie given the many holes in the plot and despite the many good reviews (imho) even with the often excellent acting. The lack of any even slightly likeable characters made the movie an arduous grind to my wife and I and we were glad when it was finally over. Ebbing MO, albeit a fictional town, is one angry and twisted place that should be passed by. There are also so many unbelievable and unlikely people, actions, and scenes in this story it does make me wonder, wth were the writers thinking? This movie also had a pretty short run in my city, which is telling, and I was not at all surprised once I had seen it and noticed a very small crowd in there with me. But no matter what anybody says (incl me) go see it if you want to (that is if you can find it still playing), but my best advice based on my personal opinion of the movie, would be to wait and watch it on PPV, or better yet, when it's on a free movie channel. That's all folks!

Monday, December 25, 04:17:55 PM

Absolutely outstanding movie. It's the best film of 2017 so far. Anyone who says this movie is horrible wouldn't know a diamond if they held it in their hand. Read all the excellent reviews. Look how many Golden Globe nominations it got. Go ahead see it on the big screen.

Saturday, December 23, 10:16:42 PM

Horrible movie. No real plot. A racist cop thrown in for no reason at all. McDormand has a stiff upper lip, a stiff lower lip and a general hatred towards everybody. Not a likeable or sympathetic character at all.

Thursday, December 21, 08:36:31 PM

This is not a well written movie! I am such a fan of most of the actors in the movie but the characters weren't believable and the story line was even worse. Others in the movie theatre seemed to share my viewpoint. I only heard one guy laugh when Frances kicked the teenage girl in the crotch. Such a lame movie.

Monday, December 18, 12:43:36 PM

A well done movie from start to finish. Expect Oscar considerations. A nice departure from mindless action , CGI and cheesy endings. This movie feels real. 4/5

Sunday, December 17, 01:43:31 PM

Absolutely fantastic story and acting!!

Wednesday, December 13, 06:41:54 PM

Brilliantly written, cast, directed, shot.

Monday, December 11, 05:08:32 PM

I think this last review is the worse review I ever read. Are they actually attacking another reviewer? That what it reads like, almost looks like cyber bullying to me.

Monday, December 11, 03:06:53 PM

For the snot who wrote HOLLYWOOD CRAP, you should have researched the film before seeing it, doofus. For those that don't need a story to be fed to them like pablum, this is an intriguing and dark vision into a mother's living hell. Her daughter has been murdered and no one seems to be trying to find the killer. Great acting (McDormand and Rockwell are amazing) and a convoluted script make it imperative you pay attention. If you want special effects and mindless drivel, don't bother with this film. Not for most tastes that want a neat little bow tied at the end but I really enjoyed the trip.

Monday, December 11, 11:46:30 AM

Probably the worst movie I've seen this year. Hollywood crap.

Sunday, December 10, 03:28:28 PM

A sad subject with humerous dialog. A very good movie. Should be in the running for some oscars.

Sunday, December 10, 12:48:57 AM

Excellent plus! Best of the year! If you can look beyond the bad language, a must see!

Friday, December 8, 05:56:49 PM

Wow. Acting terrific. Story fascinating.

Friday, December 8, 03:31:36 PM


Friday, December 8, 01:35:50 AM

Three Billboards lingers, not only because of the richness and complexity of the characters but because of the choices McDonagh makes in bringing this story to the screen. His approach is specific and uncompromising. It’s not safe. Approached with lesser actors or a wavering confidence, the result could have been deemed an “interesting failure.” But there’s not a whiff of failure about this movie. The best of the year? Could be. If not, it will certainly be in the conversation.

Friday, December 8, 01:14:58 AM

Lol wow people reviewing here need to relax... when did this become a debate forum? I happen to love this movie and think it will be an Oscar contender. Shape of water was amazing too so not sure. Yes it was over the top and had unrealistic bits but it’s NOT a movie based on true events so just go in for the crazy ride.

Wednesday, December 6, 10:25:56 AM

It sucks you in, holds you there, then forcefully spits you out.... great pacing, exceptional acting. People are as cruel as depicted here, you just may not know many of them.

Tuesday, December 5, 12:41:47 PM

I concur with the last reviewer here, particularly about their comments on the movie and that it was not a good movie at all. The reference point of creating a review is in fact the movie (to say it's " just a movie" with the assumption that a person should loosen their opinion , by someone who attacks another individual's review, is short-sighted, and sadly reflective of an inability to grasp with their own convictions, in that they strive for popular consensus by attacking the reviews of others who are rightfully able to review a movie)Defensiveness for one owns opinion is grossly representative of self absorption, while defending another's opinion on ethically sound principles is reflective of the heroic qualities that this movie lacks. Now then since that is out of the way, the 'Just a Movie" here that offers reflection is that the semblance of popular opinion amongst a brash view is not heroic from an ethical standpoint. If ethics matters to someone they can rightfully attest to this, equally if ethics does not matter to somebody they can equally attest to their opinion. Its not a matter of right or wrong, but if we look closely all the opinions here are based on the approximation of ethical reference that the writers of opinion or reviews have for themselves. Simply put, I rather hated the movie, thought it was rubbish, but suspect that I have offended some readers who might want to convince me otherwise, that is the mystery we should ask ourselves and uncover to see the whole picture (no pun intended).

Monday, December 4, 10:39:33 PM

To the person who was at TIFF to see this movie. I am the person who wrote the 3 star review that wasn't very complementary to the movie. But remember, I did give it 3 stars overall because it did have its moments of greatness. First of all this is a forum for people to give their own honest opinion about a movie and NOT a place to complain about or criticize another persons opinion. 5 stars and Oscars as some people like you say? Maybe, and maybe not. Time will tell won't it. Ok everybody at TIFF clapped. So what? People in crowds behave as the crowd does, ie; clapping, so as to appear to fit in and not be the only one who is not clapping, and often doing so whether or not they actually feel as though clapping is really deserved. Btw, nobody clapped in the theater I was in (or laughed much either). Additionally I simply said F McD's character was so over the top angry that it bordered on evil, as did some of the others, and that they weren't the types I cared to be watching or those whom I could like either, and believe me I tried hard to cut her some slack because of what happened to her daughter, but she went to the dark side so bad, she just lost me. As far as realism goes, yes it is just a movie (thanks for pointing that out btw lol), but as a career firefighter (who has also been around death and destruction too many times), the scene with the fire extinguisher was just totally ridiculous...for more than a few good reasons. Just as ridiculous was the fact that out of the other heinous crimes committed during the movie...nobody went to jail. I mean come on. Yes it was "just a movie" but apparently unlike you, I demand a bit more out of what I pay to watch, especially with the talent in this movie. So I think it could have been easily written a bit better so as to not have been so over the top outrageous as it was more than a few times. Therefore, I predict this movie will have a short theater life and not be remembered long term as all that great of a movie b

Sunday, December 3, 07:40:17 PM

Loved it loved it loved it go see it :)

Sunday, December 3, 07:38:12 PM

I was the premier of this movie at TIFF with a 1000 other people & the director present. Every single person in that theatre was clapping. From start to finish, it was entertaining. I rarely write reviews but for those saying it was unrealistic and vulgar and violent, ummmm first of all it’s a freakin movie and second of all, the mother is grieving and seeking answers for her daughter who was raped and murdered! Put yourself in her shoes! Of course she was angry and hostile but it comes from a place which you would NOT understand unless you lost a child. Even though the topic at hand is very serious, the movie has amazing dark humour and raw emotional moments. I recommend everyone watching this movie and judging it for their own selves despite the negative reviews.

Sunday, December 3, 09:56:08 AM

Excellent movie...held my interest throughout...great acting and won’t be surprised if the 3 main characters garner Oscar nominations....McDormand’s best role since Fargo and was pleasantly surprised by Rockwell. I thought Harrelson was better here than in LBJ. It’s a thought provoking movie but not for everyone. I can understand why many people would be turned off by the language and violence, but I thought it fit the story and characters and wasn’t gratuitous. Not your usual film where things are resolved either positively or negatively. Ending for me was a little reminiscent of No Country For Old Men.

Friday, December 1, 10:07:22 PM

Good movie. Dark, quirky and comedic. I thought the actors did a good job. Just when you think things are over, they aren't.

Friday, December 1, 11:34:01 AM

This is the opposite of a feel good movie. It is a feel bad movie. See it if you want to end up with a bad taste in your mouth about the state of humanity. The only redeeming character in the movie is played by Woody Harrelson and even he comes to a bad end.

Thursday, November 30, 09:08:21 AM

A thought provoking movie that was both funny and serious.I was definitely entertained which hasn't happened with many of the recently released big budget movies.

Wednesday, November 29, 12:58:31 PM

could never recommend this movie, very depressing

Tuesday, November 28, 10:51:43 AM

Very believable. Great acting! Loved the ending.