Tuesday, September 11, 01:12:35 PM

This is a best documentary! Not too artsy, Was more than I thought it would be. There was a beginning middle and end, No conclusion because their lives are not over. It is a roller coaster story. NOT BORING!!!!! Everyone should see this as history not to erase, deny or ignore.

Saturday, September 1, 12:00:48 PM

What a fantastic documentary!! Well done. telling the amazing life of these triplets!! so sad and so disgusting that humans can do this to children.. Just a must see.!! Dont miss this one.Truth is stranger than fiction!! Sad that there is no conclusion

Friday, August 31, 01:01:12 AM

Excellent documentary and shocking at the same time

Thursday, August 23, 01:37:29 AM

Wow. How did a great movie like this get in the theatres? That usually doesn't happen. They only bring in crap!

Friday, August 10, 05:57:29 PM

A most excellent documentary: compelling, thought-provoking, disturbing.

Monday, August 6, 03:25:19 PM

Saw this by accident as the movie I picked was sold out. It starts slow but quickly becomes compelling. It a dark story. It's a fabulous film, just what a documentary should be like.

Saturday, August 4, 09:26:31 PM

While compelling, definitely a strange story, it leaves the viewer with no conclusion. Good stories have a beginning, middle, end. There was no concrete conclusion and you walk away wondering what this is all about, other than that of what appears to be human manipulation for no known purpose. Some interviews, but no one able or willing to come up with facts, reasons why, etc. Etc. My score is because I did feel sorry for these triplets, not because the movie was good. It wasn’t,

Monday, July 23, 12:47:50 PM

Very compelling.

Friday, July 20, 09:26:10 AM

How old was Eddy when he committed suicide? How much therapy during growing up did each boy receive.? After Eddy died why didn't the other 2 siblings go onto the talk shows and explain their situation? ?????? Since the experiment was found out after 20 years there had to be a lot more people who know and helped the psychiatrist Dr. Where are they and were they contacted? How could documents being under lock and key until 2066? There's other people's lives affected. There a whole lot missing in this documentary.