Friday, May 14, 06:57:00 PM

I have tried to give McCarthy some credit. I haven't even blamed her for the failure of Ghostbusters. I have always hoped that there was some talent there, but this movie has proven that she really is that bad. Her character, like all of her movies, is just cringe worthy. The concept here seems like one that had a lot of potential, but her lack of ability to present a character that has any positive qualities eclipses everyone. Her acting is not just poor, but is so negative that it sucks the life out of everything. The only reason to watch this is to discover how to make a bad movie.

Saturday, May 1, 04:08:00 AM

Spectacular action and lots of heart! Well done, ladies! Well done!

Saturday, April 10, 10:10:05 AM

A game-changer! Fans of the superhero genre are in for a treat! McCarthy should wear spandex more often.

Friday, April 9, 10:10:38 AM

Sexy and vigorous fun!