Wednesday, September 11, 06:39:23 AM

Canada's "Greatest Stuntman" - Duke Crashem - "Awesome".

Saturday, September 7, 03:41:38 PM

I think that the creator's of toy story, should have jest left the series of three movies and now fourth one, that just makes no sense at all.

Wednesday, August 28, 10:38:56 PM

The funny jokes in the movie

Sunday, August 18, 11:00:57 PM

Me encantó, es admirable que siéndo juguetes trabajen en equipo, para dar amor y felicidad.

Friday, August 9, 07:53:49 PM

I love movie is Toy Story 4 because back Bo Peep meet Woody then end make me sad and little cry my favorite Bo Peep with Woody stay together sweetheart in my heart!!!!😍😭😍😍

Friday, August 9, 02:41:03 PM

Loved the jokes, loved the plot, loved the ending! Even my three year old grandson was entertained.

Thursday, August 8, 09:31:19 PM


Tuesday, August 6, 12:45:58 PM

It was good story with a good ending could have used Jesse more

Tuesday, August 6, 11:20:11 AM

I thought it was very sad that Woody left the gang, but it was a very good movie and I enjoyed all of it and so did my almost 8 year old.

Friday, July 19, 09:16:39 AM

Compared to the other Toy Stories, it was just a let down.

Sunday, July 14, 01:13:09 AM

Love this movie 👍

Tuesday, July 9, 06:58:46 AM

Toy Story 4 did not disappoint! Tom Hanks is wonderful as Woody once again. It would be a bit scary for smaller children with some mummy-like characters, but the movie has the action & wit as all the others. Was extremely happy with the ending and hoping to see a Toy Story 5!

Monday, July 8, 08:40:32 PM

Wonderful children's movie.

Monday, July 8, 11:36:06 AM

It was so sad and disappointing!!!

Saturday, July 6, 10:31:13 PM

loved the movies period

Saturday, July 6, 07:22:16 PM

This was a wonderful addition to the Toy Story sequels. I took my 9 year old step son, and he absolutely loved it! Him loving it made me happy, but I myself enjoyed the movie as well!

Friday, July 5, 01:30:22 PM

Too many story lines and too much going on

Thursday, July 4, 02:40:13 PM

Loved it. Disney and Pixar did not disappoint. I just hope there’s another sequel.

Thursday, July 4, 12:17:54 AM

Loved it! What a great movie.

Tuesday, July 2, 09:10:37 PM

Great family movie. My opinion is this movie beat all the other Toy Story movies.

Monday, July 1, 04:00:58 PM

Great movie!

Sunday, June 30, 03:14:45 PM

Portrayed family ties and loyalty. Very cute show with a strong message. Original better probably of introduction to the characters

Thursday, June 27, 04:27:19 PM

My six year old grandson and I loved this movie! I think they did a good job of ending the story.

Thursday, June 27, 01:00:33 PM

Pretty good. Nowhere near as good as the original, but still entertaining

Thursday, June 27, 10:02:03 AM


Wednesday, June 26, 08:37:34 AM

A beautiful story about the acceptance of life's uncertainties, of love and empathy. Fun to "see" Key and Peele together again, Keanu's Canadian tie was adorable. Bo Peep really was a fantastic inspiration for little girls.

Wednesday, June 26, 07:50:32 AM

This is one of the few Disney Movies made today that Walt would be proud of. Every member of the family will love it.

Wednesday, June 26, 12:55:07 AM

Loved it! Great movie

Wednesday, June 26, 12:53:32 AM

Another excellent Toy Story movie! Worth seeing

Monday, June 24, 05:27:52 PM

Toy Story 1 & 3 are still the best ones.....better that #2.

Monday, June 24, 02:15:32 AM

I love it because back No Peep meet Woody is happy then when end is Sad then happy! I love so much Woody with Bo Peep?🔐💞

Sunday, June 23, 07:13:47 PM

Second one still the best -- Stinky Pete!!!

Sunday, June 23, 07:07:49 PM

If you gave this one star you are either a robot, a Pixar hater or you didn't actually see the movie.

Sunday, June 23, 07:06:37 PM

The best Toy Story yet. Originally my son and I weren't going to go as we didn't see the need for a 4th. Boy are we glad we did.

Sunday, June 23, 06:04:33 PM

Loved it! Visually stunning - and a beautiful, funny story. Let's celebrate these kind, loving movies!

Sunday, June 23, 05:32:33 PM

This one was not the best actually the best ones were 1 and 3 but 2 was better than 4 so i was kinda disappointed.

Saturday, June 22, 10:48:43 PM

It was alright, the first three were better. It wasn’t very emotional at all

Friday, June 21, 05:01:36 PM

Not as good as the other 3. Nothing in it worth paying the extra for 3 D. Worth a go but not the adult humour in it the other ones had.

Friday, June 21, 12:49:20 PM

Spectacular animation!!! Just an absolutely visually beautiful movie to watch. And suitable for quite young children, which many animated movies are not.

Thursday, June 20, 08:24:24 PM

Do not, under any circumstances, listen to user Anonymous yelpster5000. He is a corporate shill and a huckster of lies working for Dreamworks Animation Studio. Toy Story 4 was the most fantastic movie I've ever seen in my life. Duke Nukem (played by Keanu Reeses Cup) is the greatest addition to a film, and Forky is an existential nightmare of the best persuasion. Go see this movie.