Sunday, February 5, 11:52:30 AM

Hoping for better, we did not like it.

Thursday, December 1, 07:22:15 PM

I loved this movie! I have been thinking about it since viewing it, definitely a sign of a good movie. It was very sad Charlbi Dean passed away, the movie would have made her career, turning her into a big star!

Thursday, November 10, 11:36:10 AM

If you're dumb as a puddle of urine you will find this movie confusing and give it one star. If not you will enjoy a film that is genuinely a roller coaster and is truly unique.

Friday, November 4, 08:14:26 PM

This was one of the best movies I have seen in a very long time. You will NOT enjoy this movie if you prefer a tidy Hollywood-type movie (which I appreciate, too). Go see this if you want to see a laugh-out-loud satire of privilege. It will make you think and it is the kind of movie you could watch more than once. The writing, acting and directing are all amazing! Like a lot of meaningful art, it is a movie that you will either love or hate! I will definitely see it again!

Friday, November 4, 11:40:44 AM

I walked out. So much junk, poorly written movie. unnecessary and wrong messages, if there was message. One star is too much. Good actors but bad horrible movie.

Thursday, November 3, 12:35:30 PM

It seems like they deliberately tried to ruin every chance to make this film interesting.

Monday, October 31, 08:08:49 AM

That movie is made for questioning yourself of the place money takes in our life. It is indeed not a fast-food movie where everything is precooked for you, i.e there is no endings. The true is it does not matter which ending you make up in your mind. Do not go see that movie if you just like to turn your brain off during a movie. Otherwise you will love it.

Thursday, October 27, 12:41:49 PM

One of the worst movies I've ever seen. Doesn't flow, it's like three separate movies but with some of the same people, nothing makes sense and then there's not even an ending.

Thursday, October 27, 12:19:11 PM

the person who said it is a "masterpiece" must be a relative

Thursday, October 27, 12:18:06 PM

terrible, terrible, terrible. If I could give it one "zero" I would

Wednesday, October 26, 12:14:40 PM

A masterpiece. A commentary on beauty, wealth and power. Brilliant!