Sunday, February 12, 12:52:48 PM

I loved this movie .

Friday, January 20, 09:52:44 AM

The music was great. The movie is so colorful, cute and funny! I've seen it twice already!

Sunday, December 4, 05:19:57 PM

Too cute! Great music, great fun and lesson about deciding to be happy.

Thursday, December 1, 04:02:56 PM


Wednesday, November 30, 06:12:14 PM

It was funny and it was scary, kind of; liked the music. Really well done.

Wednesday, November 30, 06:01:38 PM

Trolls is a fun movie for all age

Saturday, November 26, 08:50:31 PM

My daughter and i loved it. Music was great! We would definitely see it again! Love Anna Kendrick! Justin Timberlake singing "True Colours" was awesome.

Thursday, November 17, 08:46:18 PM

Turns out it's NOT a movie about internet jerks. How 'bout that! I liked it anyway.

Wednesday, November 16, 09:20:55 PM

Loved the movie and so did my 6 & 3 year old. Good music and lessons for the kids to learn

Monday, November 14, 05:29:35 PM

Super cute loved the song choices!

Saturday, November 12, 02:07:22 PM

This movie is super cute, funny, and great for the whole family. My husband and I laughed and cried just as much as our 6 year old daughter. Definitely a movie that I would watch again. A must watch!

Friday, November 11, 08:49:47 PM


Friday, November 11, 04:12:23 AM

Sorta cute. Has a dark message in there for parents to pick up on. Hope they caught it. The trolls are cute happy ones that escape from the clutches of an evil empire. They return to save the empire and teach it's citizens that happiness is not something that can be taken. Singing and colorful animation sets the scene for a cute Cinderella subplot.

Tuesday, November 8, 09:21:04 PM

Fantastic,entertaining,loved music.

Sunday, November 6, 05:43:31 PM


Sunday, November 6, 01:47:30 AM

So cute! I loved it because I had Trolls growing up. Definitely will be purchasing this when it comes out on blu ray!

Friday, November 4, 09:44:54 PM

I really liked this movie because the Trolls hair could magically grow and they could do flips and land on their long awesome hair and use their hair to make stairs and walk on them to land safely. One Troll could shoot sparkles out of his butt. [kind of like a sparkle fart]. I am 8 years old.

Friday, November 4, 09:21:49 PM

i liked the movie because it was very nice and funny and had good music. I am 6 years old.

Friday, November 4, 06:07:29 PM

Excellent movie! Music was awesome and entertaining. Plot was good and demonstrated life lessons re happiness, friendship and family. Saw it with my 5 year old granddaughter who loved it.