Wednesday, October 18, 09:02:15 AM

This movie doesn’t do anything for the book it was more focused on back in the day .. in philly we don’t say momma we say mom mommy or your mother not your momma... anyway The movie was ok but it didn’t reflect the book or how we lived in philly back then I think it should have feature a more back in the day philly than more present...

Sunday, September 24, 03:37:10 PM

Best movie I've seen in a very long time...Bravo

Monday, September 11, 08:24:49 PM

True To The Game is an epic classic. It depicts loyalty,love,crime,adventure and courage. Columbus Short discovers redemption and reinvents himself. Nelsan Ellis has a stellar performance. Some individuals do the wrong things; for the right reasons. Composers, Patrick Guitarboy and T. Younger penned a priceless a timeless piece entitled, Happily Never After. Happily Never After does truly exist. The author,producers and writers did an excellent job. This is a must see film. It is definitely one-of-a-kind. ttwritesink

Monday, September 11, 07:21:25 PM

True to the game on the big screen was just as captivating as the book .., the cast was great and the wardrobe was phenomenal . I want to see this movie again

Monday, September 11, 01:50:59 PM

Great movie! Glad to finally see one of my favorite books on the bigscreen!

Monday, September 11, 02:20:57 AM

This movie was Everything! Columbus Short is Amazing in this movie.5 stars all the way Bravo!!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Saturday, September 9, 07:49:13 PM

Ever scene kept me in suspense. You are aware that the business in the drug world is very deadly. And a lot of times death is brought on by association. But it is hard to get out ! Read the book but loved the movies it was true to form. Would like to see a sequel.

Friday, September 8, 07:59:11 PM