Thursday, August 22, 04:19:43 AM

Wonderful story! Beautiful cinematography! Great acting! A must see! Hoping for a sequel!

Saturday, August 3, 02:03:56 AM

It's twice as good as anyone else's dream in movie format! Fun for all ages with a heartfelt message!

Saturday, August 3, 01:55:11 AM

This movie is a new favorite of mine! The story is beautiful, the acting is on point, and the message this movie has is one I think everyone needs reminded of now and then. A lot of love went into this and it shows! I'm so happy about the success this movie has had so far and I hope everyone is able to have the chance to see it at least once, if not twice!

Sunday, June 16, 06:05:02 PM

Great family movie, loved the inspiring and feel good story. Left the theater feeling inspired!! Bring the kids too.

Thursday, May 30, 11:58:21 AM

Don’t recommend it at all

Thursday, May 30, 11:57:48 AM

Omg this was a hard watch and extremely cringe worthy film. Don’t watch it unless you wanna cringe for the entire thing. Acting is alright, cinematography passible... but the story.... cliche x10