Monday, May 16, 11:13:17 AM

Exciting, funny and plenty of adventure! Better second time around, stayed after some credits and another piece of the film with a clue, may be a sequel is in the future, maybee!

Tuesday, May 3, 03:33:38 AM

Loved it, it made me want to go dust off the old PlayStation and play the game.

Wednesday, April 13, 11:16:49 PM

We loved it. Lots of action!

Friday, April 8, 06:00:13 PM

We all enjoyed this movie very much. Great adventure movie and cast

Tuesday, April 5, 04:24:52 PM

A good mixture of charm, comedy, adventure, action, and cheeseball. A great reminder that movies can simply be just for fun and not need to have this underlying, deep meaning. I loved it.

Saturday, April 2, 09:06:19 PM

Tom holland is great is this movie, and no way home.

Thursday, March 31, 12:24:18 AM

There is little chemistry here between all the characters and some really implausible scenes. Still it is a pleasant diversion and I was never bored. I do like Mark Walberg. Reminds me of Matt Damon at times.

Tuesday, March 29, 11:34:06 PM

Very entertaining

Tuesday, March 29, 07:19:39 PM

At times just pain silly and some implausible scenes. Definitely not in the same class as Indiana Jones or Lora Croft. That said the cinematography is great. Was never really bored.

Tuesday, March 22, 09:30:41 PM

In a movie after the fashion of National treasure or Romancing the Stone you expect some over the top outlandish stunts and action, but this went way too far. Constantly defying gravity was just too much for me.

Tuesday, March 22, 12:24:23 PM

The best!

Sunday, March 20, 01:51:47 PM

Great family movie!!! One of the best movies I've seen!!! Can't say anything bad about it at all! No bad language, no sexual material, good clean fun movie!

Tuesday, March 15, 11:10:52 PM

Loved the actors. Love Wahlberg, and Holland was good too. Some of the action was corny but we liked it anyway. Enjoyed the comedy. Had our attention the whole time. It was nice to watch a move without the F bombs. We enjoyed it!

Monday, March 14, 10:34:26 AM

Boring; Predictable. Terrible acting!

Sunday, March 13, 09:26:00 PM

I like the cast. But I find the movie to be a little bit boring.

Sunday, March 13, 04:33:37 PM

Very entertaining

Saturday, March 12, 05:46:15 PM

There was no scary scary scenes in this movie like there is in marvel movies. Also Tom Holland killed it!!! I think definitively this movie is awesomeeee

Wednesday, March 9, 01:31:20 PM

It reminded me of Indiana Jones - lots of action and searching for treasure.

Wednesday, March 9, 10:04:11 AM

Just O.K. Finding a treasure with a map, seems to copy, film JUNGLE CRUISE.

Tuesday, March 8, 04:22:21 PM

I thought Tom Holland was an excellent choice for Drake

Tuesday, March 8, 07:55:49 AM

An action packed adventure that the kids and the adults will love. Cannot wait for a sequel.

Monday, March 7, 08:48:44 PM

A grand old-fashioned adventure with an ideal cast.

Sunday, March 6, 06:35:17 PM

First adventure in the Nathan Drake series doesn't disappoint -- it's a fun-filled thrill ride for all!!! Props to the entire creative team for their impressive work here!

Sunday, March 6, 11:54:51 AM

Clever and thrilling. Takes awhile to get going, but when it does...

Saturday, March 5, 03:41:07 AM

The most fun at the movies so far this year.

Friday, March 4, 01:31:29 PM

Seem like a nice movie without a whole lot of bad stuff in it, I like the actor's also!!

Thursday, March 3, 03:26:49 PM

I really enjoyed it

Wednesday, March 2, 07:40:34 AM

Great -- t he best action movie since The 355!

Wednesday, March 2, 07:37:40 AM

Even better than National Treasure -- and by a large sum, too.

Tuesday, March 1, 08:06:34 PM

Can't wait for part " 2 ".

Tuesday, March 1, 12:36:21 AM

This movie is overrated. Designed for Gen Z and younger millennials who do not know what really makes for a quality adventure flick and need non-stop action to keep their attention. The benchmark is " Raiders of the Lost Ark" and secondly "National Treasure". There is not the chemistry here between the actors and certainly a number of implausible scenarios which border on ridiculous. I do not want to give scenes away and ruin it for other movie goers. Go see it though. Everyone has an opinion.

Sunday, February 27, 03:21:45 PM

Glad I didn't pay attention to critics, I loved this and look forward to the next t one!!!

Saturday, February 26, 05:44:00 PM


Thursday, February 24, 10:22:43 AM

Quite possibly the best movie either Wahlberg or Holland have made to date. Entertainment with a capital E!

Thursday, February 24, 08:38:58 AM

very fantastic movie you may watch this movie just by visiting this website.

Thursday, February 24, 08:33:29 AM

a fantastic movie and was very entertaining.

Wednesday, February 23, 02:15:10 PM

Finally! a movie that isn't full of violence, sex, and political correctness. If you liked National Treasure and Indian Jones this movie is for you.

Tuesday, February 22, 02:56:37 AM

One of the best movies of the year.

Monday, February 21, 02:15:22 PM

Just like the games, movie is entertaining and funny! Loved it!

Monday, February 21, 12:15:59 PM

It is a great movie that is entertaining and funny and definitely worth the watch.