Saturday, April 4, 10:43:30 PM

Annoying, always yelling

Wednesday, February 26, 06:19:14 PM

One of the worst movie experiences of my life. Felt like walking out, but stayed with the hope that this film would have some redeeming quality. Never happened. Much gratuitous swear words and some disgusting scenes. Some scenes were inexplicable, which made the plot a little hard to follow.

Thursday, February 13, 11:36:09 PM

Throughout the entire movie is the nagging question of how does a jeweler with this thug clientele not have a weapon? He gets bullied, beaten, hung out a window, stuffed in a trunk, punched in public in front of witnesses, thrown into a fountain. He has no backup. It's just one continuous shouting match. The uncut opal becomes secondary to the interiors of the world of gems. We see there is no value but the sentiment we attach to jewels.

Thursday, February 13, 10:34:25 PM

Well done. Inside look at the frantic unsafe pace of betting and the pursuit of wealth. Opals are considered bad luck, they're fragile stones. This story takes us from the opal mines in africa mined by Ethiopian Jews to it journey into New Yorks maze of jewelers, auctions, buyers, betters.

Friday, February 7, 12:35:40 AM

I think I had an epileptic seizure. In case you don’t know, that isn’t fun

Friday, January 31, 11:13:10 AM

Simply enjoyed the entire movie - despite the bad language....Sanler was brilliant as was the storyline!

Monday, January 27, 03:40:02 PM

Painful. Frenetic and pointless.

Monday, January 27, 01:39:43 PM

This was the worst movie ever!! It should have been rated XXX

Friday, January 17, 04:15:51 PM

Horrible writing and acting, made worse by the frantic pace and screaming. Peaked with Happy Gilmore.

Thursday, January 16, 03:47:06 PM

Intense all the way to the end

Tuesday, January 14, 07:03:42 PM

Great movie. I don't know why people here don't like it. Gripped me from beginning to end. Loved it.

Tuesday, January 14, 05:45:12 PM

Terrible-walked out! Camera jumped around- hard go follow- consistent bad language. Hoped it would change- did not

Tuesday, January 14, 05:04:44 AM

I should have walked out of this terrible waste of my time and money. Every other words were swear 'words'.... was hoping it would get better. Based on the review of others, that's reason why we came upon this 'F' of a movie. Save your money!!!

Monday, January 13, 04:12:50 AM

Tried watching it... made it to when Kevin grant takes the gem, lost interest and stopped watching. I’ll try again just to see why everyone says it’s so good. But the first 20-30 min was sooo boring, wasn’t any bit interesting didn’t have any urge to watch this story. Hopefully I’ll make it through my second watch and will update review. As of now there’s no interest to try and rewatch this movie..

Monday, January 13, 03:26:43 AM

Sandler was overlooked for his work in Jack and Jill, but this may finally net him his Oscar.

Sunday, January 12, 09:59:08 PM

The movie was ok... definitely not a usual Sandler movie which usually leads the Razzies. Julia Fox has an amazing body and she was lowkey a standout star

Sunday, January 12, 01:19:57 PM

Awful!!! Take the F word out of this movie and it's run time would be cut in half. A total waste of my time and money.

Saturday, January 11, 08:21:25 PM

Absolutely, unrelentingly, fiercely, non-functionally, unbearable. You will leave early, or wish you had. Good movie making and the extent to which one can withstand such crassness may be two different was well-made, but why bother with this subject matter if one chooses kindness and sanity over the opposites?

Saturday, January 11, 07:34:32 PM

Horrible We almost left early

Friday, January 10, 05:42:27 PM

We actually sat through the entire film hoping it would get better. Adam Sandler's mumbling made it very difficult to understand. The movie jumped from scene to scene especially in the beginning making it hard to follow. It was just not a good movie. Definitely not for kids

Friday, January 10, 02:23:38 PM

I didn't like anything about this movie. The story was convoluted. The dialogue was one dementional. It was loud for no good purpose. We thought it had potential & the "critics" kept saying Sandler is great but it was horrible. A waste of time & money. It couldn't get over soon enough. I'll not be listening to the "critics" again. They say Richard Jewel is bad & Gems good. Boy are they full of it. Richard Jewel is great & Uncut Grms is terrible.

Friday, January 10, 01:57:10 PM

what trash

Thursday, January 9, 10:59:15 PM

Bad on every level: terrible acting, pointless plot and lots of gratuitous violence. A complete waste of my time and money.

Thursday, January 9, 10:48:17 PM

Bad on every level. Terrible acting, pointless plot and worst of all, gratuitous violence.

Thursday, January 9, 03:08:47 PM

This is a gripping, exciting film with a phenomenal performance by Adam Sandler.

Thursday, January 9, 11:34:33 AM

There’s got to be more to a movie than using the F word a billion times. We walked out.

Thursday, January 9, 10:46:30 AM

No clear story line. No worth spending your time to see a movie so poorly constructed. Adam can do much better than this.

Wednesday, January 8, 03:39:22 PM

This movie is excellent. If you are expecting Happy Gilmore, then you are a complete and utter moron.

Tuesday, January 7, 08:38:30 AM

This movie was fantastic! It shows another side of Adam Sandler that is impressive. If you didn't like the movie, you know little about diamonds, gambling and mob world. It really does exist!

Monday, January 6, 08:00:39 PM

I enjoy a movie experience that can move me. Uncut Gems did exactly that. My wife and I as well as the rest of the almost full theater sat alert, motionless until the end. For the rest of the day we spoke of this movie in hushed tones. Good movie. Good work done by the actors. Not for children, please

Monday, January 6, 03:04:49 PM

very depressing!

Monday, January 6, 11:15:05 AM

Worst of the worst. Only second movie have ever walked out on.

Monday, January 6, 10:26:04 AM

They should give refunds for this trash....Sandler is TERRIBLE....THE WORST !

Sunday, January 5, 09:34:30 PM

Another fantastic entry from the Safdie Brothers. A gritty throwback to the 1970s crime thrillers, this is a breathless energetic look at the crazy life of Howard Ratner, a diamond merchant with a gambling addiction - trying to balance his creditors, the next big deal, his mistress and everything else in his crazy life. Stellar performance by Sandler.

Sunday, January 5, 05:08:51 PM

Not good, Do not recommend paying to see this movie. It was fast, frantic, violent, hard to watch and not enjoyable. Very disappointed...So glad when the credits at the end began so I could get out of the theatre.

Sunday, January 5, 10:26:26 AM

Don’t waste your money!

Sunday, January 5, 08:49:09 AM


Saturday, January 4, 09:30:07 PM

Adam Sandler was at his best. Very exciting and thrilling. It keeps you on the edge of our seat the entire time. He plays an insane jeweler/ gambler that just doesn't know when to stop.

Saturday, January 4, 05:15:13 PM

There was nothing I liked about it, horrible!

Saturday, January 4, 03:01:03 PM

An unforgiving look at the life of a habitual gambler in the diamond district.