Saturday, January 18, 11:23:27 PM

Not a bad flick , it has some good action and some good jump scenes , but in my opinion it could've used a bit of back story , and some character development . It has a bunch of characters that you don't know who they are, or why , or where they are. You just get the drift they are underwater ( hence the title ) and some kind of shit hits the fan . Also the dialogue seemed a bit low and muffled to me , kind of hard to make out what they were saying at times . All in all not bad , not great IMO .

Friday, January 17, 11:00:39 AM

Better than I thought it would be, good filming, creepy, a few good thrills. Enjoyed it for what it was.

Thursday, January 16, 04:50:15 PM

Definitely a sci-fi thriller, and very imaginative. Refreshing to see something new and different, Hollywood is getting repetitive with there remakes. Quite predictable though. Time spent out of the cold anyway.

Wednesday, January 15, 09:39:50 PM

Loved this movie. Absolutely a thrill ride from start to finish. Boggles my mind how some can dislike it so much. People, what were you expecting this movie was about? It is a horror scifi. Not a romance. Had good acting, amazing visuals, fantastic design and was original. I am an Alien nerd. It's my #1 movie of all time. This movie is not a rip off of Alien just because there are similarities. People flock to all the remakes, sequels, reboots and prequals that Disney puts out, yet can't even try to enjoy a really well made, original scifi horror. Too bad, cause it deserves better than the hate it is getting. This movie deserves to be seen on big screen. Trust me.

Tuesday, January 14, 11:26:32 AM

This movie has nothing on The Concorde: Airport '79 but it's still a fun ride.

Sunday, January 12, 07:47:20 PM

I give this movie 0 stars worst movie I’ve seen in a long long time. Should have left after 15 mins and got my money back

Sunday, January 12, 10:00:22 AM

The storyline is nothing new, but the acting was very good, and it had humor mixed in with good action. It was well worth watching as long as you are not requiring everything be believable.

Saturday, January 11, 08:38:34 PM

Cross between Alien and 20 thousand leagues...monsters looked pretty good but overall nothing new ...yawn

Saturday, January 11, 08:15:53 PM

Lousy story line, poor cinematography, cheap horror flick

Saturday, January 11, 07:41:49 PM

It is far-fetched even as Sci-Fi movies go. Yet all the actors, especially Kirsten Stewart, did a very good job and must say I haven't jumped so many times in my seat for years!! It's action packed from the minute it begins. Don't think it will bore you and the thrills work for just the right length of time. Not sorry at all seeing despite giving it 2 stars.

Saturday, January 11, 01:54:42 PM

Awefully made movie no when near as good as the first Jaws

Saturday, January 11, 05:52:58 AM

Brings back fond memories of movies like Deep Star Six and The Concorde: Airport '79.

Thursday, January 9, 05:19:08 AM

It's like JAWS underwater.

Monday, January 6, 09:05:18 PM

The screen play was excellent and, because it is based on a true story, I found it timely and a movie everyone should see. The acting was believable and the casting near perfect.

Sunday, January 5, 10:43:51 AM

Same old storyline . Hollywood is really dropping the ball. If its not a sequel or a remake then there is very little to choose from. Thankfully the UK and Australia are producing good films

Friday, January 3, 03:41:58 PM

Stewart hasn't been this good since CHARLIE'S ANGELS.