Friday, July 21, 10:19:45 AM

The other ones were better but this one was a must see. Insane and kinda epic .

Thursday, June 15, 01:42:42 AM

This movie was a pleasant surprise. Good story line and decent acting. It wasn't difficult to follow and the action was not too outrageous like so many action flicks are today. Worth the time to watch.

Sunday, February 5, 03:39:04 PM

Stick a fork in it this movie is getting tiresome like the resident evil. The main character is the only one pulling the weight there is no logic to the story. The original 1-3 were the best.

Monday, January 23, 02:46:38 PM

Wasn't as good as the old ones .. and if you haven't seen the old ones you will have no idea what's going on ..

Sunday, January 22, 02:01:36 PM

Very cool movie; Kate Beckinsale is an amazing female action hero! This is a great series.

Sunday, January 22, 03:57:27 AM

Great action thriller movie series, enjoyed the the others.

Saturday, January 21, 04:15:47 AM

Very good a lot of action and awesome story one of the best underworlds sense the original

Friday, January 13, 05:43:15 AM

I need to be my own critic... I loved this movie!!! Despite the reviews that I read about it. I was very pleasantly surprised, And I enjoyed the entire movie very much, Even though the reviews I read about it left me kind of expecting a no fun movie, but I had a blast. I hope they make an underworld 6 now.

Wednesday, January 11, 05:17:44 PM

loved it and i brought my niece with me to see it for the first time she never seen any of the other underworlds and she is now going to watch them all she loved it just as much as i did :) i encourage anyone to go see this movie and in 3D it's the best way to do it.

Wednesday, January 11, 04:57:30 PM

My boyfriend loved this and he doesn't even like horror movies. Go see what all the fuss is about!

Wednesday, January 11, 04:56:02 PM


Wednesday, January 11, 04:19:44 AM

A new high for the award-winning series!

Tuesday, January 10, 08:36:20 PM

The first movie and Rise of the Lycans are the best. However, this does not deserve one star. It is far better than the others. The gun violence ruined it. It would have been better to have only combat, mano a mano. Fun to watch nevertheless.

Monday, January 9, 05:32:49 AM

Kate is one bad ass chick ,I love her that movie was so sick ,I would love to see it again

Sunday, January 8, 10:40:58 PM

Good storyline. cool movie

Sunday, January 8, 09:35:02 PM


Sunday, January 8, 06:00:50 PM

Four stars for Kate looking good in her outfit, cancelled out by -2 stars for the movie, equals two stars overall. Seriously though, I'm sorry but I just found the CGI effects lame - the werewolves were just not scary or menacing in the least. Plot fit-in ok with the series, but overall I'm done with this series. Kate, you're awesome but it's time you did some 'good' movies now.

Sunday, January 8, 12:47:33 PM


Saturday, January 7, 05:49:03 PM

5 Stars! Nothing wrong with this movie! Yes its the fifth movie, however, it was one of the best out of all them. Great ideas and awesome storyline! Well done!

Friday, January 6, 11:44:36 PM

The one you've been waiting for.

Friday, January 6, 05:01:36 AM

The one movie this year you must not miss!