Tuesday, August 28, 05:35:38 AM

A.I. at its best! Excellent movie. If you liked Ex_Machina... you'll love this movie!

Monday, July 2, 08:15:39 PM

AI ...stem cell gore..what more can u ask for

Sunday, June 17, 12:58:29 PM

I enjoyed the movie and thought it had a lot of good acting the ending was different but at the same time it opens the door for sequels

Thursday, June 14, 09:46:01 PM

Really didn't like this movie, mediocre acting except female cop, too much graphic gore, maybe for teens at best but hope not.

Friday, June 8, 05:36:15 PM

Awesome would totally watch again

Sunday, June 3, 12:09:42 PM


Saturday, June 2, 02:53:49 PM

Stupid movie