Wednesday, March 11, 05:05:06 PM

I liked the first one better but this one was great too.

Saturday, March 7, 09:07:46 PM

Heart wrenching and very concerning re corruption in pharma, science, medicine and especially government. People,parents and patients have a right to transparent, full information and choice. I am a scientist and the scientific paradigm is so abused these days with many lies hidden behind a banner of 'no evidence' when if not a lie, then hiding that there is no money to find evidence or it is selectively omitted. Trust is ebbing from the scientific community. I challenge those who claim this not backed by scientific evidence to find the irrefutable scientific evidence for vaccinations - we have been sold a pup.

Saturday, February 8, 12:03:10 PM

evidence based

Tuesday, January 28, 08:08:10 PM

Guess you people want measles. Ever think that the movie makers have an agenda to make money off of this fear mongering?

Friday, November 8, 01:15:10 AM

This told a compelling story about a great medical intervention that went amok when liability was removed and the CDC got captured (revolving door executives, investments in Pharma, etc) As a parent of vaccine harmed child the stories resonates. Rather than silencing us we need you to listen and help us fix the vaccine program. Censorship backfired. And it is far more dangerous than the truth.

Thursday, November 7, 04:33:38 PM

I feel those who are calling this documentary, "quackery" or "anti-science", either a. Have not watched it. Or b. Have an agenda. This documentary speaks for the truth.

Thursday, November 7, 03:57:13 PM

Anti-science, anti-vaccine propaganda.

Thursday, November 7, 02:15:36 PM

Good information pertaining to possible injuries and death from immunization. Honest real people and medical professionals rather than paid pharmaceutical representatives.

Monday, November 4, 08:36:25 AM

Pharma has jumped the shark and this movie proves how unsafe vaccines are for a large portion of our kids. The Fraud behind vaccines makes Cigarette Science look like childs play. Everyone should WATCH, VERIFY, and SHARE the TRUTH - Why won't Pharma Debate RFK Jr? Because they know this proves they lose.

Saturday, November 2, 02:17:14 AM

Should be called "WHACKED II".