Thursday, January 17, 11:26:30 PM


Wednesday, January 16, 08:22:35 PM

Had not heard anything about this movie before I saw it. Clearly liberal and shows the disrespect we have come to tolerate. Stayed until the end to get my wasted moneys worth. Shame on Hollywood.

Tuesday, January 15, 04:44:38 PM

I'd be giving it 1/2 a star if i could. " VICE" OWES ME $40.

Tuesday, January 15, 04:35:59 PM

More fake news.I paid far too much $ to be disrespected and bored. Send Bale back to UK.

Tuesday, January 15, 04:31:15 PM

Same old liberal hate propaganda. Hollywood'nt be doin its job if it wasnt bashing half the public.

Tuesday, January 15, 03:43:21 PM

Do Trump next.

Tuesday, January 15, 11:45:23 AM

Christian Bale was AMAZING

Tuesday, January 15, 08:25:01 AM

Christian Bale transition was great as usual. Story was all over the road and did not keep me interested. Sam Rockwell overplayed Bush. Could have flushed out characters much better. Didn't really show the real Chaney as known from history and media..

Monday, January 14, 08:26:01 PM

What a disappointment and a waste of time and talent. I was hoping for a great documentary but instead was presented with Hollywood Propaganda.

Sunday, January 13, 10:31:46 PM

It was very entertaining.

Sunday, January 13, 10:21:56 PM

Although a liberal based movie, thought it would at least be somewhat fictionally entertaining. Totally nonentertaining.

Sunday, January 13, 02:48:34 PM

Great political satire! With W we can actually smile while we shake our head at W’s simplistic ignorance, while cringing at Cheney’s monstrosity. In our present dystopia, there are no simplistic ignorant partners, just evil inhumane idiots.

Saturday, January 12, 05:52:00 PM

It was so obviously partisan that it distracted from the movie. It intermixed truth and conjecture. People took it as THE truth. Given the quality of the actors, this was beyond disappointing. Really wish I hadn't wasted my time to see it.

Saturday, January 12, 12:02:15 PM

Beautifully shot and acted the director used humor and make s us learn to think for ourselves- with brilliant turns and twists - it reminds us the long lasting damages and destruction caused by this Vice President .

Friday, January 11, 11:20:08 PM

Snoozville.......need I say more?

Friday, January 11, 07:58:31 AM

Spot-on. When they titled “axis of evil” they were referring to; Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove.

Thursday, January 10, 10:29:50 PM

The circumvention of archival preservation regulations are astounding and insidious...

Wednesday, January 9, 09:44:23 PM

Not as good as The Big Short. The fast cuts and jumping between years and people doesn’t work as well here. Christian Bale is flawless but it is hard to keep a film moving when the lead character has little energy and who’s only redeeming trait is loving and standing by his gay daughter. Definitely not a comedy. Sam Rockwell is best George Bush ever. Although a bit flawed as a movie, it is still interesting and worth seeing.

Wednesday, January 9, 09:22:43 AM

True, what we always knew! Alarming to see how we got where we are.

Tuesday, January 8, 05:15:16 PM

A candid review of one of the most evil men in American political history. The complexities of evil wrapped in the guise of making America great and strong by expanding the doctrine of executive privilege. Now we are in the Trump era and there will be many new lessons for us all! "Freedom Dies in the Dark" !!

Tuesday, January 8, 10:39:12 AM

Totally overrated. Yes the performances were quite good but the script was weak and all in all, quite dull.

Tuesday, January 8, 08:53:11 AM

Excellent performances by Bale Adams Carell and Rockwell destroyed by a mediocre script. What could have been a significant movie given the talent was reduced to a disjointed piece of drivel. Unfortunate!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 05:59:05 AM

Great acting, shocking and believable story. Half the one-star raters probably didn't even go see it, just don't want people to see the truth. Same people that support this ship of fools administration. Movie did extremely well with Golden Globes, probably will with Oscars too. Go see it.

Monday, January 7, 02:19:53 PM

Amazing performance of Christian Bale and accurate portrayal of historic events. Captivating!

Sunday, January 6, 11:22:53 PM

An excellent explanation of the bizarro world of the Bush Administration, for which we all continue to pay and pay and pay.

Sunday, January 6, 03:16:32 PM

Truly trash. Never walked out on a movie till this one. What a joke this is. Don’t waste your time or money.

Saturday, January 5, 08:59:06 PM

Don't bother...this is Hollywood's version of Pure Propaganda! Buy Movie: "Death of a Nation" by Dinesh D'Souza for some real truth on the corruption in politics and it runs through both parties! The Clintons and Bushes are long time friends, it's a masquerade performance every 4 years. The corporations are taking over and criminally rich run the show now!

Saturday, January 5, 04:20:46 PM

Amazing and astonishing movie about Cheney. He is truly a monster and it makes me sick this man shoved us over the cliff for America. You have to see it. There is nothing about conservative or liberal. Cheney is neither. He is a greedy and horrible person...period. Several Oscar performances!!

Saturday, January 5, 01:27:37 PM

disliked it all.......

Saturday, January 5, 01:36:01 AM

Trash just trash

Friday, January 4, 07:28:29 PM

Even though I was familiar with the evil machinations of the Bush Jr. cabal, it did not prepare me for the tsunami of corruption that flooded from the movie screen. I also knew that the film was made with a liberal bias, and I was prepared for that, as well. It demonstrates to the public what happens when elected officials eschew the mandate given them by their supporters and embark on policies largely fueled by greed, power lust, vanity and vengeance. The only redeeming feature for me was the acting.

Friday, January 4, 06:57:42 PM

disclosed just how corrupt Republican politicians actually are

Friday, January 4, 05:40:27 PM

Awful, Awful, Awful.Shame on the writer and director,and actors for that matter.The movie is complete garbage from the opening scene to the end.

Friday, January 4, 12:13:45 PM

Fascinating story of how greedy and power hungry people think and operate in America. The producers researched historical events well and put them on screen to see Mr. Cheney's life story. Once again, factual and fascinating.

Friday, January 4, 12:10:05 PM

Factual. Superb acting.

Friday, January 4, 10:38:49 AM

Worst movie ever... We walked out with about half of the attendants doing the same. Don't waste your money. We work hard for our extra cash to spend and this was a total waste of time and money.

Wednesday, January 2, 07:29:02 PM

Worse than anything I have ever seen.

Wednesday, January 2, 02:01:09 PM

Worst movie ever. If that was truth, they need to do more research. Was it a Comedy or Joke!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 06:23:02 PM

Some comments refer this movie as Liberal ,regardless i do believe the movie is based on facts and truth . I'm glad i watched it, the acting was good and it makes you question more and that is a good thing

Tuesday, January 1, 06:15:00 PM

Brilliant acting. It's political satire, NOT comedy. Go prepared to listen to hushed dialogue. Go rested. It would be funny if it weren't terrifying.