Tuesday, February 23, 04:08:44 AM

Virus is a lame, connect-the-dots sci-fi thriller. You've seen this a million times before and since. Speaking of viruses, does the person who posted the inane comment immediately below suffer from a brain virus? It's a review for a different movie, I Am Legend; AND this person prefers that film to the Richard Matheson novel ??!!??!??? That is insane!!!! The I Am Legend film is, like the vast majority of Will Smith films, utterly terrible. Richard Matheson's novel is GREAT. Goddamn, people are stupid!

Tuesday, March 6, 03:50:31 AM

the movie i am legend with will smith is much beettr beettr than the book by richard matheson by the same title. all alternate endings for the movie were beettr than the one the book offers, in my opinion. this is the only movie i have ever seen that i immediately preferred over the book. most books are beettr.

Wednesday, April 9, 12:15:11 PM

great movie!

Wednesday, April 9, 12:14:35 PM

best movie ever made

Saturday, July 27, 06:31:34 PM

TERRIBLE movie using this movie as a base line, I have come to the conclusion that this site is rigged and is not to be used to place any judgements at all, 4.2 stars? hahahahahahaha 33 votes 30 of them by people trying to sell the movie

Tuesday, March 19, 10:52:29 PM

bad movie