Wednesday, October 12, 10:40:55 PM

Amazing movie totally unexpected!

Friday, October 7, 10:46:56 PM

Not a Gamer but I do like Sci fi and this was pretty awesome! I loved the story line (don't know why people were confused by it - it was easy to understand). I also enjoyed the ski fi and fights and the meld of human and animated characters. I wouldn't say this was avatar, but I got my fill. This is one movie I would have loved to have watched it in the movie theatre actually. I never usually want to so this is an about face for me. I look forward to seeing more.

Sunday, July 10, 11:02:44 AM

Very good film...I never have played that video game, but I felt thoroughly entertained & engrossed for the entire 2 hours!! Well worth the money!!.. I enjoyed the special effects, the serious intrigue & betrayal story-line at the palace, the acting, and the entire unique, original presentation of a new, magical world for me!!!.. It certainly does not deserve the criticism it has received.(They are crazy people!) It's almost as if these "critics" had watched another movie altogether (?)-- not the Warcraft that I saw, & frankly, wanted to see more of!! :) It is kind of funny how critics try so hard to tear it down.. It's a good movie. Hope you can see it! :)

Wednesday, June 22, 02:21:43 AM

Liked the CGI and special effects, plot and storyline a bit confusing, don't play the game

Wednesday, June 22, 01:57:10 AM

Loved the CGI. A bit confused with the plot. I guess I need to play the video game.

Tuesday, June 21, 02:54:18 PM

Seriously, I love sci-fi but this is just plain horrendous. Dialogue and script written by a naive six year old, it moves along with the same emotion as watching a garbage truck drive by. The CGI however was very well done, and does justice to the game. But be warned, the game itself has a more detailed sotryline than anything you'll see here. Even if you are a fan, of Warcraft, this will bore the living bejebus out of you.

Monday, June 20, 05:17:26 PM

Movie was good, not great but definitely better than I expected even my non video game playing wife enjoyed it. People should see this and give it a chance

Sunday, June 19, 08:14:25 PM

Wow, SUPER violent. I was not expecting that amount of violence from a PG-13 movie. I think that the only reason that this wasn't rated R was because there was no sex and no swearing. Souls being wrenched from their bodies, a hand blown to bits and then you see said hand. I loved this movie! But some parts were slightly disturbing.

Sunday, June 19, 01:38:56 PM

for what i was expecting from reviews, the movie surpassed my expectations. go see it its worth a trip to the theatre.

Saturday, June 18, 09:33:15 PM

It's not surprising to me a movie like this would be ranked so high as it involves absolutely no thought provoking stimulus for the mind. The latest research says the average human has the attention span of a gold fish...10 sec. Need I say more???

Friday, June 17, 01:50:21 PM

Great translation kickoff from video-game to movie franchise. Did a good job sticking to lore and establishing a base for the better story lines in the future. Usually these types of movies are horrible but this has got to be one of the best I've seen. It was a bit long, but still felt rushed from a character development perspective. They still did an excellent job of connecting the audience with the characters, especially the Orks which I did not foresee myself doing. Don't listen to the professional critics/reviews see it for yourself and decide.

Tuesday, June 14, 04:36:19 PM

Acting, cinematography and writing were below average. Cosmetics was one of the few saving graces. Fights were just... bad.

Monday, June 13, 11:14:00 PM

While it had major issues with pacing and character development, it was a blast to watch. The CGI is gorgeous.

Monday, June 13, 02:53:11 PM

Everyone I talked to said that this movie sucks, but then everyone on here says that it's amazing... I still don't know if I should see it...

Sunday, June 12, 07:16:16 PM

I like the movie ??????

Sunday, June 12, 09:30:22 AM

Solid summer movie

Sunday, June 12, 07:13:07 AM

Will have to do until the next Hobbit film comes out.

Sunday, June 12, 04:18:31 AM

A solid fantasy movie. Not that knowledgeable about the early Warcraft games so came into this curious to see how events would unfold. Had a good time. Enjoyed the action, story, and thought they did a good job setting the stage for future film adaptations. Critical reviews were too extreme here. Good movie.

Saturday, June 11, 09:36:56 AM


Friday, June 10, 10:52:21 PM

Amazing movie. Went with my wife reading bad reviews in the end we both loved the movie!!

Friday, June 10, 02:13:27 PM

Amazing for fans of the lore, but newcomers might gets confused if they go in expecting something like Lord of the Rings.

Friday, June 10, 10:23:59 AM

Much of the film looks computer-generated.

Friday, June 10, 09:37:01 AM

Disappointed!!! Too many things were changed. I saw Ragnar's smile on Lothar's face. :(

Thursday, June 9, 11:43:22 PM

The massive story line that is Warcraft was so well put together in this film. I'm hoping for many more sequels!!! I loved it!! :)

Saturday, June 4, 10:05:33 PM


Friday, May 20, 11:32:00 AM

game lover could have fun from watching this