Tuesday, March 14, 03:43:21 PM

i love waynes world so much that i have now made garth and watne my somewhat brothers

Thursday, September 8, 07:49:44 PM

One of the Funniest movies ever along with Happy Gilmore Party On

Saturday, May 14, 10:12:20 AM

This movie was the best!!! " No stairway, DENIED!!!!!!"

Friday, February 18, 08:03:35 AM

Party Time! Excellent!

Friday, August 20, 11:51:00 PM

cause mike myers is so hot

Thursday, August 19, 02:00:00 AM


Thursday, August 5, 08:37:45 PM


Sunday, May 30, 12:16:48 PM

Garth is my hero!!!

Monday, January 19, 11:16:57 PM

i love it! i watch it almost every day, Dana is the best!!!!!

Saturday, November 29, 11:58:21 PM

the best movie ever!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 01:38:04 PM

Mike Myers` genius comedy style comes out in full schwing in this well-written, hilarious comedy!

Saturday, October 26, 10:35:59 AM

I love it as much as I love the two Bill and Ted movies! Melvin!

Monday, October 14, 12:33:10 PM

Zang! (excellent)

Monday, September 9, 08:45:24 PM

Exellent. Two Thumbs Up!

Friday, August 30, 02:27:37 PM

This movie was cool!! And considering this was one of Mike`s first movies he did pretty good! I think they should have made a third one. This movie was funny and great for a movie from the early 90`s!!! Good Job!!! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~*~MARIE~*~

Monday, August 12, 02:28:50 PM

The greatest movie of all time schwing!!!!!! It was exelent!

Thursday, July 25, 07:15:11 PM

the best movie ever