Monday, August 8, 03:38:55 PM

Saw this on 7/15 Surprise ending. Had me weepy. Interesting title, makes sense but not what you'd expect

Saturday, August 6, 09:46:11 PM

Excellent movie! The little girl who HAD to learn to be strong! I was so moved as I watched and it stirred so many emotions! Great ending too! Afterwards, just had to buy the book. Getting ready to read it. And might even go see the movie again!

Saturday, August 6, 04:37:28 PM

Great movie. It is worth seeing it twice. I like it better than Top Gun

Saturday, August 6, 09:18:35 AM

It was great getting out and seeing a movie its been so long. And even better when it is a great mystery movie.

Saturday, August 6, 07:41:43 AM

I haven't read the book - it's in my very high pile of to-reads. This was fantastic - the plot, the twists, the characters. I absolutely loved the ending.

Friday, August 5, 07:03:59 PM

My husband and I saw this movie and loved it!! Had some mystery and twist and turns. Excellent acting! Will buy this when it comes out on dvd.

Thursday, August 4, 04:00:38 PM

Maybe would have been better to see the movie first and then read the book.

Thursday, August 4, 03:52:40 PM

This movie is monotone all the way through and I found it very boring. What you see in the trailer is how it is in the movie, no ups and all downs.

Thursday, August 4, 09:39:36 AM

Never cried so much watching a movie. And totally lost it when Taylor Swift sang Carolina over the credits. Going back to watch it during an entire day's showings.

Tuesday, August 2, 07:27:55 AM

Loved the movie. It stayed with book.

Monday, August 1, 10:48:06 PM

Gripping, tears at your heart! Beautiful, convincing young actress. Might I recommend not rating a movie until you actually see it? :)

Sunday, July 31, 10:56:06 PM

Loved the movie. Loved the book! Great casting. Could have given the last years a little more screen time. I liked it so much, am going again

Sunday, July 31, 12:44:42 PM

Loved the book......Loved the movie! Excellent casting and location of where it was filmed! Seeing it again today for the second time!

Saturday, July 30, 05:37:44 PM

Exceptional acting , cinematography and story line. Thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

Friday, July 29, 02:12:24 PM

What makes or breaks us in reality.

Friday, July 29, 01:51:20 PM

This movie takes you into the swamplands and dumps you into an authentic lifestyle situation through the eyes of a beautiful young heart you won't find anywhere.

Wednesday, July 27, 03:24:43 PM

Followed the book

Wednesday, July 27, 09:27:16 AM

I so loved the book and was just as impressed with how the movie portrayed this story. I am still thinking about and praising the movie, the day after and I know it will be one of my "best"! Congratulations to everyone who worded to put this together -actors, producers, script, cinematography, music, etc al!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 08:35:06 PM

Areal story with a twist. Romance and mystery. A great combination.

Tuesday, July 26, 04:19:41 PM

The main character did an outstanding job! Total movie enjoyable. As life is, we all go through the good and bad. Always a few surprises and disappointments. How do we cope/handle/overcome the negative!

Tuesday, July 26, 10:53:34 AM

It was emotional. Interesting a little bit if a mystery. I highly recommend seeing it. Worth it

Tuesday, July 26, 10:08:15 AM

Great movie

Monday, July 25, 10:09:41 PM

Acting was great. Cast did a great job. It didn't end how I thought it would. But I absolutely loved this movie. May go see it again. Best movie I have seen in a very long time.

Monday, July 25, 09:57:58 PM

Very good movie. I didn't pay attention to the bad reviews and went to see it. I am so glad I did!

Monday, July 25, 07:37:46 PM

Having read the book a while back, I was looking forward to the movie and wondering how one would portray the complex yet subtle emotions surrounding events, family, and friends. I wanted to love the movie, but 3 stars is all I can muster. I was disappointed. I know an entire book cannot be captured in a limited film, and maybe I had an unreasonable expectation. But the most I can say is that the film was inspired by an event from the book, but IMO it's a far stretch to say it's a representation of the beautiful and engaging story written by Delia Owens.

Monday, July 25, 06:07:32 PM

Story was spellbinding settings excellent The acting was also top rate loved it

Monday, July 25, 01:55:37 AM

5 scars

Monday, July 25, 12:35:07 AM

The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is that I felt it left out some key scenes from the book that would have made the plot a lot clearer. It was beautifully done.

Sunday, July 24, 03:19:02 PM

Just simply a very solid and entertaining movie! Do not understand the poor reviews a lot of critics gave it because I couldn't fault this movie!

Sunday, July 24, 09:56:25 AM

I’ve already seen it twice… so so good! Casting and acting are excellent.

Sunday, July 24, 07:57:52 AM

I was still thinking about how good this movie was the next day, the day after, and 5 days later still thinking about it enough to leave a well deserved 5 star review! It was a stunning and heartfelt movie that brought out every emotion you have inside. It had mystery and suspense, it has love, hate, and murder. And the setting and videography was absolutely stunning. You'll love it! Worth every penny!

Sunday, July 24, 01:48:58 AM

I had my doubts as I had not heard anyone review this movie (very little hype) and figured a Reece Witherspoon production with a song by Taylor Swift may be a bit too Hollywood for me. I couldn’t be more wrong. The story is beautiful – very moving and well written. A love story, crime drama that will break your heart but feed your redemptive soul. The cinematography is stunning and will likely be nominated for academy award. The plot was deep, always changing and ended with a bang so big it left me beautifully shaken - laughing and crying. Most mainstream movies underwhelm me. This one was amazing.

Saturday, July 23, 02:47:56 PM

Movie is well done, scenery is exceptional. Great mystery never knew who did it until the end and still not sure.

Friday, July 22, 05:01:27 PM

Best film out in a long time. A real story.

Friday, July 22, 02:01:00 PM

This movie was one of the best drama mysteries I've seen. It doesn't need off the charts special effects to be effective. Leaves you thinking about it after you've seen it through to the end and makes you want to go back and see it again for points of interest and subtle clues.

Friday, July 22, 11:22:37 AM

Story developed with terrific characters interwoven with events in the lives of bayou folk. Very Southern take on life with beautifully timed disclosures and turns. And an astonishing and surprising end which was both shocking and satisfying. Music and cinematography outstanding. This is a real story so the Me-Generation would not understand as there are no alien monsters causing car crashes. Highly recommended.

Friday, July 22, 02:09:01 AM

I did not know anything about the book or what the movie was about so I came to watch without any preconceived ideas. I have seen thousands and thousands of movies in my life and I find that most people here very freely dismantle a pic with a star or over rate it's quality with a liberal 5 stars. Few follow into that category. Very few. So not to give anything away, this is a good movie. Not great, but good...solid script. Never bored at anytime. Makes a nice statement about white privilege in the South where black people and white trash should fit in and has some wonderful cinematography. Do not want to say too much more except it leaves you thinking about the end. Go see and decide for yourself. If your Gen Z this is not for you. Too much story for you and no explosions every five minutes. Done!

Thursday, July 21, 06:56:30 PM

I read the book and think it followed it pretty well too. It sure beat the dark movies coming. There is a lot of history about how life was at that time.

Thursday, July 21, 04:41:08 PM

I read the book, movie followed it well. Moving story which has a real plot without Hollywood BS car crashes and bullets flying. A refreshing slice of real life.

Thursday, July 21, 08:43:06 AM

The movie was so well done. The flow of events was captivating. Great movie. Will see it again. Even after reading the book.