Sunday, September 30, 06:53:50 PM

A depressing real-life story. None of the description was in the movie. It shows that the police talked to him a few times but it doesn't show them providing him with fake ID to go to Vegas, or 'dating' the mayor's niece (it showed a one-time hook up). It wasn't until I came on here to rate it that I saw those things in the description and the film made a bit more sense. They just focused waaay more on this kids back story and not enough on what, how or WHY the FBI used him. I don't recommend this movie unless you want to be thoroughly depressed. NOTHING good happens in this movie, which I understand can happen in life, but I came out confused as the story was so misjointed.

Friday, September 28, 02:19:40 PM

Looking forward to Weekend at Bernie's 3.

Friday, September 28, 01:35:09 PM

Excellent acting but very depressing. Would not recommend.

Friday, September 28, 10:28:02 AM

NO STARS For this movie it was boring and I wish I left the theatre to get a refund

Wednesday, September 26, 07:53:10 PM

True to life things don't go as planned. Would recommend seeing WBR to friends /anyone.

Tuesday, September 25, 07:10:19 PM

Realistic! Entertaining! Dark! Excellent acting!

Tuesday, September 25, 04:59:32 PM

Sad but true story of lives gone wrong by clueless poor life decisions. Best acting you will see all year. Expect to see newcomer Bel Powley and veteran McConeghey on award lists this season.

Sunday, September 23, 07:32:42 AM

being based on true story made it depressing and dark for me. But it is how life is for many, very realistic acting roles and sad as I felt it was, it is how many live and will continue to love. Sad. Our law enforcement officials are pathetic in this story, no empathy, no souls. good acting.

Friday, September 21, 09:29:09 PM

Good movie. But sad.

Thursday, September 20, 07:39:01 PM

Debbie light in this movie at all...... may be true but not all truth is worth spending millions to bring to the screen...

Wednesday, September 19, 07:23:32 AM

The acting was great and the story was really good I love true story movies. The young man that played Rick was really good. The storyline was good kept my attention there were no dead spots at all it was great from start to finish a must see.

Sunday, September 16, 07:46:10 PM

This movie is worth going to see in the theater. Interesting story.

Saturday, September 15, 04:56:05 PM

This is one very interesting movie. For sure worth seeing.

Saturday, September 15, 12:32:52 PM

It was a decent movie. I think I got lost a little bit when he decided to work with the police. In the movie, there was very little pressure on him to turn and start telling on his guys. He became the man because of the police. It was straight.

Friday, September 14, 09:30:36 PM

great movie ! One of the best I've seen this year . The new comer Ritchie Merrit did an awesome job considering it was his first acting gig . Check it out you wont be disappointed .

Tuesday, September 11, 10:14:22 PM

Quite good.

Tuesday, September 11, 04:07:07 PM


Tuesday, September 11, 12:57:31 PM

The reality of it all, even to this day. As hard as the life was, the love was still there in this family. I loved this movie. I would love to see it again.

Tuesday, September 11, 12:15:07 PM

Great true story of a 15yr old hustler, drug dealer and FBI informant in the 1980s Detroit. A must see to believe it.

Tuesday, September 11, 11:33:26 AM

Dark story but so well done, supberb acting. I had to look up Richard when I got home..

Tuesday, September 11, 10:34:02 AM

White Boy Rick, the story of a dysfunctional family trying to hold it together. The lure of a life desired, that in the end destroys. A must see!

Tuesday, September 11, 09:24:51 AM

Great movie!

Tuesday, September 11, 09:20:06 AM

Great movie with an in depth story that has to be seen to be believed. Another solid performance by McConaughey, as well as Bel Powley in support.