Tuesday, April 18, 12:21:20 PM

wow haven't laughed like this in a long time!

Saturday, April 15, 11:19:45 PM

Really funny, lots of laughs, very good movie

Saturday, April 1, 10:38:11 AM

It was hilarious. I am not a fan of James Franco normally and it was great.

Saturday, March 18, 12:37:04 PM

Best movie I've seen in a long time in the theaters. Is very very funny. I will be buying this movie.

Friday, March 3, 03:49:38 PM

I laughed out loud from the beginning to the end.

Sunday, February 26, 07:33:56 PM

Funniest movie I've seen in a long time.

Sunday, February 19, 01:48:10 AM

A couple of laughs. Pretty typical - writers didn't want to spend the time writing good jokes, so instead just had a guy say the "f" word a lot. Would really love to see a good comedy - with funny jokes and circumstances, that can stand on its own without the tiring language. This is definitely not that

Monday, February 13, 10:56:41 PM

Best comedy I've seen in a long time.

Tuesday, January 31, 04:05:01 PM

Perfect casting, perfect plot. Lmao'd

Monday, January 23, 12:06:59 PM

unexpectedly hilarious! loved it! laughed through whole movie!!! disappointing that its almost out of theater! Going to go see it again!

Sunday, January 22, 02:05:56 PM

Very funny, pretty rude, I think I learned a few new things?? lol. All around feel good comedy, I really enjoyed the lighthearted goofiness. James Franco is very versatile as an actor but seems most at home playing an oddball.

Wednesday, January 18, 03:25:55 AM

The actor should not working on this movie. He has talent. The movie was out of line. Nonsenses scenes. Lazy jokes and vulgar language.

Tuesday, January 17, 06:18:53 PM

It was very funny. Language was a little rough but I would see it again.

Tuesday, January 17, 01:46:46 PM

James Franco is actually a brilliant man. He has a Ph D! He should pursue an academic career - and stay away from garbage films like this one!!

Sunday, January 15, 11:34:18 PM

One star. What a piece of junk of movie.

Sunday, January 15, 03:56:29 PM

When this movie is going to away? Horrible movie.

Sunday, January 15, 03:53:25 PM

Movie for people who can't or don't want to think. Vulgar language and very stupid. I went to watch the movie because the rates. My money back please.

Sunday, January 15, 03:08:01 PM

It had the potential to be funny but due to it highlighting the horrible language I just got bored with it. I would guess it may be better for a more immature audience.

Sunday, January 15, 12:51:43 PM

Too much vulgar language on this movie and this movies puts Western culture on bad light, to some extend this movie is a reality in the Western World.

Thursday, January 12, 09:47:00 PM

Boring. Repeating jokes from other movies. Cheap movie.

Thursday, January 12, 05:03:17 PM

Super funny movie, we loved this movie very much. Thank you for the opportunity.

Thursday, January 12, 03:46:42 PM

If you like potty mouth comedy then this movie is for you! It had some good moments however the it was a bit too long. The Xmas theme was a good try could not compare the home alone or bad Santa..

Thursday, January 12, 02:55:56 PM

funny, funny and funny.

Thursday, January 12, 08:59:24 AM

A ok movie if you want to kill a couple of hours. Some humorous moments

Thursday, January 12, 12:29:11 AM

I walked into the theater not knowing what to expect, but i sure am glad i did. The mix of crude humor and a classic story was an excellent combination and made for some great laughs. the story line was basic but worked well to progress the humorous aspect of the film. Both James Franco and Bryan Cranston played believable characters and did a good job of keeping it that way. Is it worth a re-watch? I do believe so that in the future i will be sitting down with some friends and chuckling my way through it again.

Wednesday, January 11, 07:29:49 PM

Vulgar. Bad language. No brains.

Wednesday, January 11, 04:53:43 PM

I really enjoyed it. Crazy but funny. Laughed at the zany things.

Tuesday, January 10, 11:01:16 PM

Funniest movie I have seen in a long time! James Franco was hilarious.

Tuesday, January 10, 10:35:29 AM

A laugh out loud movie, a well spend 2 hours of entertainment.

Sunday, January 8, 02:48:09 PM

Boooring and Stupid

Sunday, January 8, 01:15:02 PM

A bit cliche but overall a really funny, feel good movie.

Sunday, January 8, 11:06:02 AM

Why Him? Was quite an enjoyable movie. The movie is a bit over the top, but much more tame than other Franco movies like sausage party.

Saturday, January 7, 09:43:31 PM

Above average little adult comedy but not as original as it strove to be.

Saturday, January 7, 06:47:53 PM

This movie was very funny and we laughed a lot. The language was a bit much at the start f the movie when the family was meeting. But, I would watch it again as I am sure that we missed some of the humor on house decor/planning events/staff encounters and general flow of the movie.

Saturday, January 7, 05:04:14 PM

I found that once I got past the F### word the movie was quite funny and unique in some of its portrayals. One could relate at various levels and did not have to be any particular age. I laughed much more than I had expected at humour that was actually funny and not just a reaction to some crude suggestion.

Saturday, January 7, 01:43:54 PM

My daughter and i laughed the entire movie,we very much enjoyed it.

Saturday, January 7, 11:23:10 AM

great film

Saturday, January 7, 10:25:23 AM

It was a really funny movie really loved it

Saturday, January 7, 10:20:00 AM

Funny, crazy and well paced. This film makes good use of the actors' styles and I found it quite entertaining.

Saturday, January 7, 09:07:19 AM

This movie was a big laugh and surprisingly excellent with wonderful actors and actresses. I enjoyed this movie starting off 2017.