Sunday, March 26, 12:23:08 AM

This is a revolutionary epic story that has little to do with any "religious colony" and its Conversation resides in every country, city, town and village in the world. Its gorgeous cinematography, intelligent script and its great cast with its hyperkinetic 'debates' of conflicting views make the Top Gun type of movie seem boring and moronic in comparison. Sara Polley's Oscar winning script shows that women's stories must be heard more--loudly and clearly--if our human species is to survive at all. MS

Wednesday, March 15, 03:43:13 PM

Simple and powerful. A moving experience. A cast of accomplished, thoughtful actresses.

Friday, February 24, 01:47:46 PM

Fantastic.6 No, to the disgruntled guys who perhaps were disappointed. They are not talking about sex. They are discussing their challenges about living within a community where sexual violence is prevalent. That is really more common for women but unfortunately is of no interest to men. Not a “sexy topic just a lot more common than good healthy sex unfortunately.

Tuesday, February 21, 02:27:19 AM

Relevant for everyone , anytime,anywhere living with or having a history of living with violent people, persons. Sensitive, and very realistic. No violent behaviour enacted, but we are not spared the outcomes. Not a “for your entertainment” movie . This is exactly what a thinking, truly enlightened woman of this century would make.

Sunday, February 12, 10:50:16 PM

Beautifully done Important work- would love this to be seen in high schools and on college campuses I ant to see it another couple times

Saturday, February 11, 05:08:09 AM

If I wanted to hear women talking I would've stayed at home. This is the latest dour outing from the pretentious and humorless Sarah Polley, who should really lighten up. Maybe she should go and pay a visit to The Hammer again...or would that be a pain in the ass?

Friday, February 10, 07:09:24 PM

Beautifully filmed and directed by Sarah Polley. The acting ensemble is strong and give their all. This is a many layered story and the best I have seen in a long time. Thank you Sarah and cast. You are all superb! If you are looking for mindless action with some car chase scenes and zombies for good measure ... look elsewhere.

Tuesday, February 7, 01:35:51 PM

Not much action, but very fine acting. If you need non-stop action and a fast-paced movie, don't see this one. But for acting and a good story that requires a little thought and patience, this was an entertaining movie.

Saturday, February 4, 04:01:40 PM

Great dialogue. Great acting. This movie has the fortitude to talk about issues that I am sure are common place for women in certain parts of the world. Not an easy movie to watch, but makes you consider what the fair gender has to endure. The dialogue was thought-provoking, reminiscent of a movie from 20 years ago, called Glengarry, Glen Ross.

Saturday, February 4, 02:08:35 AM

Powerful, stirring, enraging, enlightening, deep. What is forgiveness, what is it not? What is love? Love conquers all - pains, fears, evils. Wise women, strong bonds of sisterhood.