Wednesday, September 20, 09:36:18 PM

You should burn your terrible tribute reviews

Wednesday, September 20, 09:35:50 PM

Just saw this on shaw and demand and it was great! Who is the actress she is beautiful

Tuesday, September 19, 10:59:10 PM

Best movie of 2017 really. You should burn every copy you just bought because that would be more entertaining to watch then this crap. Main actress is smokin yeah I think not. You should get your eyes checked. Main actress annoying yeah you got that right. Worst movie of 2017 hands down

Tuesday, September 19, 04:16:46 PM

just bought 3 copies of the DVD of the BEST movie of 2017

Tuesday, September 19, 12:48:41 PM

It's kinda good. I don't like the looks of this actress and found her annoying.

Monday, September 18, 11:31:53 PM

I took my kid to this movie and we both liked it

Monday, September 18, 11:31:26 PM

Does this guy work for hitman's bodyguard? Newsflash tips this is for Wonder Woman! People giving this movie a good review know what they are talking about. I also agree this main actress is smokin!!!

Monday, September 18, 08:51:51 PM

I would say that the posts on her are real and accurate to how much this movie SUCKS. Hitman's bodyguard was definitely better then this disaster of a movie. Powering to women give me a break. This is not powering other then this movie should go in a trash can and never be watched again. Injustice league will definitely suck because wonder waste will be in it. Nice job with putting all those characters in a movie but no background story. What bull s*** is this. Won't waste my money on that movie either. All you people will say about it is gal is sexy. That is not a review. Completely inaccurate. Waste your reviews somewhere else. Here is not the place unless you are going to put up an accurate review

Monday, September 18, 07:07:30 PM

Are half of these posts even real or the same person? This movie was empowering to Woman and had a great plot

Monday, September 18, 03:25:01 PM

Hitman's bodyguard didn't have sexy gal are you kidding me. Shut the f*** up about that. Gal isn't that sexy looking so stop putting that kind of review up here morons. This is hialious that this movie was at an 87% and now it is at 76%. Good for you people speaking up about this trash of a movie. Completely garbage. I would rather watch this movie burn then watch this S*** again.

Monday, September 18, 02:43:19 AM

watta waste=ww

Monday, September 18, 02:39:58 AM

Silly action movie

Monday, September 18, 02:32:59 AM

nothing but a cap america 1st avenger+thor 1 rip off

Monday, September 18, 02:32:27 AM

cap. america wannabe,skinny,gullible,feminist moron=W.woman

Monday, September 18, 02:30:26 AM

my eyes were bleeding while watching this SJW crap

Monday, September 18, 02:28:01 AM

villains were awful

Saturday, September 16, 09:07:04 PM

77 percent disagree. Hitmans bodyguard really? That movie didn't have sexy gal

Saturday, September 16, 08:27:24 AM

What a boring movie and gal being gorgeous has nothing to do with the movie. Can't wait till DVD comes out really your going to pay more money for this trash of a movie. Watching this movie burn would be more entertaining because that is all this movie is worth nothing. I would not pay another cent for this movie. Total disaster. Can't wait to own hitman's bodyguard because that movie was 10x better then this crap.

Saturday, September 16, 12:33:13 AM

Girls run this town tonight gal is gorgeous!!

Thursday, September 14, 11:34:18 PM

Feminist r word really? Living in 1930s? Girl power !!!

Thursday, September 14, 11:26:20 PM

really good film worth while seeing and do that yourself looking it on the big screen

Thursday, September 14, 02:15:50 PM

Worse than BvS

Thursday, September 14, 02:13:47 PM

A movie for pathetic feminist retards.So generic and boring

Wednesday, September 13, 07:45:11 PM

Gal is foxy

Wednesday, September 13, 07:44:16 PM

Wonder broad was grade A fiiiine. That broad can kick ass and take names. This chicky is top of the line

Wednesday, September 13, 09:16:17 AM

I loved this movie and can't wait for DVD to see it over and over. I appreciated the wry humour and the cast of characters. A great start to a new franchise, starring a bad ass woman character that doesn't hesitate to get things done. Can't wait for the next movie either!

Wednesday, September 13, 12:26:26 AM

Greatest superhero movie of all time, and Wonder Woman was sexxxxxxxxy

Tuesday, September 12, 05:18:03 PM

Very good movie and Gal Gadot was great.

Monday, September 11, 10:14:04 PM

Injustice 2 is going to suck because wonder garbage is in it

Monday, September 11, 06:44:02 AM

I saw Wonder garbage and it was a terrible movie. Definitely worst movie of the year. Hands down. Batman was amazing but this wasn't even close to how good the batman movie were. Totally disappointed

Sunday, September 10, 06:52:28 PM

user bad reviews got it wrong as that their opinion, as the saying goes their no counting for taste.... don't listen to those bad reviews apparently they don't like wonder women or dc comics so they trash in any way shape for form, probably didn't see the film like a person I know didn't see Christopher Nolan batman films only saw clips and trash it because of those clips and as well doesn't like the batman charter, so those who trash wonder women as it so easily to criticize the film when they don't know what it takes to make one and so easily to criticize somebody acting when they don't do it them self's, try then we will see how u do and will be ready to trash your work

Saturday, September 9, 11:59:54 PM

This is by far the worst movie of the year. Hands down.

Saturday, September 9, 11:11:41 AM

I will sum up this movie with what is bad and what is good. The good: Great action scenes The bad and ugly: Plot really bad and stale. I found it really boring because I could have fell asleep. Gal Gadot was a terrible actor. If she could have got into her role as wonder women and make me believe she is wonder women then I probably would have enjoyed this movie but she fell short. Way short so they should have hired a better actor. This is how you rate a movie people Saying gal Gadot is hit is not a review but a comment. Say something else about this movie that would make me want to see this movie

Saturday, September 9, 10:19:59 AM

This movie was awesome. Gal makes a great wonder woman!

Friday, September 8, 10:37:17 PM

I'm scared for society after the review below. Gal is hot

Friday, September 8, 10:27:12 AM

This movie was terrible. Hitman's bodyguard was so much better then this movie overall. Gal being hot isn't what matters. Rate the movie better people. Saying gal is hot and that is all that matters yeah I don't Think so. Thumbs way down for that comment. You people are too scared to say your comment and trash this movie. Speak up and say your real opinions

Friday, September 8, 07:16:00 AM

Hopefully she'll dress like Wonder Woman in the next one.

Thursday, September 7, 09:45:45 PM

This is Wonder Woman, why are people rating hitmans zero star bodyguard? Gal is hot and that's what matters

Thursday, September 7, 09:14:38 PM

It wasn't that great. I have seen better movies

Thursday, September 7, 05:20:10 PM

This film was so great! I really enjoyed it