Monday, January 15, 09:16:01 AM

very good

Tuesday, January 9, 12:39:28 AM

Wonderful movie. Gal kicks butt. Super! Her blood is like Henrietta Lacks' all month.

Monday, October 23, 08:38:25 PM

A really entertaining action adventure!

Saturday, October 21, 01:44:56 PM

This movie did suck and it stil sucks to this day. Movie of the year and deserves an Oscar lol. This movie will not get an Oscar for worst movie of the year. The only dc movie that was decent is the Batman series other then that the rest of the movies are Garbage

Tuesday, October 10, 09:52:52 PM


Monday, October 2, 09:51:14 AM

gal gadot is ameteur

Monday, October 2, 09:50:52 AM

overused slow mo

Monday, October 2, 09:39:01 AM

so boring

Monday, October 2, 09:38:43 AM

diana prince real,idealistic.Yeah as real as typical mythological greek warrior

Saturday, September 30, 04:30:26 PM

The dialogue was as entertaining as the action. Diana Prince was real, incenta and idealistic, all in the best sense of these words.

Friday, September 29, 04:43:35 PM

Some girls are embarassing themselves even more by showing how dependent they are,to this movie

Friday, September 29, 04:41:58 PM

A crap,highly overrated by insecure girls who desperatly need to accomplish something significant in their lives.

Friday, September 29, 04:40:04 PM

Worst superhero movie of year so far

Friday, September 29, 04:39:29 PM

One of the worst movies ever.Along with green lantern and suicide squad.

Thursday, September 28, 05:44:07 PM

One of my favorite super hero movies

Thursday, September 28, 04:58:41 PM

This movie did suck. I totally agree with everyone on here that gave this a crappy review. Totally deserves the negative reviews. Who ever said this has a plot from start to finish I think not. It had no plot. This reminds me of suicide squad another total disaster that shouldn’t have been made. DC s*** the bed on another movie. Don’t waste your time and money

Thursday, September 28, 01:07:49 PM

total cap 1st avenger rip off

Thursday, September 28, 07:35:56 AM

mediocre villains,filled with sily jokes

Tuesday, September 26, 01:45:39 AM

tedious movie

Tuesday, September 26, 01:44:14 AM

filled with cringy,stupid jokes/one liners

Tuesday, September 26, 12:51:19 AM

silly feminist movie

Monday, September 25, 10:57:43 PM

Finally a D.C. Movie that has a plot from start to finish.

Monday, September 25, 08:25:39 AM

such a mess

Monday, September 25, 07:57:31 AM

Without the liberal morons in US,this movie would barely make 600 mil

Monday, September 25, 07:56:45 AM

3rd act was terrible so are the villains.No wonder this crap is part of DCCU

Monday, September 25, 07:54:24 AM

the actress is an ameteur.It seems very obvious

Monday, September 25, 07:53:46 AM

formulaic,silly movie

Monday, September 25, 07:53:26 AM

Such a stupid,generic movie full of feminist bullshit.Worst I ve ever seen since S.Squad

Sunday, September 24, 10:31:22 AM

Best comic book movie since Catwoman. 5/5

Tuesday, September 19, 10:59:10 PM

Best movie of 2017 really. You should burn every copy you just bought because that would be more entertaining to watch then this crap. Main actress is smokin yeah I think not. You should get your eyes checked. Main actress annoying yeah you got that right. Worst movie of 2017 hands down

Tuesday, September 19, 04:16:46 PM

just bought 3 copies of the DVD of the BEST movie of 2017

Tuesday, September 19, 12:48:41 PM

It's kinda good. I don't like the looks of this actress and found her annoying.

Monday, September 18, 08:51:51 PM

I would say that the posts on her are real and accurate to how much this movie SUCKS. Hitman's bodyguard was definitely better then this disaster of a movie. Powering to women give me a break. This is not powering other then this movie should go in a trash can and never be watched again. Injustice league will definitely suck because wonder waste will be in it. Nice job with putting all those characters in a movie but no background story. What bull s*** is this. Won't waste my money on that movie either. All you people will say about it is gal is sexy. That is not a review. Completely inaccurate. Waste your reviews somewhere else. Here is not the place unless you are going to put up an accurate review

Monday, September 18, 03:25:01 PM

Hitman's bodyguard didn't have sexy gal are you kidding me. Shut the f*** up about that. Gal isn't that sexy looking so stop putting that kind of review up here morons. This is hialious that this movie was at an 87% and now it is at 76%. Good for you people speaking up about this trash of a movie. Completely garbage. I would rather watch this movie burn then watch this S*** again.

Monday, September 18, 02:43:19 AM

watta waste=ww

Monday, September 18, 02:39:58 AM

Silly action movie

Monday, September 18, 02:32:59 AM

nothing but a cap america 1st avenger+thor 1 rip off

Monday, September 18, 02:32:27 AM

cap. america wannabe,skinny,gullible,feminist moron=W.woman

Monday, September 18, 02:30:26 AM

my eyes were bleeding while watching this SJW crap

Monday, September 18, 02:28:01 AM

villains were awful