Sunday, July 23, 09:49:03 AM

Movie was awesome!!! Actually had a great story! Really someone said it was garbage?? Omg as if! It was the opposite! I am planning to take my daughter to see it as it's great to see a woman saving the world! It was fantastic!!! Still can't believe someone called it garbage! 🙄

Sunday, July 23, 09:33:14 AM

A good movie with good action. Funny and romantic. I love the battle part when she was fighting the Nazis. The Islan part was well elaborated. Her origins was a nice introduction. When the movie comes out I will buying the movie. 💕

Sunday, July 23, 07:23:21 AM

Her being hot isn't what matters obviously you go see some pathetic movies. You probably haven't seen any decent movies do you don't know the difference. The person that said this was a garbage movie two thumbs up to you because this was a terrible movie. I will not watch this again or the second or anything after that if it has wonder women's name on it. If they hire a new actor then maybe but if gal gadot is in it I will not watch it because her acting is stale as can be. She ruined it for me. Complete GARBAGE. You heard me people GARBAGE MOVIE

Saturday, July 22, 11:25:08 PM

Stunning visuals, great acting, awesome story. Far better than I expected it to be.

Saturday, July 22, 09:02:36 PM

The opening scene was amazing. I like the cinematography.

Saturday, July 22, 02:47:05 PM


Saturday, July 22, 11:33:49 AM

Very well put together love the movie watched it twice.

Saturday, July 22, 09:19:00 AM

Garbage? Really?

Friday, July 21, 03:47:33 AM

Wow. Some one one is having anger issues saying this movie was garbage. The movie was good. The introduction was fantastic. Acting was amazing.

Thursday, July 20, 11:30:53 PM

People calling this movie garbage are the real garbage

Thursday, July 20, 11:30:02 PM

She's hot thsts all that matters

Thursday, July 20, 10:29:57 PM

Garbage movie

Thursday, July 20, 06:40:20 PM

Good movie. :)

Thursday, July 20, 02:53:59 PM

Who ever said she is hot you need to get a better life because that isn't what matters. The story and acting matters which gal Gadot does really poorly at. This movie deserves a 0 star if that was available but it is not so it gets one. Don't waste your money on this movie because it belongs in the trash can

Tuesday, July 18, 09:08:45 PM

Best of the DC movies so far but not worth the hype it's gotten. Gal Gadot and Chris Pine are great. Action is solid but story is weak and inconsistent with a lame 'gotcha' surprise ending.

Tuesday, July 18, 04:42:56 PM

Action filled and good story

Tuesday, July 18, 12:28:45 AM

This movie would be better in mute

Monday, July 17, 05:06:39 PM

Great to see a female character as a superhero. She showed strength, beauty, vulnerability, but most of all humility. This is a very enjoyable movie.

Monday, July 17, 12:42:28 AM

Gadot is sexy

Sunday, July 16, 10:07:12 PM

GREAT movie! I don't normally go to see movies, but I've seen it 3x & would go again. Can't wait for it to come out on dvd. Before going, I really didn't have very high expectations as I was concerned that it was going to be some sort of feminist, p/c stuff. BUT, I was VERY pleasantly surprised at how well it was done. While the action scenes are great, the story is very well done. I laughed, cried, & wanted to stand up & cheer! Her character development was excellent. THIS is how I always knew that Wonder Woman should be. And I was a HUGE fan of the Lynda Carter tv series. The movie's message is AWESOME!!

Sunday, July 16, 08:59:17 PM

This was a huge disappointment. Poorly written and executed. Great story... After all the recent great Avengers movies I thought this would be up there. Very amateurish!

Saturday, July 15, 01:59:18 PM

Gal Gadot is sensational. She brings the Wonder Woman character to life in a believable way. Tough to do when the character is a comic book super hero. Excellent special effects, also.

Friday, July 14, 01:24:32 PM

The movie was great. Cant wait for future Wonder Woman movies with same star I hope. Superman movies could be just as awesum as well as Batman if there was more aggressive action in his movies. In Spiderman movies the actor is a young boy just too young to play an agressove super hero movie. People want to see aggressive suoer hero action not kissing and love scene stuff. Wonder Woman has topped them all. Let's see a Superman movie made like hers!

Tuesday, July 11, 11:14:24 PM

She's hot that's all that matters

Tuesday, July 11, 09:23:46 PM

She is hot

Tuesday, July 11, 08:42:28 PM

Movie was funny and sad at the same time. The best movie of the year.

Tuesday, July 11, 07:55:28 PM

Science Fiction movie. No real history events. Lol No mention of her in the books. We loved the movie.

Tuesday, July 11, 07:49:37 PM

Movie full of action. Nothing bad from this movie.

Tuesday, July 11, 06:08:33 PM

Very superficial once off the island

Tuesday, July 11, 06:05:19 PM

Fantastic movie. :)

Tuesday, July 11, 05:17:48 PM

I have seen it and posted before...There will be a sequel...Hopefully as good

Tuesday, July 11, 01:07:52 PM

It was fantastic. I have to laugh at the critics who say it was far-fetched and unbelievable. It's a fantasy so what do you expect? Someone said there is no mention of her in the history books - are you kidding? Do you think Superman, Spiderman or Batman are historical? Some say not enough action but it's important to give time for the story to develop. It was the right mix of everything. And please check your spelling. She's the heroine not heroin - big difference!

Monday, July 10, 07:18:54 PM

We had fun watching this movie. Waiting for the sequel.

Monday, July 10, 02:28:48 PM

The other boys in the schoolyard would always tease me for playing Wonder Woman, but they all want a date now! :)

Monday, July 10, 01:04:32 AM

Good Movie. :)

Sunday, July 9, 03:57:08 PM

VERY GOOD movie, great actress and actor, good story line, no cursing no sex, no graffit killing[ no blood an guts] ! LIKE some marvel movies[ language] saw it twice , WONDER WOMEN EXPRESSES many times WHAT THIS WORLD NEEDS MORE [ LOVE ] go take the children to see it.

Sunday, July 9, 09:48:29 AM

GREAT movie!

Sunday, July 9, 01:39:01 AM

Good action movie. Romantic with funny scenes. We did not get bore watching this movie. We repeated the movie twice.

Saturday, July 8, 05:20:27 PM

We love the movie. She is a good actress. :)

Saturday, July 8, 04:29:19 PM

Loved this movie, would watch again.