Friday, September 1, 05:05:20 PM

opinion's are like u know what everybody got one, don't like wonder women give it up and move on nobody going to listen just because u are the very few that don't like it, u would have a case if movie film critics gave it a bad rating but they didn't as it speaks volume, not a garbage crappy film by any means

Friday, September 1, 03:29:27 PM

People who give this a bad review are justified. This movie deserves the bad reviews it is getting because when a movie sucks as much as this one it is good to let people know. The good reviews this movie is getting because the main actor looks good. That is not an accurate review. That is a waste of time putting something like that up on the internet. Put up a review about the whole movies. Saying the main actor is sexy whatever is not a review. You are all hiding that this movie sucks and want people to waste there money on it. Hopefully me speaking up will stop some of you from seeing this catastrophe of a movie and see something else

Friday, September 1, 11:02:21 AM

excellent great film, does it have some flaws of course like any movie does when it tight on time and money, so easy to criticize a movie when u don't know what it takes to try to make a good movie, but as the saying goes u cant please everybody, and the negative user reviews are all they are is just negative, CRITIC REVIEWS on the internet as not one gave it a bad review and 82.29% on here like it, so who ever didn't like wonder women that your opinion don't force that to convince people that it bad film , just waiting to see your movie and then we will see what happen when people criticize your work

Thursday, August 31, 10:22:38 PM

I just saw this movie and what an outrage this movie is. Such a let down. I see why people give this negative reviews. Who ever says this deserves an oscars how about no. This movie is far away from an oscar. Hopefully it doesn't get one. Hitman's bodyguard deserves an oscar over this movie. Her being sexy isn't all that matters people. Take everything in and think before you rate a movie. Who ever said Wonder garbage hilarious comment. I cried laughing at that one. Let's see who else can come up with a creative comment like that

Thursday, August 31, 09:04:29 AM

No the main girl isn't that sexy and she doesn't make the movie. A good plot and acting makes a good movie and it sucks at both. The person who walked out good for you. I give you thumbs up for that. I wish I did that too. You didn't miss much and wish I could have got a refund for this weak movie. Boring

Wednesday, August 30, 11:39:31 PM

Very good one hell of an action movie action packed and a great story

Wednesday, August 30, 09:30:49 PM

Lol that is funny you wanted to walk out well I did with in the first half hour because I couldn't stand wonder women. Looking at the bad reviews it is a good thing I did. Best thing I did in my life. Got a full refund. I don't know what you liked about this movie people besides how wonder women looks. You guys could have done the same thing walk out like I did and stand up to this movie on how boring and pathetic this movie really is.

Wednesday, August 30, 09:26:49 PM

Whoever said this movie was wicked I think not. The movie was sooooooo disappointing that I wanted to walk out after the first half hour but I kept telling myself it will get better but noooooo it never did get better. I thought wonder women acting would get better and the plot line about as stale as can be. I wish I walked out because I would not have missed anything. The boss fight at the end just junk. I was hoping for something better. I wish I could have got my money back but I am out that money and have to live with it. :(

Wednesday, August 30, 06:43:47 AM

This movie was wicked yeah I think not. Saying this chick is hot y'all are not good in my books complete trash comment. Iss why this movie got such good reviews because that is all you care about is the good looking girl in this movie. She isn't that good looking. I have seen better. Enough said. Stop wasting your time with rating this movie on wonder women and make your comments based on the plot and actors

Tuesday, August 29, 09:10:05 PM

Wow you were raised to say it how it is well you should have said it better. You should have called this movie complete garbage. Call it wonder garbage because you don't have to wonder anymore if you already saw it.

Tuesday, August 29, 09:08:23 PM

Wonder Garbage that is hilarious. I would have to say spot on with that comment. I wish I thought of that. I cried laughing at some of these comments because they are so ridiculously awesome and spot on but the positive comments really is that all you care about wonder women being hot. You should see the whole picture and judge it based on that in stead of judging a movie based on the main character. I was raised to say it how it is. This was not a good movie. Definitely not a good movie. Plot was not very good. No back story and the main actor cannot act. I wish someone else played wonder women and that they had a better back story

Tuesday, August 29, 08:55:49 PM

This is not a watchable movie at all. This movie was not enjoyable for me. I exspected more and got less. The actor was horrible and the plot as stale as can be. Will not watch again or anymore if they make more. Very disappointed with DC. Make better movies or Marvel will destroy you. Oh wait they already are. Lol. I guess Marvel is still on top and will be for a very long time

Tuesday, August 29, 11:18:57 AM

Wonder Woman is a rare breed a watchable DC movie.

Tuesday, August 29, 10:52:16 AM


Tuesday, August 29, 10:51:49 AM

It is ok to be trendy ok if it is a good movie sure but this movie is not. I hate wasting my time andmoney on movies that suck which this one was really terrible. I don't know why you people say this is a good movie beyond the main character looking good which there is better women out there that look better then gal Gadot and definitely act better. Her acting was terrible. Will not buy this movie or recommend EVER. Complete waste of time. Part of my life that I won't get back from watching this trash :(

Monday, August 28, 03:11:11 PM

If gal Gadot is the most stunning women on planet earth then why don't you Merry her. I am sure all you pathetic people think about when you write these reviews. You should say what is on your mind that this movie is total trash and you should not waste your time and money. What a boring film. I nit pick movies that are total trash and this fits the bill. If you want a fantastic movie go see guardians of the galaxy or hitmans bodyguard. Those are worth seeing but Wonder garbage is not worth watching

Monday, August 28, 02:14:37 AM

I did not like the costume, which looked nothing like Wonder Woman.

Sunday, August 27, 11:16:52 PM

The main girl wonder women was a big part of the movie. A must see I think not. Where is the closest trash bin because it is that bad. You could fall asleep during this movie and know what is happening. That is how bad the plot is. Spend your money else where not here

Sunday, August 27, 10:43:29 PM

Loved it! Filled with action and drama, defenetly a must see!

Sunday, August 27, 12:29:42 AM

This actress cannot even compare in beauty with the original Wonder Woman. Good movie though.

Saturday, August 26, 11:34:50 AM

Wow saying gal Gadot is gorgeous give me a break. The film matters and she is only a small part of it that doesn't matter. Poor acting and a very bad plot line. Yawn. I wish I never listened to these pathetic reviews because I wasted money to go see this movie

Friday, August 25, 09:23:16 PM

Amazing movie! Very empowering!!

Friday, August 25, 10:35:40 AM

To the people who liked it...i agree it was a great movie. To the one guy who posted over and over his dislike..please change your writing style. You typed the same key words over and over. If you can't add anymore to the discussion than stick to one comment. We see the same rhetoric over on this site for various movies. Makes me wonder if you have actually seen any of them.

Friday, August 25, 02:10:30 AM

Gal Gadot IS the most stunningly beautiful woman on the Planet Earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cry every time I see pictures of her. She is the most perfect Wonder Woman

Thursday, August 24, 05:45:43 PM

Great movie! Great Wonder Woman! I cannot wait for Justice League!!

Thursday, August 24, 05:24:47 PM

negative reviews calling it a crappy movie and saying the people giving it positive reviews, don't know how it rate movies ????? please..... talk about the coffee calling the kettle black, I would like to try see these people make a better film, would never happen as it doesn't matter how hard a movie studio try to make a film good u will always have nit picking yo yo's trashing it, so maybe u should stop watching films if all u do it nit pick films to the point it stupid.....don't listen to those low rating people not a crappy movie by any means

Sunday, August 20, 10:13:36 PM

I do like hot women but not wonder women. There is better good looking women then her like the women from atomic blonde. She is hot and her as wonder women would have been great

Sunday, August 20, 06:58:12 PM

All your positive reviews are garbage. Gal Gadot is soooooooo hot really. Plot and her acting is complete trash. You guys should learn how to rate a movie. This movie should be down to 5 percent liked and 95 percent not liking it but no you guys rate it on how the actor looks. Give me a brake. 87% like it I think big and her being hot ups it : points how about no. -10 for her acting so we are down to 74% and I would give another -30 for the plot. Boring. Now we are at 44%. Go see another movie not this one. Don't listen to the positive reviews. They are completely wrong. Pure garbage. Went to see this movie because of the positive reviews. Disappointing. 50 thumbs down

Sunday, August 20, 05:52:49 PM

It was great. I enjoyed the story and the action.

Sunday, August 20, 12:08:42 AM


Friday, August 18, 08:20:19 PM


Friday, August 18, 02:09:50 PM

The bad reviews are accurate and the good reviews you should not listen to at all. Complete pathetic comments. Wonder women gets 20 as if. I think you missed the negative sign in there which should look something like this -20. There I did it for you. Gal being gorgeous should not affect your reviews. Look around at everything in the movie like the plot and her acting. Complete garbage. Don't listen to these people giving this movie a good rating they must have been paid to give this a good review.

Thursday, August 17, 10:44:05 PM


Thursday, August 17, 01:40:53 PM

85% really. It is at 84%. I went once because the reviews were good but it turns out you people are horrible at rating movies because Gal Gadot looks good. Give me a break. A movie isn't about how someone looks. The plot and acting matters. Both suck. Movie deserves half star. The people who read this don't waste your time with good reviews because they are garbage. They don't know how to rate a crappy movie

Wednesday, August 16, 02:45:03 PM

One of the worst movies Ever. You must see some garbage movies in order to think this movie is awesome. Complete GARBAGE. HOPE THEY DONT MAKE ANOTHER ONE EVER AGAIN. WILL NOT SUPPORT THESE WONDER GARBAGE MOVIES. DONT NEED TO WONDER ANYMORE

Tuesday, August 15, 03:16:38 PM

One of the best movies I've seen

Tuesday, August 15, 02:26:57 PM

I don't think that person under your comment is jealous. They speak the truth of this movie on how much it is horrible. Movie of the year I think not. Complete trash. Would NEVER EVER RECOMMEND.

Monday, August 14, 12:39:25 PM

No I haven't seen how good the main character looked because nobody cares how good she looks. That is all you people care about us how she looks. That is what all of you rate the movie on is how she looks. I know better next time to listen to all of you for a movie that is getting good reviews. This movie should have got about a 10 percent with 90 percent of you not liking this movie. You guys are pathetic

Saturday, August 12, 09:00:42 AM

My expectations for this movie were high, and not really met. I expected more action, more of Wonder Woman in her costume. Instead, the movie focused on the period and what was acceptable dress code of the period. That's not what we go to see Wonder Woman for, guys! And Wonder Woman with an accent took getting used to. Oh Lynda Carter, where are you? Lol!

Thursday, August 10, 05:21:10 PM

So good!