Monday, January 18, 03:17:49 AM

An insult to The Beatles and their fans. This is appalling.

Friday, January 10, 03:08:57 PM

The goodwill people feel while watching this movie is generated by the great music by the Beatles and the feelings of nostalgia they generate. Look closer and think harder about what is going on here. This has to be the first ever narrative that says that plagiarism is a GOOD thing! In fact, this movie says the world would be a MUCH better place if the actual artists stepped aside and let scumbag rip-off artists take all the credit. The ultimate underlying message of the movie is mortifying and reprehensible.

Wednesday, September 18, 06:21:32 AM

Better than I expected. Surprisingly funny and no bad language that I recall. A nice love story as well without the sex scenes . Also the covers of the many Beatles songs were good enough. Decided to see it after seeing the trailer and very glad I did.

Monday, September 2, 12:19:14 AM

Absolutely loved this movie. An interesting concept for a movie that was great entertainment. Didn't want to leave the Theatre!!

Tuesday, August 27, 11:01:42 PM

GREAT premise, GREAT music, funny, and very sweet ending

Thursday, August 15, 12:07:26 PM

A definite feel good movie!!

Sunday, August 11, 09:18:47 PM

An excellent and very enjoyable movie, easy to watch, nothing to dislike. Easily, 5 Stars. Go see it.

Saturday, August 10, 08:25:13 AM

Saw it with my children and ex. (ages ranging from 15 to late 50's) we all enjoyed it. For me, it was a wonderful time. A day of memories to cherish. YESTERDAY was a Nice, a very Nice time. Highly Reccommend to everyone. & the Music is Great ! Yes!

Friday, August 9, 02:01:10 PM

A wonderful movie - especially if you're a Beatles fan!!!

Friday, August 9, 01:58:55 PM

A wonderful movie - especially if you're a Beatles fan!!!

Wednesday, August 7, 03:09:43 PM

Went from becoming involved with to pissed at main character for being dumb, to loving the characters then eventually thinking this was one of the best movies I ever saw. The music was timeless obviously and in the movie splendid. The female friend was played wonderfully a fine performance. I recommend this movie and keep your shirt on.

Saturday, August 3, 06:37:21 PM

Entertaining characters and of course great music! As Beatles fans we really enjoyed it and found the actors well cast for their roles. It's a good summer movie, clever and touching. Just go with its concept and have some escapist heartwarming fun!

Saturday, August 3, 12:20:43 PM

While I enjoy a good escapism movie and the Beatles, there were too many plot holes for me as well as scenes from the trailers that didn't make it in the movie. It's like the director just gave up on some scenes and simply cut to the next one. So, I'd say this is a wait until a rental or such.

Thursday, August 1, 02:59:35 PM

As a huge Beatle fan, I was disappointed in this movie. The plot wasn't very good, and bringing Ed Sheeran in really did it for me. I know it was intended to be a 'fun' movie, but I just thought it was a lot of fluff. I also didn't like the Beatle covers. They were 'OK', but I didn't like how they were handled (e.g., arranged/mixed/produced). It's definitely a 'Wait Until Netflix' movie, in my humble opinion...

Wednesday, July 31, 07:31:00 PM

If you want an escape, Yesterday is a good movie. The actors were quirky and sweet. I loved that they cast a relatively unknown Indian actor for the lead and he did a great job. Lilly James was adorable as usual and there were some great comedic moments. This movie is asking you to irrationally go with fantasy. If you can't do that, you won't like it. It is not intended to make sense. It's just a sweet and fun summer movie with Beatle music and cute characters. The ending has a good message about what's important in life.

Tuesday, July 30, 03:10:02 PM

Clever concept that is well carried out by the writers and actors. The basic plot line is predictable but still entertaining. I'll see it again.

Tuesday, July 30, 02:22:05 PM

Best "feel good" movie I have seen in awhile.

Tuesday, July 30, 10:11:22 AM

Loved this movie. Best described as adorkable

Tuesday, July 30, 09:49:27 AM

The best movie I have seen since Forest Gump. It was amazing.

Monday, July 29, 04:52:12 PM

Absolutely loved it! I want to see it again!

Monday, July 29, 11:06:11 AM

Funny, great music, and a heart tugging surprise.. Lead actor and cast were very funny!

Sunday, July 28, 02:19:34 PM

Finally a movie worth seeing. Had a great story and loved all of it!

Saturday, July 27, 11:38:56 AM

Its not as predictable as most tend to be.

Friday, July 26, 09:17:56 PM

Very entertaining and heart warming

Friday, July 26, 03:19:00 PM

Guaranteed to have you walking out afterward with a big smile.

Thursday, July 25, 10:17:39 PM

Great music to say the least.

Thursday, July 25, 09:22:55 PM

Wonderful movie. Much better than reviews. Great premise. Very funny. It is like hearing the songs for the first time in this movie. Surprise ending too. Well written and believable. I loved it.

Wednesday, July 24, 06:53:43 PM

Absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED this movie. It was a feel good funny romp. Thank God and the Goddess the Beatles are all they much fun.

Tuesday, July 23, 03:30:03 PM

Only movie in a looong time that I've wanted to see more than once. I saw it twice, it was even better the second time, so now I have to see it at least once more, it's such a feel good movie!

Tuesday, July 23, 10:13:56 AM

5 Stars? Seriously? Who is giving this 5 stars? Great acting? Where? The review/ratings here taught me not to give any credibility to movie reviews ...the story line was ridiculous. Very disappointing especially seeing such good ratings.

Tuesday, July 23, 08:29:25 AM

I wants to see this because I am a huge and forever Beatles fan. I was so disappointed. I thought it was awful. Really weak plot, so many things went unanswered or didn’t make sense. It was predictable and sappy and didn’t even really make good use of the second to none Beatles library. Do yourself a favor-skip this and see the brilliant Hard Day’s Night.

Sunday, July 21, 03:57:59 PM

This movie was very spiritual and deep. The John Lennon scene gave me the chills. As a God, sayeth John Lennon, " Tell the people you love, you love them, and stay in your truth." Thanx, John. Thanx, filmmakers. CAROLE FIELD

Sunday, July 21, 12:55:40 PM

I loved it. Couldn't help myself, had to sing along with the great songs. Interesting story line, characters to identify with, completely enjoyable and entertaining.

Sunday, July 21, 09:43:38 AM

Loved every minute of this film!!! Very creative and original and the casting was spot-on. This one is a MUST SEE!!

Saturday, July 20, 01:17:10 PM

Totally enjoyable! Music is THE BEST. Go watch it and enjoy the magic that the Beatles created for all of us.

Friday, July 19, 08:52:02 AM

First half of the movie was very entertaining- creative subject and funny. Second half turned into an average rom com. Came away a bit disappointed.

Thursday, July 18, 11:16:56 PM

I enjoyed Elvis singing "Love Me Tender".

Thursday, July 18, 10:15:44 PM

Excellent. Certainly, one of the best films of the year. Highly recommended.

Wednesday, July 17, 09:33:57 PM

Great from an innocent perspective where no one has ever heard of the Beatles. It’s a movie mixed with a lot of fiction.

Wednesday, July 17, 07:40:24 PM

Great movie