Wednesday, July 17, 04:06:56 PM

Nice visit down memory lane for Beatles fans. Like "Across The Universe" of years ago it is another inventive excuse to be reminded of the how great the Beatles songs were. And in Dolby surround sound ! It's fun and joyful and a feel good show. Go see it.

Wednesday, July 17, 01:57:15 AM

Excellent, interesting movie. See "YESTERDAY" today. It's worth your time and money.

Sunday, July 14, 11:29:01 PM

Original, delightful. A fresh story with actors who are not famous, but well-performed throughout. Enogh surprises and twists near the end to make it more rewarding. Plus, every time he launches into another song, you are left going, "damn, another great tune."

Sunday, July 14, 10:53:38 PM

The was a magical mystical tour that explores the tenents of Physics String Theory which holds that there exists infinite possibilities of anything happening in an endless amount of universes which all universally hold the maxim of "Be True to Thyself" to be the ultimate truth in the meaning of life in achieving ultimate peace and true happiness. I got chills when Jack sings his first Beatle song. Extremely well-done while packed with experiencing every conceivable emotion with humor, sadness, regret, excitement, and most importantly, that love that we all seek and cherish as human beings.

Sunday, July 14, 07:45:32 PM

Great movie, all 3 of us loved it!

Sunday, July 14, 05:06:04 PM

Clever storyline. Never sure how it’s going to end until it ends. And acting was ok, but didn’t seem as well-cast as it should have been. No chemistry between the lead actors. Music is timeless. Wonder what Paul thought.

Saturday, July 13, 09:51:16 PM

Loved revisiting the songs!! Interesting concept. Loved the ending (OOBLA DEE is my favorite.)

Saturday, July 13, 07:48:09 PM

Great Movie. One of the Best that I and My Wife have seen. We see a lot of Movies and this is well worth seeing.

Saturday, July 13, 07:03:09 PM

This movie was so cute and had a great story to it!

Saturday, July 13, 05:18:38 PM

total blast! LOVED every minute of it!

Saturday, July 13, 04:32:53 PM

This movie is very well done. The acting, the sets and mostly the music. The script was ORIGINAL & had something for every age. We saw it twice.

Saturday, July 13, 01:19:51 AM

Being so "Superheroed out" by the mass productions of the Marvel/DC films, my husband and I have not been to a movie night out for a long while and we "cried" for something that stands out like "Yesterday". This film is a breath of fresh air and we totally enjoyed it. The premise is so simple and innocent, yet it sure gives me a rich feeling of a story filled with sensations. The two main characters are cute, sweet and funny; the music is amazingly good, even though I am NOT a Beatle fan at all (never was) and my husband is NOT a music person. We also appreciated the acting of Himesh Patel and Lily James for their excellent acting along with the wonderful supporting actors. Ed Sheeran certainly is a bonus, I love his singing and music. If I could, I would give it way more than 5 stars … like all the stars in the sky! Thank you, Universal Pictures, for providing such a great enjoyment!

Friday, July 12, 11:17:42 PM

Being British I enjoyed seeing familiar places and people. It could have been good in a poignant sort of way but the directing was clumsy and inept. It does have some charm, and the concept was good. I give it three stars. Male lead wasn't up to it.

Friday, July 12, 08:59:06 PM

Best movie of the year so far!!!!

Friday, July 12, 12:53:34 PM

I loved the movie!

Friday, July 12, 11:53:23 AM

The whole movie. I loved it.

Friday, July 12, 07:59:19 AM

Outstanding, albeit somewhat implausible, but makes a great movie premise….mandatory viewing for Beatles folks.....makes you want to see Beatles' LOVE in LV again!! Terrific work by Boyle, again.

Thursday, July 11, 12:57:17 PM

Film trivialized an entire generation, not to mention its best minds. Mixes science fiction premises with romantic comedy. It had its moments, but I just could not get on board.

Thursday, July 11, 12:37:59 PM

Concept is genius. Love that other items were included as missing - such as cigarettes, Coke, etc. Love that it wasn't necessarily the Fab Four as a group, but rather the songs themselves being given the credit they deserve... however I AM HUGE a Paul fan!

Thursday, July 11, 12:02:32 PM

Loved it!

Thursday, July 11, 08:59:19 AM

I loved this movie. What a different idea - and worth every penny. Great acting and singing. I'm so glad I went. I highly recommend it.

Thursday, July 11, 08:57:52 AM

LOVED IT!!! The actors were wonderful..... the main character did such a good job....and he's a great singer as well. You gotta see this movie!

Thursday, July 11, 06:22:46 AM

We just found this movie to be ok. Would have watched it at home but still enjoyable.

Wednesday, July 10, 10:16:37 AM

I saw the movie last night. I liked it. I had a good laugh.

Wednesday, July 10, 08:48:54 AM

Unlike jack Malik's songs the storyline was highly original...and fraught with mindbending implications. Is jack dead? Did someone go back in time to erase the Beatles? Why? Did jack while dying slip into an alternate time line? Will he come back? It's the kind of film you have to see several times just to understand the basics....armed with books by nicola Tesla, Raymond moody, von naumann, Rupert sheldrake Robert jay and the fourth book of light.

Tuesday, July 9, 09:43:21 PM

Great movie... lots of funny moments but some poignant ones too. Loved the music and the acting was terrific. Highly recommend.

Tuesday, July 9, 09:00:05 AM

I loved every minute of this movie! I'm surprised at the reviews that said it was too long....I didn't want it to end!

Monday, July 8, 08:18:52 PM

I loved this movie! I actually gasped and jumped at the ending scene with the old man...OMG! If you are a Beatles fan, you will love it!!

Sunday, July 7, 05:35:55 PM

Original, sweet, heartwarming...loved it!

Sunday, July 7, 01:29:44 PM

Wonderful theme. Brought back so many great memories.

Sunday, July 7, 12:50:09 PM

Utterly charming and fun! Great storyline and arch through the end.

Saturday, July 6, 04:58:41 PM

an amazing movie!!! blew me away!! i loved it!!!!

Friday, July 5, 01:50:22 PM

I loved it!!! I'm going to see it again.

Friday, July 5, 10:57:36 AM

Loved it all

Thursday, July 4, 02:46:25 PM

I absolutely loved this movie. The storyline was great. The Beatles songs transported me back to the 60’s. Loved the scene with John. Wish it was true. I never wanted it to end.

Thursday, July 4, 01:46:47 AM

I thought it would be better. Did not like the acting.

Thursday, July 4, 12:22:31 AM

Honestly, I thought I would love it, but I just didn’t. There wasn’t enough music (a lot of short clips of songs) and it felt forgettable. Actors did a good job though. I enjoyed rocketman more. Maybe my expectations were just too high.

Thursday, July 4, 12:12:12 AM

I loved it. It was funny, whimsical, and just plain FUN to watch.

Wednesday, July 3, 06:26:57 PM

Very good movie. Different story line, great casting, and wonderful music. Not one single boring minute.

Wednesday, July 3, 12:40:39 PM

Wish it would of showed the Beatles in it with all the data that is out there on them. No one can sing like them. Good to hear the songs though!!!!! Of the 3 music movies Bohemian Rhapsody ROCKS!!!’ Waiting for the Springsteen Movie to come out!!!!!