Wednesday, October 17, 10:33:37 AM

This was Nic Cage bad.

Wednesday, October 17, 01:52:26 AM

Yes, stay away. Boring right from the slow...sure, some "killing" but that's what a hitman does. Don't waste your time. So many movies nowadays are like much potential, but absolute crap.

Saturday, September 15, 04:19:32 PM

Another great performance from Phoenix.

Sunday, May 13, 06:29:44 PM

I wish I was never really there

Friday, May 4, 11:02:36 AM

By all means stay away from this movie, don't waste your time & money. By far the worst movie i've ever seen.

Thursday, May 3, 09:46:55 PM

you were never really here.......I wish I'd have listened to those words and not really have seen this crappy movie . The description sounds awesome but be warned ,it's not .

Monday, April 30, 12:26:34 AM

Just so much violence. Joaquin Phoenix is incredible in this role.

Friday, April 27, 07:28:08 AM

A cinematic masterpiece, if you can handle the violence. Joaquin Phoenix deserves an Oscar for his performance as a man living in his personal hell and Lynne Ramsay deserves one for using sound and picture to put us in his head. A classic.

Sunday, April 22, 12:43:44 AM

In simplest terms, this movie is a modern-day Taxi Driver. Hard, edgy, intense. Joaquin is in fine form.