Friday, April 21, 11:29:18 PM

A Must See Movie in Theaters, Watch subtittled version not the dubbed English Version, Your Name has a more powerful impact subtittled. Decide for yourself, Go See This Movie!

Friday, April 21, 08:01:04 PM

The art style is beautiful. The soundtrack makes my heart cry. I will listen to it over and over again when I get it. The time skips they do to make you just as confused as the characters themselves is a very clever and cool technique they do. I love this movie so much. I recommend everybody, EVERYBODY go see this.

Saturday, April 15, 08:31:28 AM

Movie like this only made once in a lifetime !!! Im going to watch it again and again Mitsuha i love you

Friday, April 14, 08:38:59 AM

Not just average romance movie. Gotta see this movie whether you're anime fan or not.