Thursday, January 19, 01:30:18 AM

Good dialog and great acting performances, but visually unimpressive and non-existent message.

Saturday, January 14, 01:59:58 PM

Sadly just a story of a mean old man. Struggled to think of the key point it was trying to share.

Saturday, January 14, 11:26:23 AM

Fantastic acting, writing, directing.

Friday, January 13, 03:42:44 PM

Denzel's acting and directing are stellar, but Viola Davis is a revelation. Definitely deserving of some Oscar gold! Nice to finally see a film adaptation of August Wilson's stage masterpiece. This is to African American drama what Death of a Salesman is to middle class 1950s American tragedy. Not to be missed.

Thursday, January 12, 09:37:49 PM

Boring, to much dialog.

Thursday, January 12, 04:20:34 PM

Amazing story- acting was better than Oscar nominations. Probably the most. Amazing acting by Denzel. All his movies havbeen phenomenal but this one was up there for his best !!! Had every emotion one could possibly experience. See it &. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 12:16:50 AM

This movie was a perfect depiction of the relationship between a frustrated husband and a relatively obedient wife in the 1950's. It also depicted how this frustrated father did not allow his son to succeed in sports because he did not succeed in sports and he did not want his son to best him. In order for the son to succeed in life, he joined the military, which was the only avenue that he saw to get out from his fathers control. In the meantime, the wife was directed to raise the illegitimate daughter of her husbands deceased mistress. What a tangled web we weave.

Tuesday, January 10, 10:20:03 PM

Great movie

Tuesday, January 10, 05:55:00 PM

The way this story was told, it allowed us to enter the lives of Troy and Rose which enabled us to feel the emotions both of these characters' felt during their life together. Outstanding performances by both of these actors.

Sunday, January 8, 06:27:02 PM

This was a a powerful movie that remained true to August Wilson's vision and story-telling. Both Denzel and Violet were at their zenith professionally. Some people have said it moved too slow. I disagree. The slowness allows you to enter the mundane reality of these people's lives; to see them for who they really are. We have become so action-oriented that we cannot just be still long enough to invest in people or events. Fences is outstanding!

Sunday, January 8, 03:16:08 PM

Superb acting.

Sunday, January 8, 02:28:29 PM

It was a great joy to see Fences. The acting, from even the minor characters, was both believable and touching. The movie was an insight into a black family some 50 years ago, something I do not recall being done often before and thus we found it very interesting. The movie was maybe 20 minutes too long and there was a slow part near the middle that did not seem to add much to the movie but on the whole it was well worth watching. I did cry at the ending, a bit hokey perhaps but I enjoyed it. Thanks for the opportunity to see Fences.

Sunday, January 8, 09:37:41 AM

Of course, great acting. The acting was amazing. However, it was very slow and hard to sit through. I think it is more of a play than a film/movie.

Saturday, January 7, 08:34:14 PM

It was way over rated. I didn't like it . The actors were great but the movie wasn't that great at all it should've went straight to red box in my opinion.

Saturday, January 7, 01:42:54 PM

It was a very good movie. Denzel Washington was excellent as always, as an actor and as a director. Also Viola Davis was also excellent. It is important to keep in mind those events, it is part of history. Thank you again for the opportunity!

Saturday, January 7, 01:37:33 PM

Lots of depth and displays of the human struggle.

Saturday, January 7, 11:45:23 AM

Acting in initial scenes was definitely ACTING, unconvincing. Main character was so self absorbed, mean and abusive that not even a miniscule amount of sympathy for him was impossible. Even when he shared his story of his childhood, it came across as self-pity with no redeeming grace. Maybe that was intentional, but nonetheless it left us unimpressed.

Saturday, January 7, 06:23:07 AM

Pretty far fetched. I found many of the scenes hard to believe. For example, if she was such a genesis, why was she dismissed from the team? And the scene where all of the women walked over to the computer room and took over was ridiculous.

Friday, January 6, 07:39:46 PM

I loved the movie Fences. The cast was great and they all did justice to their roles. My friend felt it was more of a play than a movie as 90% of the movie took place in one house. Whichever way you see it, it is still a great, emotional and heartfelt movie. You will smile laugh and cry in this movie.

Friday, January 6, 06:53:16 PM

While a bit slow to start, the movie was one that left me reflecting hours after I left the theatre. Denzel Washington and Viola Davis demonstrated great range and skill in bringing their characters to life. While the movie was set in the fifties, the theme of a man just trying to make an honest living, is timeless. A must-see movie!

Friday, January 6, 04:43:09 PM

This movie was adapted from a stage play starring Denzel Washington and I thought this was quite apparent through the film. The acting was wonderful...very intense and so was the storyline, which mixed issues of race, fidelity, friendship, family, struggling to survive, pride and devotion to work. But limiting the locations as they would be in a stage play, and having so much dialogue made it drag at times..I just found the movie too long.

Friday, January 6, 04:20:19 PM

Denzel Washington gives a remarkably powerful performance in this movie. The film itself was very accurate for the time period that the story takes place in. I like the fact that it didn't necessarily focus on racial issues, but everyday issues that people who are married struggle with.

Friday, January 6, 04:16:50 PM

Excellent movie that covers this time in history. Denzel Washington is superb as usual.

Friday, January 6, 04:05:06 PM

I'm sorry. My husband & I did not like this movie. The movie started out very boring. The story-line was too common. The acting though was fantastic...I guess we just found it too slow-moving.

Friday, January 6, 04:03:36 PM

hi it was a hard moovie to understand but hats up to denzel washinton whom i did not recognize him and viola davis amazing enough to win supporting actress it was cruel rascost and harsh wanted to straightwn his son to play sports as he the father couldnt play basquetball he went crazy and couldnt appreciate his family he was a bitterman who couldnt live with his fmily just kept overworking his life away i had tearsd in my eyes it touched close to home

Friday, January 6, 04:02:19 PM

I was not sure how I would like this film as it is from a screenplay, however I did! The subject, acting and amazing dialogue kept me glued to the screen. Denzel Washington and Viola Davis were wonderful however, I was drawn to his best friend Bono. He did not say much but, his expressions, and gentle wisdom left me thinking acting is not all about words.. I enjoyed this film very much and will go see it again.. Thank you so much!

Friday, January 6, 03:57:35 PM

We really enjoyed this movie with its portrayal of the struggles of a black family in the mid 50'S through, to the late 1960's. The commitment of the spousal relationship amid selfishness and the value of great forgiveness, both in life and in death, demonstrates the power of human relationships. We found the range of emotions to be passionate, intense and understanding. The movie ends with the power of the triumph of unconditional love.

Friday, January 6, 03:27:26 PM

I found the movie slightly boring and long, boring because the whole movie is pretty much is in the same scene all over again. But actors did a wonderful job!

Friday, January 6, 11:44:40 AM

The acting was great but the plot was not what I expected. Way too many monotonous rants. It was quite long and did not engage me at all.

Friday, January 6, 08:31:09 AM

Boring. Too much monologue. Depressing. Acting good, but that was it.

Thursday, January 5, 04:18:31 PM

great acting by all cast members, especially Viola Davis...For first thirty minutes, I felt as if I were watching a play, then everything started to mesh in a good way....Found out afterwards, it was a play first...interesting...

Wednesday, January 4, 03:52:10 PM

Movie was horrible. Acting was good but the movie was horrible

Wednesday, January 4, 06:14:46 AM

This was more a play than a movie however the acting was great!

Tuesday, January 3, 01:02:23 AM

I had no idea it would be a monologue, absolutely soooo boring, kept trying to make me feel something for the characters, but I felt nothing. Obviously, it was a play...really the longest 2 hrs 15 min .. many people walked out.. sorry wanted to like it

Monday, January 2, 10:33:48 PM

I am speechless The movie Fences. Denzel and the other actors are superb. A 5+ STAR.

Sunday, January 1, 05:26:22 PM

The acting was wonderful,they paired good together, the message was clear,my only issues, was the use of the N,word and that we didn't get to see his daughters mother.

Friday, December 30, 09:41:05 PM

Denzel's performance is mesmerizing. Viola Davis is out of this world. This has Oscar written all over it.

Friday, December 30, 05:10:12 PM

Acting was superb!! But, it came across as a play. If you want to see a movie, don't go because this is a play, not a movie. The setting was predominately their backyard, with a few scenes inside their house. Again, the acting was phenomenal but it was not what I was expecting. I was expecting to see a movie.

Friday, December 30, 12:56:04 AM

Loved it, acting was fabulous by the whole cast. A must see.

Thursday, December 29, 03:36:26 PM

If I want to see a play, I'll go to a play. If you're going to put a play on film, make it a film. It was still a play. Use some different scenery for crying out loud! So boring and Denzel was even more annoying than usual.