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I loved or hated a movie. Where can I write a review?

We love it when you write a review for a movie! Here’s how you can write one: find the movie from the dropdown Movies selection at the top of the page. Click on the movie poster or title to go to the movie page, then click on Write a Review (underneath the trailer, where the red stars are). Select a rating and write your comment in the box underneath, then click Submit Review.


Can I buy tickets online? is no longer in operation in Canada, so we are unable to provide movie tickets for purchase on our site to our Canadian users. We still provide showtimes information for all the theatres across Edmonton. Please contact your local theatre directly to purchase tickets.

How do I find out the price of a movie ticket?

Each movie theater has different pricing and the prices often change, so it's best to contact them directly.


When are showtimes updated? Why can’t I get certain future showtimes (for example, for the upcoming weekend on Wednesday or before)?

We update showtimes four times a day, so as soon as the theatre owners decide on the times they will appear on the website. Please keep in mind that movies generally change weekly on Fridays and showtimes generally run from Friday to Thursday each week, so early in the week theatre owners may not have decided on the following week’s schedule. New showtimes for the upcoming week may not be posted until Wednesday or Thursday.

How long will a particular movie be playing in theatres?

There is no way to predict how long any movie will play at a particular theatre. It depends on the theatre and how popular the film is. Please keep checking our showtimes.

I went to see a movie and you had it listed, but it wasn’t playing yet.

Some theatres determine showtimes more than a week in advance. Please check the drop down date option to check all future showtimes. Please make sure that the listing says that it’s playing on the day you’re planning to go. For example, if you want to go on Thursday, but the showtimes are listed as Friday to Wednesday, then the movie isn’t playing until Friday.

I want to see a particular movie, can you tell me when it will be coming to my theatre?

Each theatre selects the movies that will be screened at their cinemas. As soon as we have confirmation of the film's dates and showtimes, we will update our site. So keep checking our site for updates.

I went to see a movie and the showtimes were wrong and/or I went to see a movie but it didn’t have 3D screenings like it said on the website.

We post the movie times provided by the theatres. Please email us if this happens and we will notify the theatre and investigate what happened. Our showtimes cover all Canadian theatres/movies and we pride ourselves on the accuracy of our showtimes data.

What does No Passes mean?

That means if you have a free pass to get into a movie, you can't use it for that movie. Gift certificates are still accepted for these movies.

I have a theatre and I would like to display my showtimes, how do I submit them?

If you own a theatre and want your theatre and showtimes displayed, please email: [email protected]


How do I find out who won a contest?

When you go to the Contests page, there's a link that says "Enter more contests at" at the bottom of the page. Click there to go to the Tribute Contests page, then click the View Contest Winners box at the right for a full list of winners.

How many times can I enter your contests?

For most contests, as often as you like. Occasionally we have a contest you can only enter once, so please check Section No. 6, General Terms and Conditions in the Rules and Regulations if you're not sure.

The contest won’t let me enter.

Make sure to close the browser after you enter a contest and open up a new one in order to enter again, or you’ll get a message saying you’ve already entered. You may enter as many times as you want, but remember to close and reopen the browser between entries.

How do you contact your contest winners?

If it's a big prize, we call the winner by phone. If it's a small prize, such as a book or DVD, we’ll send the prize in the mail without notification. In the case of tickets, we’ll either notify you by email to make sure you keep that evening free or attach a voucher to the email that you can present at the theatre.

Why do I never win your contests?

The odds of winning a prize depends upon the total number of eligible entries received on or before the applicable contest closing date. We receive numerous entries for each contest. You can enter most contests multiple times to increase your odds of winning.

Why am I getting a message that says I already entered a contest when it allows unlimited entries?

After you enter a contest, you have to close the browser and open up a new one in order to enter the same contest again, or you’ll get a message saying you’ve already entered. You can enter as many times as you want, but close and reopen the browser between entries.

Why can’t I switch the country on your contest entry form? Am I eligible to enter your contest?

Some contests are only open to certain people, e.g. residents of Canada, or people above the legal drinking age. If a contest is only open to certain people, those fields may be pre-filled in the entry form. Please read the rules and regulations to ensure you are eligible. You can find these by clicking on the Rules and Regulations link on any contest entry page.

Can I enter by mail?

Yes, you can enter our contests by sending the answer to the contest question, along with your full name, address, postal code and phone number to Tribute Entertainment Media Group, 4100 Yonge St. Suite 416, Toronto, ON M2P 2B5.


I lost my wallet, cell, glasses etc. at your theatre.

Please contact the theatre directly. For phone numbers, find your theatre on by clicking on the Theatres dropdown box and once you pick your theatre, you’ll see the phone number there.

Can I rent a theatre for an event? How can I book a birthday party at a theatre?

Please contact the theatre directly. You can find phone numbers for theatres on each theatre’s page.

How can I apply for a job at a theatre?

It’s best to go in person – bring a resumé, or you can fill out an employment form when you get there. Or if you’d like to apply online, please visit the theatre site that you are interested in applying for.


Why are there ads on your site? Can I get rid of them?

Ads provide us with revenue to maintain all the great content. So if you like the site, please watch the ads – we try to gear them to be of interest to our users.

I don’t like an ad that you’re showing, can you get rid of it?

We try to make sure ads are of interest and relevant to our users. However, we agree that sometimes ads are terrible! Let us know if we’re displaying something you think shouldn’t be there.

Where can I find whether a film is G, PG, 14A, etc.?

When you look up a movie or a theatre on the theatre page that has showtimes, the rating of the movie will appear below the title on the left.

What do the ratings mean?

For a list of what each rating means, click on the following link:

How can I find out which movies have closed captioning or other hearing or seeing assisted devices?

Movies are not closed captioned, however some theatres have devices to help seeing or hearing. Where theatres have provided this information, we show it on the showtimes pages. You can also contact the theatre directly by finding the phone number for the theatre on the showtimes pages. This is an underserviced part of the film industry, which the industry is working to correct.

There's a movie playing in the U.S. that hasn’t opened yet in Canada. When will it be shown here?

Not all movies shown in the U.S. are released in Canada. This is more often the case with smaller movies.

How can I find Canadian box office records?

We don’t keep archives of box office records. Studios release North American box office results, they don’t release Canadian results on their own.

I would like to contact a celebrity. Can you provide me with a contact?

Unfortunately, we don’t provide contact information for celebrities, directors or studio heads.

How can I find out about screenings for parents with small children or babies?

Several theatres offer screenings during the week specifically for parents with small children. They are typically midday (e.g., 11am or 1pm) during the week. You can also contact the theatre directly. You can find phone numbers for theatres on showtimes pages.

How can I purchase a gift card?

We don’t offer gift cards at this time, although we may in the future. For now, please contact the theatre or theatre chain directly.

How do I contact you?

We would love to hear any comments you have – feedback on the site, any problems you’re encountering, or compliments (especially compliments)! Click on the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page and then fill out the form.

How can I apply for a job at

Please send your resumé to [email protected]

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