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Unplanned Friday, April 19, 12:22:24 PM

This is a great movie! It tells the story of how a Planned Parenthood director left the abortion business.

Unplanned Friday, April 19, 12:07:54 PM

Another political movie that people will accept as being some sort of 100% truth because it reinforces how righteous they are. They will then disprove of any science or other facts that they choose to be blind too.

Hotel Mumbai Friday, April 19, 11:21:16 AM

Excellent movie!!!! Ignore the 1 star politically motivated ratings.

Hotel Mumbai Friday, April 19, 10:28:23 AM

Excellent movie depicting the truth. Learn to accept truth instead of Trying to label it racist. It is like saying you are a racist for condemning ISIS terrorists or the KKK. Unfortunately the people who are giving it one star are doing so because they think it is depicting Muslims and Islam I a bad light. You cannot ignore the truth. The terrorists were bad Muslims just like ISIS terrorists who killed millions of innocents. That does not mean the makers of this movie are racist or trying to depict all Muslims in a bad light. Otherwise movie would not be allowed to release in Canada.

Unplanned Friday, April 19, 09:48:28 AM

Exceptionally well done movie. Let the truth be told. It is time the world needs to know the truth of what goes on behind the scenes at Planned Parenthood! Abby Johnson should be commended for her role in this movie. God is good all the time!

Lost & Found Friday, April 19, 09:34:12 AM


Shazam! Friday, April 19, 06:48:42 AM

Great comedy movie.

Shazam! Friday, April 19, 06:46:30 AM

This movie was very funny. Who cares if was not for adults.

Mortal Engines Friday, April 19, 02:35:45 AM

This was an excellent movie. I didn't know much about it before going in other than cities fighting which sounds super cool. But the story of multiple cities and multiple characters enthralled me and I really really enjoyed this movie! Watch it, you won't be disappointed!

The Curse of La Llorona Friday, April 19, 12:08:05 AM

Scary yet intertaining