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The Mule Saturday, December 15, 07:44:29 PM

Excellent Clint Eastwood’s best

The Mule Saturday, December 15, 05:42:35 PM

The story unfolds in a smooth unpretentious way giving the audience a look at the lead character's point of view. The film has no political or P.C. ax to grind which is the hallmark of all Eastwood pictures. I recommend the film. It's one of the few this year unmarred by preachy political correctness.

Once Upon a Deadpool Saturday, December 15, 05:35:51 PM

I like the first two deal pools but this one takes the cake

Once Upon a Deadpool Saturday, December 15, 05:35:07 PM

When you can still be funny with every other word not being a curse word You are actually talented

Once Upon a Deadpool Saturday, December 15, 05:33:49 PM

Absolutely phenomenal I much prefer this version so I can bring my children to it

The Possession of Hannah Grace Saturday, December 15, 05:28:16 PM

This was so off base re: possession movies. Typical crawling on ceilings and walls effect and no real story line. Very disappointed.

The Sound of Music Saturday, December 15, 05:15:26 PM

I can keep watching this movie until I die. It seems like everyone in the cast was born to be in this film.

The Metropolitan Opera: La Traviata (Encore) Saturday, December 15, 05:13:47 PM


Ralph Breaks the Internet Saturday, December 15, 04:15:11 PM

Fun movie for children but thr end was poorly written and very disappointing.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Saturday, December 15, 03:44:09 PM

very bad, I will no paid for tickets the second part,