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War for the Planet of the Apes Monday, July 24, 05:51:39 AM

Great continuation. This you have to see. It's great!

The Mummy Monday, July 24, 04:00:36 AM

Such a complete waste of my time. Tom is horrible in this.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Monday, July 24, 02:35:39 AM

Epic fail.

Dunkirk Sunday, July 23, 11:47:43 PM

good movie as Christopher Nolan films are but with this one u don't get the feel of the charters and who they are, so u don't get emotionally involved and that for me it miss the mark, but anything else was good but it not Nolan best film that for sure, but don't mine me go see it for yourself

Dunkirk Sunday, July 23, 11:35:50 PM

Outstanding, certainly will get some Oscar nominations. The cinematography is probably the best I've ever seen in a war movie, the shots of spitfires and battleships are simply awesome. That being said, it's probably not for everyone. There are no female characters at all, there is no love story or sub plot, and not much in terms of character back story or development. There isn't much dialogue at all, in fact. The plot might be difficult for some to follow as its not linear, and things are happening during different days. But it will be a classic. As others pointed out, the feelings of hopelessness and impending doom reminded me a lot of a Kubrick film.

Dunkirk Sunday, July 23, 10:35:06 PM

A Great War film! A movie you need to watch in theatres to experience the sound and action for the film

Spider-Man: Homecoming Sunday, July 23, 10:35:05 PM

Epic!!!!! Best Spider-Man yet.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Sunday, July 23, 10:29:59 PM

An amazing and enteraining film!

Baby Driver Sunday, July 23, 10:28:58 PM

Fast paced and great driving - loved it.

Girls Trip Sunday, July 23, 10:26:59 PM

This movie has so funny! I'm going to see it again! My friends and I loved it! Best movie of the year!