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Avengers: Endgame Wednesday, June 26, 09:58:50 AM

I didn’t stop crying afterwards

Hunting Elephants Wednesday, June 26, 09:45:22 AM

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Toy Story 4 Wednesday, June 26, 08:37:34 AM

A beautiful story about the acceptance of life's uncertainties, of love and empathy. Fun to "see" Key and Peele together again, Keanu's Canadian tie was adorable. Bo Peep really was a fantastic inspiration for little girls.

Toy Story 4 Wednesday, June 26, 07:50:32 AM

This is one of the few Disney Movies made today that Walt would be proud of. Every member of the family will love it.

Hunting Elephants Wednesday, June 26, 07:06:29 AM

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Hunting Elephants Wednesday, June 26, 05:47:43 AM

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Hunting Elephants Wednesday, June 26, 05:35:04 AM

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Hunting Elephants Wednesday, June 26, 03:13:20 AM

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Hunting Elephants Wednesday, June 26, 02:29:03 AM

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Poms Wednesday, June 26, 01:53:47 AM

After reading a couple of sour reviews, I almost didn't go see this. I'm so happy I decided to take a chance on it. I haven't laughed this hard in a coon's age. I've never been a huge Diane Keaton fan, but in Poms she was memorable. Totally fulfilling as a comedy. Highly inspirational with the message of "It's never too late to live your dream." For the climactic scene, I was dancing in my seat!