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Civil War Monday, April 22, 09:09:46 PM

What about Sydney Sweeney goodies

Civil War Monday, April 22, 09:09:21 PM

Only thing missing is Florence Pugh goodies

Civil War Monday, April 22, 09:08:47 PM

Steven Todd loves this

The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare Monday, April 22, 07:48:34 PM

Just stupid

Spy x Family Code: White Monday, April 22, 06:56:15 PM

A very wholesome movie about a spy, an assassin, a telepath, and a dog with future sight. Yet none of them know about their double lives. Anya on the blimp was the highlight of the movie. Totally worth it!

Arthur the King Monday, April 22, 03:37:49 PM

This movie had everything in it, action, excitement, many emotions, dog, goodness, caring, love.

Someone Like You Monday, April 22, 09:56:25 AM

Loved this movie; finally a movie without killing and foul language . Very enjoyable

Hard Miles Monday, April 22, 06:41:15 AM

Uplifting true story with a message of hope and love. Matthew Modine's beautiful acting reminded me of the work of Spencer Tracy. The pivotal scene with Matthew Modine and the dying father was brief, but so poignant. It portrayed the delicate human condition. Hollywood needs to stop with the violent movies which use murder and mayhem as entertainment. Humanity needs more movies like Hard Miles. FIVE STARS.

The Iron Giant Monday, April 22, 02:00:29 AM

Great movie, not your usual Bugs Bunny comic. I‘ve just seen the Signature Edition in a 25th anniversary screening. It’s really a heartfelt story about a boy befriending a giant robot, who was designed to be what he doesn’t want to be. While it’s mostly about that friendship and the robot learning the value of life, it also has a few more challenging themes like death and the act of killing, despite never getting graphic in any way. Needs some guidance for younger audience, but certainly a valuable movie that keeps you thinking.

Running Scared Monday, April 22, 12:38:26 AM

Not your average action movie, it actually has quite a bit of depth and a good story. Paul Walker and Vera Farmiga are excellent, so are Oleg and Nicky. Yes, there is a lot of violence, and it probably breaks the record in colorful 4-letter words, but there is also a vulnerability and honesty in the protagonists that keeps you captured, despite a few cliches. Seen it multiple times, always worth it!