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Downton Abbey: A New Era Tuesday, May 24, 02:39:32 PM

The movie was excellent entertainment with a terrific cast and nice story. Also excellent historic period pieces and beautiful presentation of motor cars, clothing, furnishings etc. Highly recommend.

Everything Everywhere All At Once Tuesday, May 24, 01:08:35 PM

Contemporary hipsterism. It's just masturbation and it's really insulting if you think about it. Watch a John Huston picture instead.

Uncharted Tuesday, May 24, 12:44:28 PM

is Hollywood trying to make Tom Holland into Jackie Chan? It was predictable and clearly making a franchise happen. It was rather odd to see Wahlberg take a bit of a back seat and see Holland basically better at everything from theft to fights to smarts.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Tuesday, May 24, 12:41:38 PM

I see Jim Carey is taking a front seat which is good. If he is "retiring" at least he's doing what he does best with funny quotable lines (BFFAE! lol). It's a good sequel to the franchise at least equal to the first which is a good thing.

Morbius Tuesday, May 24, 12:35:37 PM

Finally decided to watch the movie and it is not the worst, but not the best. There's a lot of holes in it, but it wasn't too bad. What I don't get is how he changes his DNA, and i get the echo-location ability, but flight/glide, come on! He still doesn't have wings-he is human! And shape shifting...come on! I think they could have done things a little differently to base it more in 'reality'. Speed to dodge bullets? It's not the matrix! The puffy smoke for everything they do is still but not as bad. He's not magic or an actual mystical vampire! Do bats do quick healing too? I just think there were missed opportunities regarding his abilities and to make them more grounded but still cool. I don't know why people thought the story was all over the place cause it wasn't. It was pretty straight forward and predictable. It was a decent start to a franchise. BUT, adding that end credits person (I don't want to spoil it) was one thing, but HOW the F did that person get his equipment when he arrived only in his clothes and how the F did he somehow make contact with Morbius to meet up and become a team.

2000 Mules Tuesday, May 24, 10:38:31 AM

Five stars to the producers just for doing the research and assembling the pieces into a logical story. Only complaint is they didn’t name names, especially the non-profit “stash houses” collecting ballots and paying mules. Also not understanding the one star reviews. The movies provides a plausible explanation of why Trump lost. The chilling “NSA type” tracking data and analysis are discussed in detail, the videos are from government cameras, the laws are explained, and the impact of the illegal behavior is revealed. I can understand challenging the veracity of anything one might see in any movie, but why doesn’t this presentation at least generate in everyone — left and right — a demand that criminal and legislative investigators drill down into the data and, if confirmed, move quickly to prosecute the illegal behavior? (At a minimum, do Georgians know if Georgia’s new voting laws criminalize, publicize, and will prevent this behavior going forward?)

Men Tuesday, May 24, 09:32:32 AM

This movie was slow and basically was a a man bashing movie. I could not wait for it to end. Wish I had not wasted my money.

No Vacancy (2022) Tuesday, May 24, 08:19:17 AM

I am a movie buff and was blown away by the acting in this movie. TC Stallings from War Room was incredible. War Room was my all time fav Christian film. No Vacancy had stole my heart. Outstanding performances and lots of new faces and break out stars. The mother of TC Stallings, TC Stallings Angel, Tony the brother gave solid performances. Would really like to see a part 2 of No Vacancy. If you left during credit roll there was more after the movie ended. This is a true story and Leesburg has an amazing huge campus that helps the homeless and addicted. These people are walking in their purpose. I feel blessed to see it.

2000 Mules Monday, May 23, 08:34:21 PM

Trump Lost

The Duke Monday, May 23, 08:18:34 PM

I like quirky people. And I'll watch anything with Helen Mirren in it.