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Fly Me to the Moon Friday, July 19, 11:44:02 PM

Great Actors. The movies makes you reconsider some of the rumors from back then.

Despicable Me 4 Friday, July 19, 08:28:26 PM

Cockroaches are a dead-on-arrival theme for me. Blech! Still entertaining, especially the kids. Minions are annoying, but I guess just a part of it. Nothing beats the 1st Despicable Me.

Fly Me to the Moon Friday, July 19, 08:24:16 PM

Lots of fun!! Acting was great and the story relevant. Trust the gubmint? Brought back memories of when I was 4 and amazed watching this incredible feat on TV! I could definitely see this again and relive those memories again. :)

Despicable Me 4 Friday, July 19, 07:42:56 PM

The minions antics get me every time!

Jane Goodall: Reasons for Hope Friday, July 19, 07:32:00 PM

Jane is a fraud,a supporter of globalism,and believes in fake climate change.

Twisters Friday, July 19, 04:12:38 PM

Amazing to watch and feel nature's power in a cozy cinemas seat while eating lux food..Gerry a true woodman

Horizon: An American Saga - Chapter 1 Friday, July 19, 12:08:04 PM

This movie challenges our intellect and sharpens our focus. It is an excellent way to make 3 hours fly by in an instant. Today more than ever the wild west is forgotten and our freedom and priviliges enjoyed today are taken for granted. Thank you Kevin Costner for making this must see American Saga!!! Can't wait for the next 3 to be released!

Horizon: An American Saga - Chapter 1 Friday, July 19, 11:46:53 AM

It was very hard to follow with so many story lines. It was confusing and I had expected a better movie. Movie kept jumping between story lines. I may go to next one to see if it makes any sense.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die Friday, July 19, 04:20:54 AM

Will smith ruined his self at the Oscars. I didn't really care for him that much before the Oscar slap, but it did prove one thing to me black folks don't respect each other that much. Martin Lawrence; never liked him period.

Horizon: An American Saga - Chapter 1 Thursday, July 18, 06:00:13 PM

I just dashed to my local theatre to catch the last showing of Horizon before it left the cinema. I thoroughly enjoyed the first chapter, and seeing it on the big screen definitely does the film justice, as the cinematography and scenery are sensational. In parts, it actually has a 3-D feeling. Six separate storylines are introduced, and then revisited and further developed in an ongoing cycle. You absolutely must pay attention, but the development is excellent, and I liked the fact that I needed to think as I watched. I'm confused by some reviews that couldn't follow the storylines and felt it jumped around randomly. It all made total sense to me. It revisited each story in the same repetitive order, and ended the first chapter with me anxious to see Chapter 2 to see the new developments. Mr. Costner has created a classic, timeless piece, that will probably not reach its peak until we see the correlation between the Chapter 1 characters, deaths, and storylines in the ongoing saga. As in any suspenseful series, this will take time and patience from the audience. The actors are great, and skillfully develop their characters as much as possible for an introductory chapter. I couldn't believe it when I realized the film was over. I usually make several washroom and stretch runs during a long film, but this one is so action-packed, I didn't budge. It honestly felt like an hour. Phenomenal film-making! Can't wait for the next chapter!