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The Mandalorian (Disney+) Monday, September 25, 07:10:22 PM

The first seasons were peak classic Star Wars. Then it was ruined just to shoehorn the VILLAIN BoTox-Karen into Din´s rightful place, the writing became absurd and chaotic because you can´t just rewrite the story in such a significant way and make it work. Watch the first two seasons and then make up your own S3 which wraps up Din´s story in a way that makes sense.

Ahsoka (Disney+) Monday, September 25, 07:06:41 PM

Bad Filoni´s fanfiction with high budget. I have seen fan films with better acting, visual effects and story made for a fraction of its budget. This trash exists only to rewrite the real Thrawn trilogy and replace legacy characters with annoying, unlikable and unkillable, bestest evaaah Mary Sues. Laws of physics and rules of Star Wars universe don´t apply on these awful characters. And animal abuse is apparently OK for Disney. What a great rolemodel Sabine is for little girls! Buy the books instead of watching this.

The Origin of Evil Monday, September 25, 08:08:22 AM

Pretty good movie.

Camp Hideout Monday, September 25, 08:05:11 AM

I didn't like this.

Barbie Sunday, September 24, 06:32:14 PM

The movie is not interesting for adult nor kids.I lost my interest to all type of barbies. The movie had a message but could not transfer the message in interesting way

Jawan Sunday, September 24, 06:24:09 PM

Drama,action,romance,war every thing was there for every taste

Anna Kaljas: The Untold Story Sunday, September 24, 05:44:10 PM

It was excellent

It Lives Inside Sunday, September 24, 02:44:35 PM

Better than that stupid Nun ll movie.

Dumb Money Sunday, September 24, 12:40:24 PM

Movies about the stock market are not especially appealing but it was better than expected. I wouldn't have looked but there wasn't much that I didn't already see. Paul Dano is good otherwise there's not a lot to say about it.

Silent Night in Algona Sunday, September 24, 12:40:07 PM

Great story that shows all sides of a little known piece of history. Powerful characters and very emotional. I wish more films had this quality.