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The Woman King Thursday, October 6, 12:14:41 AM

We all know Viola Davis has acting chops. Here she proved she can carry a movie. Well done, sista Viola!

Bros Wednesday, October 5, 10:54:45 PM

it was fun to see a romantic movie of 2 men. I enjoyed it as funny moments with also some more serious topics.

Alex/October Wednesday, October 5, 10:21:30 PM

Beautiful movie! Brad Hunt’s performance will stay with you! ??

Lifemark Wednesday, October 5, 09:17:53 PM

As parents of an adopted son who has searched for both of his birth parents, the movie was very true to life for us. We are in contact with our son’s birth parents and grandparents; so we shed tears of joy as we remembered the many blessings his life has brought to our home and to our family.

Ponniyin Selvan: I Wednesday, October 5, 08:55:43 PM

Worth your money...

Mr. Harrigan's Phone (Netflix) Wednesday, October 5, 02:33:29 PM

Fantastic. Jaeden Martell never disappoints.

Argentina, 1985 Wednesday, October 5, 02:04:10 PM

Done well. Excellent film.

The Woman King Wednesday, October 5, 12:50:22 PM

Amazing movie, I can go watch this again and still enjoy it like its my first time. Only thing I don't recommend is seeing it in 4DX that's where I went wrong because it was just doing to much after awhile.

Running the Bases Wednesday, October 5, 11:41:11 AM

one of the best quality movies for a long time, everything about is great, characters, theme just a great movie to enjoy

Bros Wednesday, October 5, 11:21:19 AM

No pun intended!