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Hotel Mumbai Sunday, April 21, 10:34:38 AM

Heart rending!

Hotel Mumbai Sunday, April 21, 10:30:28 AM

Kya hard picture hai! Boley to ekdum solid. Solid real portray kiya hai. Jaisey Mumbai mein actually hua thaa!!

Exhibition on Screen: Rembrandt Sunday, April 21, 07:39:07 AM

Beautiful paintings and so wonderful to see the details on a large movie screen.

The Grizzlies Sunday, April 21, 12:49:35 AM

Movie tackled a hard topic. Truly inspirational The Inuit actors are too notch. Great movie!

The Curse of La Llorona Saturday, April 20, 10:32:17 PM

This is a chilling, scary, well written film with good acting and decent special effects. Go see it!

Hellboy Saturday, April 20, 10:21:34 PM

This film is dark and grim with lots of gore. The actions and special effects are good, but the plot is quite a bit recycled. Overall the film is entertaining enough to watch it if there is nothing better.

Us Saturday, April 20, 10:15:03 PM

This movie was actually one of the best movies I've ever seen, as the wmebginning at first made no sense, but as the plot worked its way to the climax, it all fell into place, and those of you who say there are plot holes, there really aren't, as if you watch the expressions, they connect to the end plot twist. And I appreciate the comedic relief through the movie as it made it more realistic.

The Curse of La Llorona: The IMAX Experience Saturday, April 20, 09:56:26 PM

Not bad, kinda creepy with a few good scares and a decent ending which is rare in most horror movies.

Finding Julia Saturday, April 20, 09:29:03 PM


Finding Julia Saturday, April 20, 09:28:44 PM

Dramatic to say the least!!!