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Kajillionaire Friday, September 25, 11:57:13 AM

1 star

On the Basis of Sex Thursday, September 24, 11:58:59 AM

Boring movie - got up and left half way through it

Enola Holmes (Netflix) Thursday, September 24, 11:14:40 AM

I so wish this was a series. It was thoroughly enjoyable, fun, witty and smart.

Avengers: Endgame Thursday, September 24, 07:57:15 AM

CGI mess. They are also digging their own grave with killing off popular characters, so they can replace them with some politically correct ones.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Thursday, September 24, 07:51:58 AM

They should have hired ONE director for the whole trilogy. I can see the attempt to explain some stuff from TLJ, like why Holdo maneuver isn´t used routinely etc. But there are other stupid things added "just because", like Lando´s daughter who isn´t revealed to be Lando´s daughter in the movie (so what´s the point?) and "I am your father" stuff works well once but it doesn´t work when it is overused. It´s a huge galaxy, so why everyone should be relative to some important character from previous movies? Bringing back Palpy was lazy. If Rey was artificial super Force sensitive individual (as was hinted with the mirror scene in TLJ) it would make much more sense. It would explain everything. But it would require cooperation of the directors and they were not capable of it. Also, Kylo had a lot of potential to be the mad dictator type, Idi Amin of Star Wars. When Snoke was killed, he should be the main antagonist. Driver is a good actor, he would pull that off. The visual effects and camera shots are amazing eye candy but it can´t cover the problems with storytelling and inconsistence of the trilogy. Maybe standalone movies with smaller stories would work better.

Iron Sky: The Coming Race Thursday, September 24, 07:37:06 AM

CGI dinosaurs better than in Jurassic World, hollow Earth and some other conspiracy theories I will not spoil turned into hillarious fun. The main character is a Mary Sue parody but it´s not so obvious when actual Mary Sues in current movies already feel like parody characters. This movie could not be made in Hollywood these days.

Iron Sky Thursday, September 24, 07:32:45 AM

I´m waiting when "Black on the Moon? We can do it!" will become real thing in the campaign for American president. :D

Joker Thursday, September 24, 07:26:33 AM

I don´t get quite low rating, it´s perfect psychological thriller and Phoenix´s performance is Oscar worthy. Or worthy of some prize which didn´t become irelevant yet.

Captain Marvel Thursday, September 24, 07:22:47 AM

Annoying, unlikable main character who is sooo oppressed by patriarchy she´s actually a military pilot! Let this sink in. The cat is the best thing in the whole movie, even if it breaks the canon (Fury´s eye) for no reason. Brie´s "stunts" she did herself are on the level of "stunts" little children do on the playground.

Ratatouille Thursday, September 24, 07:16:20 AM

Probably my favourite animated movie. Cuteness overload, fun, original setting... Who didn´t want some pet rats after this movie has no soul.