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Black Widow Saturday, July 31, 07:27:01 PM

One good joke by a supporting actor. Didn’t like the message in the movie about older white males running the world and either malicious and/or violent. Young males are good and supportive. Older women are shown as complacent to males. Young women are shown manipulated but once freed, focused, moral and now in control. Otherwise gratuitous violence. Too bad it doesn’t show what really is transitioning in our society.

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions Saturday, July 31, 05:45:05 PM

All I can tell you is that I fall asleep in most non-R movies I go to see with my daughter. Nearly all of them in fact. This one kept my interest all the way through. To be sure there are some lame parts of the storyline, and the ending is absolutely ridiculous… sometimes you just have to let a franchise die before it gets too far gone. This one has reached that point already it seems to me… But still, the escape rooms themselves were fun to watch- the rest of the story, not a shred of believability.

Old Saturday, July 31, 04:11:09 PM

Some movies start out not so good but get better. This one did not.

Jungle Cruise Saturday, July 31, 04:01:06 PM

Lots of action scenes. Very good interaction between characters. It’s what you would expect from an adventure type movie. Did not disappoint.

The Green Knight Saturday, July 31, 02:16:26 PM

nice to look at captures the feel of the Middle Ages but asks alot from the audiance extremely slow a simple fable that should be a short story but excruciatingly dragged out

Space Jam: A New Legacy Saturday, July 31, 01:31:03 PM

T W O T H U M B S U P ! ! ! !

Black Widow Saturday, July 31, 01:27:18 PM

Enjoyed this movie to the fullest. It is true entertainment. The two sisters kept the plot in a tight formation with the wild action scenes and the many showdowns with the women assassins and their (supposed) Mom and their Dad. I grew up reading Black Widow comic books, which are brilliantly illustrated with plenty of action in the stories. However, this movie has tough, violent, elongated scenes: so be aware for children and older adults - who may not enjoy that level of upended violence.

F9 Saturday, July 31, 12:57:19 PM

Lots of surprises was excited to see it and I was not disappointed

Percy vs Goliath Saturday, July 31, 12:41:02 PM

Surprisingly kept my attention. Great story and script. Go Cana-hada!

Wrath of Man Saturday, July 31, 12:38:20 PM

I watched this after watching Nobody, which is one of my fav films now... and then this one does pretty much the same thing - some fresh action/developments/story line. Good the whole way through.