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Thunder Force (Netflix) Friday, May 14, 06:57:00 PM

I have tried to give McCarthy some credit. I haven't even blamed her for the failure of Ghostbusters. I have always hoped that there was some talent there, but this movie has proven that she really is that bad. Her character, like all of her movies, is just cringe worthy. The concept here seems like one that had a lot of potential, but her lack of ability to present a character that has any positive qualities eclipses everyone. Her acting is not just poor, but is so negative that it sucks the life out of everything. The only reason to watch this is to discover how to make a bad movie.

Spiral: From the Book of Saw Friday, May 14, 08:14:10 AM

some funny lines at the start of the movie. No surprise. Last hour Chris Rock yelling lines

Finding You Thursday, May 13, 06:09:01 PM

excellent movie

D3: The Mighty Ducks Thursday, May 13, 10:15:37 AM

Hilarious. Actors were adorable. Love hockey and love this movie!

Heartland (2007- ) Thursday, May 13, 10:12:08 AM

This show is purely incredible. Not only is it cast, played, and written well, but it sheds such an utterly accurate light on the world of horses and horsemanship. Absolutely Awesome.

Wrath of Man Thursday, May 13, 10:01:28 AM

Good suspenseful drama, action, violence a bit overkill. Keeps you on edge and guessing. Don't miss this one!

Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train Thursday, May 13, 07:56:49 AM

for real don't sleep on this movie its one of the best anime movies!

Brochevarevarura Thursday, May 13, 12:00:13 AM

It's a very good comedy film. I like the part where Physics Teacher will call Rahul and say counting mistake. Vishal narrated the story about 4 friends very nicely to Shalini.

Willy's Wonderland Wednesday, May 12, 05:47:11 PM

This wasn't even b-movie enjoyable, the only saving grace was that the director/writer gave no speaking lines to Nick, i think they decided that his ability to deliver is a thing of the past! Maybe If i triple my dosage...

Fatima Wednesday, May 12, 09:32:15 AM

True Story! So glad this movie was made. Showing now in these times is needed. MARY IS TO BE HONORED, SHE HELPED JESUS PERFORM HIS VERY FIRST MIRACLE. Turned the water into Wine for wedding.