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Unorthodox (Netflix) Monday, April 6, 02:06:15 PM

Fantastic series, I enjoyed every minute of it. It's not a community I'm familiar with, so to see what this tiny young girl goes through was surprisingly horrible, but then to see her struggle to get free and finally begin to spread her wings was really touching.

Unplanned Sunday, April 5, 05:13:05 PM

This movie is based on religious beliefs and conspiracy and goes against legislated Canadian laws and rights for health care in Canada. shameful that it is being shown at our theatres. If we made a film condemning the rights of workers at movie theatres based on our personal religious beliefs, would it be shown across canada? never.

Bloodshot Sunday, April 5, 04:25:19 PM

I didn´t expect much after some bull*hit the critics threw on this movie but it´s actually good, cool sci-fi action movie. It´s just a pity I couldn´t see it in the cinema because of current quarantine.

The Current War: Director's Cut Sunday, April 5, 12:33:07 PM

Nikola Tesla,

Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey Sunday, April 5, 07:27:38 AM

Unlikable characters, awful costumes, agenda before plot.

The November Man Sunday, April 5, 07:25:05 AM

Very good action thriller grounded in reality with no forced annoying politically correct stuff. Movies like this are not made todays anymore.

Uncut Gems Saturday, April 4, 10:43:30 PM

Annoying, always yelling

Henri Henri Saturday, April 4, 09:46:57 PM

A refreshing change in movies, a sweet and charming story I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The Morning Show (Apple TV+) Friday, April 3, 08:13:42 AM

fabulous tv series...we really enjoyed watching it...the acting was good and so was the story line.

Spenser Confidential (Netflix) Thursday, April 2, 08:34:25 PM

Pretty good action flick, hope we get to see next mission, Worth having in collection