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Crisis Sunday, March 7, 07:34:34 PM

Very entertaining from start to finish. You will love it

The Marksman Sunday, March 7, 06:51:51 PM

Why only 2:15 viewing? Not fair to customers snd especially not fair to actors and all workers, money into production. Why not at least ONE pm showing? Seems polotical in this time of censorship I DID NOT actually see the film yet but rating was only way to ask this question

La llorona Sunday, March 7, 05:36:46 PM

Acting, setting, story

The Rest of Us Sunday, March 7, 01:22:34 PM

A simple story yet a meaningful movie. Shows a story of both sides of the family mourning for the same man/ father who they had lost. Yet shows acceptance thru grievances and how each of them have learned to be each others strength at what each of them are going thru. It can happen to anyone in an unusual way.

My Salinger Year Saturday, March 6, 08:46:43 PM

I really enjoyed this film. Acting was very good. Story of a young woman trying to reach her dream of being a writer and goes to nyc. Margaret Qualley gives her best performance. Based on the Book. Intellectual stimulation for your brain.

Wonder Woman 1984 Saturday, March 6, 07:49:18 PM

One would think that with a superhero movie franchise, a top star, and a public appetite for action movies, that nobody could screw up a Wonder Woman movie, right? Think again. The 'plot' in this movie reads like a comic... unfortunately, and Archie comic. Wonder Woman is stopping thieves at a mall and sleeping with a man that she thinks is like her long lost bf... and the villian character is the worst career choice that Pedro Pascal ever made... even the special effects are cartoony and dull. Gave it +1 star, because negative stars are not an option, unfortunately.

Chaos Walking Friday, March 5, 08:58:10 PM

don't waste your $$$ or time - just awful - confusing and doesn't make any sense at all

Raya and the Last Dragon Friday, March 5, 06:54:00 PM

Amazing and fabulous! Disney has quite the imagination. The story and ideas, I would give the film a 10, color and animation very different. Once again sending a message about trust and everyone getting along with each other. Reaching for the impossible. A MUST SEE FOR ALL.

Raya and the Last Dragon Friday, March 5, 09:27:35 AM

Very good Movie

Monster Hunter Thursday, March 4, 11:02:30 PM

This is a pretty good movie.