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Justice League Friday, November 17, 03:52:57 PM

amazing!!!! stay until the end 2 post credit scenes!

Daddy's Home 2 Friday, November 17, 03:49:59 PM

Don't waste your money. Wait to see it on tv....but ONLY if you have nothing better to do

Wonder Friday, November 17, 03:40:29 PM

This movie was a role model for younger children

Wonder Friday, November 17, 03:40:28 PM

This movie was a role model for younger children

Murder on the Orient Express Friday, November 17, 03:38:28 PM


Let There Be Light Friday, November 17, 03:25:55 PM

I've always wonder why God loves broken people. The movie that explores this topic. Very uplifting but mature subject good to watch with older kids.

Thor: Ragnarok Friday, November 17, 03:10:28 PM

has it's moments.

Thor: Ragnarok Friday, November 17, 02:30:59 PM

Funny movie.

A Bad Moms Christmas Friday, November 17, 01:35:56 PM

Loved it

Thor: Ragnarok Friday, November 17, 01:30:07 PM

Meh !! Had some fall out of your seat funny moments but they were few and far between. Tried too hard to be a comedy. Hemsworth and Hiddleston were good... very good - as was Idris Elba, but it falls from there. Hulk was totally out of character and I have a hard time envisioning him being content and at leisure. Korg might be the most annoying character - ever - in anything. No wait - Jeff Goldbloom was worse... Even Nicolas Cage would have been a better choice. (Think about that for a second) Even Cate Blanchet came across as a hack. I tried very hard to turn off my brain and just enjoy the ride... sorry kids - couldn't do it. This is a ride you shouldn't have to pay $12 to get in and $20 for popcorn