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47 Meters Down: Uncaged Friday, August 23, 04:44:06 AM

Best shark movie ever! Don't see this one alone!

Angel Has Fallen Friday, August 23, 04:43:13 AM

Butler's best since The Ugly Truth.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture Friday, August 23, 04:41:59 AM

Don't miss your chance to celebrate the 40th Anniversary!

The Art of Racing in the Rain Friday, August 23, 02:43:44 AM

A family movie, funny, emotional, I love it!

Good Boys Friday, August 23, 01:36:23 AM

I loved this movie reminded me of me a little bit when I was a kid wanting to sneak booze and get into trouble very funny

The Art of Racing in the Rain Thursday, August 22, 11:33:48 PM

Excellent movie! Bring your tissues - lots of them!!!

Maiden Thursday, August 22, 10:04:54 PM

Loved this movie! And so impressed that it’s original authentic footage of their epic sailing achievement.

The Art of Racing in the Rain Thursday, August 22, 09:20:03 PM

Great movie. Heart wrenching at times Deals with many aspects of life

The Dark Crystal Thursday, August 22, 09:09:28 PM

The Theme, and the Message, Good vs Evil. …. But the point in the end is that if life and in everything balance is required. A lovely, surprising movie 35 years ago. And still a thrill.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Thursday, August 22, 08:53:21 PM

Awesome movie