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Upgrade Wednesday, June 20, 12:51:45 AM

So awessoem!

Tag Wednesday, June 20, 12:50:03 AM

Not funny as expected.

Peter Rabbit Wednesday, June 20, 12:42:48 AM

I got a real kick out of this movie. Grrreat for all ages and I am 'up there' - chronologically - but not in spirit1

A Quiet Place Wednesday, June 20, 12:38:58 AM

The element of forced silence becomes somewhat disturbing (and effective) as the movies progresses. As with any story based on sci-fi, there are a few spots where credibility disappears. Nevertheless, the acting carries the theme well. There's plenty to keep the viewer on the edge of the seat.

I Feel Pretty Wednesday, June 20, 12:34:14 AM

To call this a 'chick flick' reflects on the superficiality of the viewer. the message about personal image is well presented through a well written plot and favourable acting. Enjoyable!

Rampage Wednesday, June 20, 12:30:33 AM

Time to again suspend your belief or disbelief. Yet another DNA gone wild story but well presented and enjoyable if you like tons of destruction. Hey, George Ape goes from good guy to big bad guy to hero. What could be a better ending?

Finding Your Feet Wednesday, June 20, 12:25:37 AM

A genuine story with genuine British character actors. Unlike the usual American perfect people fodder, the actors represent real people living in realistic settings. The plot is replete with humour and pathos dealt with in typical English stoicism. Well worthy of viewing - even a second time - or more! Cheers!

Ocean's 8 Tuesday, June 19, 10:10:42 PM

Thought this movie was pretty good..a nice change from the swearing and blood and guts...

Hereditary Tuesday, June 19, 09:30:10 PM

Just a horrible movie! Boring, too long and the plot was so bad, no consistency in the story in some parts. SPOILER ALERT! Don't read if you wanna waist you $$$ First, you got the old lady that dies and is part of a secretive cult. You only know a snippet of the old lady cause of the daughter. Husband and wife got 2 kids Older Male and younger daughter with peanut allergies who has an attack and he brother drives her to the hospital and she sticks head out of the vehicle to get air and gets decapped. (Probably the best part of the movie but not that it was nice to have had it happen.) To make things short at this point, the old lady belonged to a Satanic Cult(unoriginal) the girl that dies has the 8th lord of hell in her but needs a male host (Yep the Son). The son is terrified of everything after his sister is killed. The mother is conned into reading a spell for the better part to be able to communicate to the daughter, NOPE it summons the spirit of the 8th Lord of Hell. The mother eventually realizes something is wrong and try's to undo it to protect her husband and son. Some where it gets off track and the mother all of a sudden can climb ceilings and walls and tries to kill the son and saws her own head off. At this point, all the cult members dead and alive(somehow the mother too???) worship him on his awakening. (The son looked as if he did not know what to say and no sign of him being grateful having the spirit entering the body.) The movie ends. WTF right that is 2hrs of your life you won't get back and paid for this shit. 2min to read this for the whole movie.