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Transformers: The Last Knight Wednesday, June 28, 11:12:06 AM

You could tell Michael Bay doesn't care about this franchise anymore when his trademark over-explosive action scenes were missing. I kept checking my watch because it was so boring - movie dragged on for far too long.

The Hero Wednesday, June 28, 10:59:01 AM

This was the worst movie ever! It was all about Sam Elliot's mustache and voice. His relationship with Charlotte was not believable and was totally below the belt. As usual with a man of his age and background his communication skills with his illness were abysmal and not poignant as they should have been.

Hired Gun Wednesday, June 28, 09:33:39 AM

Wow!!! Awesome documentary!! Now I look to see who's in the band. They're the guys who make the star a star!!

The Postman's White Nights Wednesday, June 28, 09:20:58 AM

Loved it. Incredible photography, and humour on the down-low. Characters are played by local residents and they are so compelling that no one in the screening I was at wanted to leave at the end.

Swing Time Wednesday, June 28, 05:04:32 AM

One of the greatest of all musicals and the best of the Astaire-Rogers series. As always the story is told through the dances and the first, Pick Yourself Up, is an absolute delight and the late Never Gonna Dance sequence displays Ginger Rogers at her very best. The cornball humour looks very dated but the dancing is pure romance.

Rough Night Wednesday, June 28, 03:48:49 AM

Watched this with my Husband, we were so disappointed we walked out and got a refund. Very disrespectful to men.

The Mummy Wednesday, June 28, 02:18:24 AM

So bad I left after 25 minutes. I'm surprised I lasted that long.

The Beguiled Wednesday, June 28, 12:02:29 AM

I enjoyed it, but it needed more can't explain it. I wouldn't mind seeing what would of happen when the Yankees showed up after winning the war.

Lion Tuesday, June 27, 11:52:22 PM

A true story that brings tears to one's eyes. Excellent acting and the scenes of India were spell bounding. This is a must watch movie for those with an adult mind and would probably not be interesting for anyone under the age of 25

Gold Tuesday, June 27, 11:47:03 PM

Good story line with some superb acting. The fact that the movie is based on true events makes it that much more interesting. I loved the ending.