Jay Baruchel reveals secret to making good horror movies Published By Marriska Fernandes on Jul 29, 2020

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Canadian actor Jay Baruchel returns to direct his second film, Random Acts of Violence, which he also co-wrote. He stars in the film alongside Jesse Williams and Jordana Brewster.

We sat down with Jay over a Zoom call to talk about his love for the horror genre. He tells us what he wants to see from horror movies and dishes on which movies really scared him. He explains how he wants the audience to feel after watching his movie.

He also tells us that the central character's story line is an extension of his own experience as an artist. When asked about the secret to making a good horror movie, Jay gives us the 411 on his moviemaking tactics. It's fascinating to hear his perspective. Watch the interview above!

The movie follows Todd (Jesse Williams), who has a bad case of writer’s block, now that his comic series "Slasherman," which is based on a series of murders that took place in the late '80s and early '90s, is almost finished. He just can't figure out how to write the ending. So he, his wife Kathy (Jordana Brewster) and his publisher Ezra (Jay Baruchel) go on a press tour in the town where the murders took place. Unfortunately, when the real Slasherman discovers Todd’s presence, the horrific and brutal killings start up again.

Random Acts of Violence will be available in theatres, on digital and on-demand platforms this Friday, July 31. Click here for showtimes. ~Marriska Fernandes


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  • Jessica - 7/30/2020 5:50:19 PM
    Nice interview, good questions.
  • kelvin - 8/21/2020 11:39:20 AM
    Thanks a lot i have been looking forward to a nice horror movies to watch, and you site has given me what am looking for.

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